• ERROR 010211: Could not open the specified point file

    I am trying to carry out an IsoCluster Unsupervised Classification and yesterday it worked but today when I tried to run the tool again, using the same files, I keep receiving this error:    ERROR 0102...
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  • Arcade When expression returning no results

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to Arcade but can't figure out this When function. I have a Right expression that returns the last three characters of a field $feature.info_headline when applied as a separate arcade expres...
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  • No option to add field to related table in ArcGIS Online Feature Service

    I have a related table in an ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layer, originally published from Pro. I'd like to update it with a few new fields, but there is no option to add field in the Feature Layer Item data tab. Trie...
    created by AaronAE
  • Overlapping Features in Pop-Ups Quick Introduction to Using FeatureSets with Arcade

    With the December update of ArcGIS Online, the ability to reference other layers using Arcade Expressions in Pop-Ups was introduced. This blog is going to outline a quick example about how to create a simple inte...
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  • Crowdsourcing issue solved: Limit access to public ArcGIS Online layers

    Today I configured a GeoForm web mapping application that could be edited by anonymous / public users, but with a hosted feature service that cannot be accessed anonymously. This requires a few separate steps, but is ...
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  • How often should your organization be allowed to make schema changes

    Our organization recently implemented an asset management system for our utility departments.  The software is a decent product if an organization doesn't have an existing GIS.  We are already invested heavi...
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  • Esri world geocoder service - disable Suggestions?

    I ask here because I was hoping it would be a URL parameter which would make it easy.   update: I created an Idea here to allow one or more locators, such as Esri World Locator to be disabled in the WAB Search w...
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  • Why is ArcMap crashing when I create a local version for editing of a hosted feature layer

    We have a feature layer that is crashing ArcMap everytime we try to create a local version for editing. Is there any reason that this might happen?
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  • Solution for adding or removing records from table hosted in AGOL?

    I'm trying to figure out a way to add, remove, and modify records on a table hosted in AGOL. Any ideas?
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  • How to add a new field or change ItemID in AGOL with Python (or via AGOL, any solution works really )

    Hi,    So this should be fairly simple but is not, and is making to maintain my webmap almost impossible to maintain.   I have published a layer via CSV and with Python with a set of fields, lets say 5,...
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  • arcgis online layer did not draw completely

    Hi, I am a bit new to ArcGIS online. Most stuff is pretty straightforward for an experienced GIS specialist but I have an issue that I can't seem to resolve... I have created a point featureclass in a gdb, including...
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  • ArcGIS Online (Map & WebApp) polyline layer is not displayed completely.

    Only cutouts are displayed. When you zoom in, everything is displayed. How can I fix that?
    created by Ge_Komm@424
  • Utilities Symbology in ArcGIS Online

    In the June 2019 release of ArcGIS Online, new symbol sets supporting the utility community(water, sewer, stormwater) were added to the ArcGIS Online map viewer. Is there any supporting documentation available to help...
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  • Issues uploading from ArcPro to ArcGIS Online?

    I have a point feature class that I update about once a week using ArcPro, then I use "Overwrite Web Layer" to publish it to ArcGIS Online. It is in a fancy story map and this process has been smooth and has worked gr...
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  • Get list of services used by application's

    Hello   Is there any way to get list of services used by applications/maps   we don't have a track/list maintained from long and we were trying to find unused or duplicates services   Any suggestions...
    created by mallareddy2271
  • ArcGIS Online Time Aware App Not Displaying Heat Map

    A web map was created that has time aware locations. These are being displayed as a heat map. The slider works fine in the web map, but does not display any data when loaded in a time aware app. There are approximatel...
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  • Feature Service 'Add to Definition' update domain

    Hi, can i use the 'Add to Definition' REST api to update a domain on a feature service, i want to add in an additional value into the domain   Stu
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  • Is there a way to export a symbol icon from ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap as a .PNG or similar format so it can be used in ArcGIS Online?

    I created several point symbols from character marker symbols and have saved them in a .style file and also a .stylex file.  I am able to use these symbols in ArcMap and ArcPro.  I would like to use these sy...
    created by Mapping_smoulton
  • AGO User Type confusion

    I want to look into the workflow of using Collector to collect field data. When I look at my AGO profile in my AGO organizational account, it lists that my role is "user" and my user type is "creator". I tried to foll...
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  • Symbology doesn't match in Explorer

    I've changed the line symbology in ArcGIS Online from the default to a simple hatch line from the available drop down options within ArcGIS Online. The symbols change, and look fine within AGO in a web browser. Howeve...
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