• Line features are distorted/messed up once published on ArcGIS Online

    I have digitized a few parking lots and drawn the parking lots for a project on ArcGIS Pro. When I export the project as a web map, the line features are drawing out crooked on a zoomed out scale. I would like to have...
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  • 502 - Bad Gateway Error for content/features/generate API

    Hi,   Intermittently get a 502 - Bad Gateway error when using the sharing/rest/content/features/generate generate features API, have mostly had that when the network is fluctuating, thought that it mig...
  • Layer cannot be added to map

    I've read a bunch of threads on this and I *think* I know what will fix the problem for me, but I need to wait on someone else for that process to go through, so in the meantime I want to figure out if the solution I ...
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  • Error  This pop-up cannot be saved to the layer because it contains one or more attribute expressions (Arcade) that use $map.

    Hello,   I'm getting an error message when saving a layer in my web map in ArcGIS Online. It comes after I set up an attribute expression to put into my pop-up. The expression works, the code works, the values i...
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  • Arcade Expression throws Data Error / null

    I'm trying to cross reference work done on a site by the amount of time a vehicle was there.  I have this Arcade script, which tests ok in the script editor but on the map data table shows Data Error and in the p...
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  • Can't edit Hosted Feature Layer Domains in ArcGIS Online

    Hi all,   Does anyone know why I cannot edit a hosted feature layers domains in ArcGIS Online? Noticed there was a difference with the JSON for a Feature service that allows editing and the one I'm having troub...
  • Add a New Var w/o New Layer

    Very new to ArcGIS so sorry if this is a dumb question.   We are trying to add a new variable to a series of maps that have already been created, formatted, etc. I have tried doing this by merging the new variab...
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  • ArcGIS Online Select by List

    Hi there,   First time listener, first time caller. I have a polygon layer of parcels in AGOL and a user would like to be able to select many of these parcels at once by using a list. For example:  select p...
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  • Home Page Configuration Options Now and Future

    I would like to open a discussion on the New Home Page Configuration.  What has been your experience?  Are you happy with it?   I'm going through the configuration of the new home page for ArcGIS Onlin...
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  • arcgis pro graduated color classes

    ArcGIS Pro 2.5   I have an attribute with a range value that will be between zero and 1,026,000 with variable "stops." I am using symbology for this attribute with the expectation that I would create manual vari...
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  • Adding a link to Arcgis Online maps for Bing Bird's View

    I would like to add a hyperlink to ArcGis Online maps that would allow you to click on the map and open up Bing's Bird's View at that x,y coordinates. I am able to do it with python in Arcmap(url = "https://bing.com/m...
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  • Domains in Arcade

    Hi   I am trying to parse out a conditional expression for visually displaying locations in Arcade (Arcgis Online) that contains two domains and I am either A, not getting the resultant I want, or B getting an e...
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  • Why isn't Create View Layer working for some layers?

    I'm attempting to upload a few small, pretty straightforward layers to ArcGIS Online, with the intent of creating a Feature Layer View of each one.  These views will have some of their attributes hidden, then be ...
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  • How to restrict access or secure   OGC Web Map Service (WMS)?

    Good afternoon,   How to restrict access or secure  OGC Web Map Service (WMS)?   The goal is to grant access to internla users, but require a login for external users.   Thanks
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  • Arcade popup - return value of ground height (eg "Terrain 3D" layer) from any point layer

    Is there a way to return the value of ground height in the popup of a point layer?  Only the x,y coordinates are known in the point layer (2D) but from this we should be able to get the value from the ESRI "terra...
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  • ArcGIS Online User ID for Shift Workers

    Hi All,   Is there flexibility in place for shift workers (think FIFO, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, etc. type scenarios) with respect to ArcGIS Online User ID's? Providing ID's for all field workers when they only wo...
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  • Please help overcome this Obstacle

    I am trying to finish this tutorial but I am stuck at the part where I have to use the derive new location tool by inputting three query expressions. Two of them involve using "where". For some reason the "add" button...
  • How to update sync data on ArcGIS Online

    What's the best method for updating ArcGIS Online data that has sync enabled? Currently, we have multiple offices actively using this data offline. 
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  • AGOL Feature Service Webhooks

    Referencing the recent blog post which has introduced webhook to hosted feature services in AGOL. I was wondering if it was possible to use this to return the updates that have been made to the fea...
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  • Filter Most Recent Records by Time (mins) in Dynamic Data

    Has anyone needed to get the most current record by filtering on day/time of a dynamic data set (it is currently a hosted feature service in AGO)?  The data is refreshed about every 10 mins. I am trying to use fi...
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