• Can't review unmatched locations

    Hi,   I have a map of 2428 addresses and upon uploading my csv, arcGIS Online let me know that it could not match 12 of them. But it did not give me an option to review these 12 (there was just a button to say "...
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  • Conditional Field display with Arcade in Pop Ups

    The June 2017 Release of ArcGIS Online enabled the capability to write custom Arcade expressions for use in Pop Ups!! A common request was to be able to format pop ups to display attribute values and labels when value...
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  • Esri and ArcGIS Online Accounts

    The Esri website has two flavors of user accounts: Esri and ArcGIS Online (AGOL) accounts. The main management site for these is accounts.esri.com.   Esri account This account is also known as your MyEs...
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  • Pull features where clicked when using Arcade Intersects

    Hello!  I'm using the Arcade Intersects function to pull intersecting layer information and place it within a popup. I've come across a situation where multiple polygons (red border) from one layer intersec...
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  • Can I disable downloads/copy location of files embedded in a pop-up?

    I am embedding audio files in pop-ups in a web map. If possible, we would like to disable the ability to download or view the location of these files (which I can currently do by right-clicking on it). Is there anythi...
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  • ArcGIS Online Administrators "You do not have permissions to access this resource."

    I Logged into AGOL as an Administrator today and after selecting the Organization > Settings Tab This error pops up: "You do not have permissions to access this resource." Does this happen for you too?
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  • The Case of the Missing Group

    A common question that we receive in Support and on GeoNet is “why can’t I see my group in the share dialog”. It’s happened to the best of us and maybe you can identify with the image below. &...
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  • In the new home page editor I have put in a custom image. I would like to change the opacity of the image but I do not see the Opacity Slider that is supposed to be under the focus point image.  Does anyone know why I don't see this coming up?

    I do not see any of the items in the red circled box.  
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  • ArcGIS Online Symobology in Customizable Apps

    I published a hosted feature polygon layer with only about 70 features (though some have lots of vertices) using unique values symbology.  When I view it in a web map, everything looks good, but when I create a w...
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  • When I upload a layer to ArcGIS Online, the marker symbol sizes change randomly. How can I fix this, or how can I change the symbol sizes In AGOL using python script?

    import arcpy from arcpy import env import os from os import path import sys import arcgis from arcgis.gis import GIS arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True arcpy.env.outputMFlag = "Disabled" arcpy.env.outputZFlag = "Disabl...
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  • Near Me Widget Filter

    The Near Me widget comes with additional features such as FILTER settings   My problem is that I need these FILTER settings to be handled FIRST and then the NEAR ME geocoded search. Is there a way to specify th...
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  • Find Near Me Widget and its Geocoder

    The Find Near Me widget natively has ESRI Geocoder defined with it.   My question refers to the "County or Region Code" that can be used to define a search area for geocoding addresses.   Can you specify a...
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  • How do you update / refresh a feature layer?

    Hi,   We have several hosted feature layers that we're trying to update with a csv and have that data be refreshed on a web map. In some cases a new column is added like 'phone number' and in other cases, just s...
  • How to update sync data on ArcGIS Online

    What's the best method for updating ArcGIS Online data that has sync enabled? Currently, we have multiple offices actively using this data offline. 
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  • Save Layer Styles

    Hello. I am curious if there is a function in ArcGIS Online that will allow me to save layers as if I were saving a layer file in ArcMap?  I think it would serve me well to have something like that for layers I ...
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  • Map Viewer Beta and new blending tools

    A great post from @andrewskinner about using the new blending tools in Map Viewer Beta. Another good reason to start working with Map Viewer Beta if you haven't found enough reasons already.     Have a lo...
  • Can you change a Map Document to a Web Map on ArcGIS Online?

    Is there anyway one can take layers from a map document in ArcGIS Online and put them into a Web Map?
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  • Updating a hosted feature layer data table

    Good Morning   I have a hosted feature layer that has several points and associated lat/lons. One of the points is in the wrong location. So I went into the "Data" table and updated the lat/lons manually. Howeve...
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  • Nearby application - Gray pin/buffer

    Is there any way to change the gray pin and buffer color on the Nearby application? It is VERY difficult to see the pin and buffer, especially with an aerial basemap. I currently don't see anywhere to change this, and...
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  • Web App Builder - data not visible on mobile

    I have built a web application using the Web App Builder on arcgis.com. I would like the map to be visible publicly. I based the app off of an online map I created using a service I shared from ArcMap to my company's ...
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