• Have you used Story Maps? If so, which is your favourite?

    Have you used Story Maps? If so, which is your favourite Story Map style?    
  • AGOL View layer symbology is not updated when updating hosted feature layer

    Hi,   I have a feature layer called map in AGOL. I want to change the symbology, so I open arcgis Pro and I open this map and overwrite it with new symbols.   I see that the feature layer in AGOL is update...
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  • arcgis online web app: change a polygon export symboly

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to reconfigure the symbology of an exported feature in a web app? Currently when I use the select widget in an online app and do an export the symbology is identical to the parent ...
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  • This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Online #7

    For those new to this series, "This Week's Picks" is a (loosely) biweekly blog where I share some of my favorite ArcGIS Online content with you.   If you are interested in earlier posts, they’re archived he...
  • How to add a 6th widget on the Dashboard theme on WAB?

    I'm using the Dashboard theme for a Web App, and it seems to only support a maximum of 5 widgets in the placeholders in the map area. However, I need to add a 6th widget. How can I add it? I also can't seem to be able...
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  • Pop-up Arcade Expression- Show List of Field Names if field Value matches expression

    Xander Bakker I would like to create a popup that shows field names in the attribute table if the field value for the feature equals 1.  Specifically, my Bus Stops table has a field for each bus route (A, B, C,...
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  • Operations Dashboard Filters and Survey123: Can you set a selector for multiple survey reports?

    Right now, the only way I can think to do this is by combining all surveys into one so I only have one feature layer. However, I don't really want to do that because that would make for one gigantic survey. It would b...
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  • Group Layers in AGOL Web Maps?

    We are in the development of a campus map for the University of South Florida, but we are having issues working with layers in web maps. I know people have been crying for this problem to be fixed for years, but we ne...
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  • How to snap endpoints using ArcGis on MacOS

    Is there a way to snap endpoints using Chome or another browser on ArcGis Online using a Mac Computer? 
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    I get and error message that the file cannot be imported. The file is obtained from the University of Leeds. Please help. Location of file is: http://archive.researchdata.leeds.ac.uk/251/13/South_America.zip ...
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  • Overwrite web layer without corrupting views?

    When I overwrite a web layer from Pro on ArcGIS Online the associated views of the hosted feature service are corrupted. They still exist in AGOL, but they do not draw or populate properly. Is there a way to carry upd...
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  • Using Arcade to color code a polygon layer based on attribute values  

    Hi    In a map I use a "Custom Expression" to change the rendering style of a polygon layer, and use Arcade to make a custom expression. In Arcade, I combine all possible combinations of two fields. One fie...
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  • Call Exisiting Arcade Expression Within Another Arcade Expression

    Hello,   I'm trying to call an Arcade expression within a different Arcade expression. The reason I want to do this is so that I can pull the value from a previous expression rather than copying it over and addi...
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  • How does ArcMap metadata for layers in a published map service update ArcGIS Online item details?

    I use ArcMap 10.7 to publish 24 Feature Classes as Layers in a Map Service. I then add the individual layers from the map service REST URL to ArcGIS Online for use in our organization. The 'Item Details' in ArcGIS Onl...
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  • How to create an image from GIS Map along with geometries/features

    I have a map control along with features/geometries drawn on it. I want to create an image file from this map which should include the features/geometries drawn on it. How can I achieve it?
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  • Can I use a token with ArcGIS API for Python?

    I'm interested in using the ArcGIS API for Python to connect to an ArcGIS Online for Organizations account via a token, and not a username/password. All the examples I have found look like this:  from arcgis...
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  • This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Online: Archive

    "This Week's Picks" is a (loosely) biweekly blog where Product Advocacy Leads share curated technical content.      The below list is a repository of all the ArcGIS Online posts from the series:...
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  • Point Features Disappear When Zooming In On Web Map

    I created a web map that uses three point layers and it looks fine when zoomed out to the full extent of the map but when zooming in the points become so small that they essentially disappear.   I've only seen t...
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  • Geocoding for free on AGOL?

    Hi everyone!  I was wondering what the limits to geocoding are on a public AGOL account. I thought that for a free. public account, you couldn't geocode at all. But, I tested this by dragging in a CSV with 105 a...
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  • A Problem Importing CSVs from Web

    Sometime yesterday afternoon, ArcGIS Online's "Add Layer from Web" feature stopped working. Pasting the URL of a public CSV file now triggers an error message: The CSV, [URL], is not accessible and cannot be added to...
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