• Zoom-in not working in Search Toolbar in a Web App.

    When I try to use the Search Widget in my webmap, on my phone, the zoom function doesn't work.  Any ideas?
  • Help: Pop-up with custom expression reports nothing but expression test gives result

    I'm working with a custom arcade expression to show multiple layers in a single pop-up. However, I've run into a snag that is only showing up with one of the hosted feature layers I'm working with (the exact same code...
  • What's New in Explorer (March 2020)

    These are exciting times for Explorer for ArcGIS! We recently announced that Explorer has arrived on Windows 10. In addition, we just delivered new releases for Explorer on iOS and Android which bring powerf...
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • Help with Custom Expressions

    Hi all,  I am having issues with being able to filter by certain fields.    I have a few thousand projects mapped with varied attributes and I am trying to filter by the project number in bulk.  ...
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  • Error Generating Token Store Credentials AGOL Server 10.3.1

    Hi all,   We have recently enabled https and are no longer able to store user credentials on a secure service. Prior to enabling https we were able to store credentials in AGOL and access secure services externa...
    last modified by clinton.ballandis
  • multiple symbology of the same feature layer in ArcGIS Online map?

    I am creating an ArcGIS online web map to be used by my municipality's field folks in Collector.  We have a feature layer - actually, we have several - where it would be very handy if we could display the feature...
    created by cynthiajb
  • What's New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8

    FYI, ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 was released on Feb 20, 2020. To learn about what's new in this latest release, What's New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8      More detailed Enterprise blog topics: What's Ne...
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • Publishing Group Tile Layer to ArcGIS

    I have a group of 8 individual rasters currently set up as group layer in ArcGIS Pro. The rasters are not connected but share a theme. When I go to share as web layer the tool is telling me the my cache size is 14gb, ...
    created by bem08c
  • Private Webmap in Sharepoint

    I have a webmap that contains confidential data, therefore cannot be made public. However I would like staff other than myself to be able to view the map (I am the only person in an organization with 100+ people that ...
    created by steven.groulx
  • Multiple IIF() Statements in Arcade Expression

    I am trying to use multiple IIF() statements inside a single arcade expression.   Before I was creating 10 separate expressions and using them all in my pop-up configs, but I am now facing the challenge with 30...
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  • Use Arcade to show Date data

    I have a webmap that shows survey123 data.  I want to show a time lapse map that shows today's date symbology as its normal symbols and anything prior to today's date have it display as a grey circle.  Is th...
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  • map notes

    Is it possible to change the symbol colors for Map Notes in a web map?  The army green doesn't work well for my use.
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  • How to self-host ArcGIS Story Maps?

    I find docs for downloading and hosting the Classic story maps but nothing on the new and improved.   Also is there a github repo? Can't find anything less than 2 years old, which I presume is all "Classic"?
    created by bwilsoncc
  • How can I Calculate a field in a hosted feature class using Rest API?

    I have a Damage Assessment feature layer hosted on AGOL with a web map.  50k points.  Along with Domain controlled fields are Estimated % of Damage, Estimated $ Amt of Damage and a prepopulated Dwelling Valu...
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  • Display image from URL in a field as symbology?

    Is is possible to create a web map showing an image as the symbol, instead of a dot?   Situation: I want to display an image of an employee who sits at a certain desk instead of just their name with a little dot...
    last modified by kadesmith
  • Arcade in webmap - getting the legend correct

    My webmap is using a service - the service returns upto 2000 records at a time. Lets say the first 2000 records looks like this   Id ObjectId ValueToUse Shape 1 3 2 8 3 null 4 null 2000 null...
    last modified by leo@eniig.dk
  • Layers missing in "Manage Offline Areas" for web map configuration

    I have a web map that has a hosted feature layer and a layer from a feature service I've published from my ArcGIS server (10.6.1).  When I create an offline areas using the Manage offline areas tool, the hosted l...
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  • Informational Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, that help convey general information. These examples are not really industry specific.   Top 2000 Songs Dashboard     ...
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) updated today!

    We are starting 2020 with an exciting new update to Collector for ArcGIS on the iOS platform. Please read our official blog on the ArcGIS blog site for details: What’s New in Collector for ArcGIS (January 2020)...
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • Tracker for ArcGIS now available with ArcGIS Online

    We are excited to announce the release of Tracker for ArcGIS and the new location tracking capability with ArcGIS Online. For our official release announcement and new capabilities within this release, please read our...
    created by dlaw-esristaff