• AGOL automatic calculations on hosted feature layer?

    Is there a way to set up automatic calculations (concatenate) on a specific field? I have 3 hidden fields that I would like to equal the values from other required fields that the users will be entering data into. Ex...
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  • Can't see anymore a layer in the application "Interactive Legend"

    Hi all,   i used the application "Interactive Legend" and i can't see anymore the linear layer (with a categorized style) which is visible in the related Web Map. Until yesterday, it was visible in the Inte...
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  • Is ArcGIS Online even being developed anymore?

    I haven't had to use ArcGIS Online for quite awhile, but I have a need to setup a Collector map for a simple field verification project.   I was hoping I would notice great changes and a nicer interface and func...
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  • Joining an external table to a hosted feature

    Howdy, I have a hosted layer I want to join a local table to. I add the hosted layer in arcmap (10.5) and join the local table to it (in a local file geodatabase). Every time I try this the join goes through fine but...
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  • operational dashboard data filter

    When saving my operational dashboard in edit mode, no data is filtered and I see all records on the map, but when I open the saved application my data is filtered.  Why is this different from my design view, and ...
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  • Composite Address Locator

    I have created a composite address locator on arcgis pro. It consist of Addresses, Locations, Streets, and Center lines.  I have published this as a custom geocode service. It is working as expected except that...
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  • Republishing a deleted survey (Survey 123)

    Publishing an existing survey.  I made a mistake and deleted a feature layer from agol that I wasn't supposed to delete.  I have some unsent surveys (Survey 123) that I didn't send and was hoping to republis...
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  • WFS GetFeature: NamespaceUri mixup

    Hi,   I'm attempting to consume features from a hosted WFS service on ArcGIS Online. I'm using the same layer used in the WFS example for the JavaScript API (WFS Layer | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.30 ...
    created by krdyke
  • How do I allow the user to choose different fields to map?

    In ArcGIS Online, I want the user to be able to pick one field from a list and then the program would map that field. I only want one field to be mapped at a time.   Here is an example: https://www.ers.usda.gov/...
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  • Converting geometry($feature) coordinates in a pop-up to decimal degrees?

    In arc gis online, I have a point feature map. When I create a new feature, I would like it to calculate the latitude and longitude in decimal degrees.   Right now, I am using the following code in the Arcade, b...
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  • How to get attribute with last date modified from related table using Arcade

    Hello all,   I'm pretty new to Arcade and I'm having problems.  I believe I need to be using FeatureSets in Arcade.   I have a hosted feature layer with several related tables, some of which are 1:...
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  • How can I make individual pop-ups for multiple points in one layer?

    I have a layer with 35 points in it. I want to add separate pop-ups for each one but can only make a pop-up that's the same for each point. How can I fix this?
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  • ArcGIS Online sign in issues with Custom Web AppBuilder apps

    I hope this is a simple issue and something I'm just ignorantly missing. I have a feature service and a web map that are both only accessible to people who belong to an ArcGIS Online group in my organization (and mem...
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  • Arcade Expression - intersecting feature sets with overlapping/split attribute options

    Xander Bakker   Here is what I have so far:   var intersectLayer =Intersects(FeatureSetByName($map,"PC FPs nonTidal Regulated"), $feature) var Hazard = ""; for (var f in intersectLayer) { if (Hazard == "")...
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  • View Layers by Job Title

    Hi All,   I am working on a web map that will have several layers, but I am only wanting to show certain layers to certain users e.g. if I have weather, RMU, fish populations, and fire spread layers on a web map...
    created by icer182
  • ArcGIS Online “Add members using their enterprise ID” - what value to use for “Enterprise ID”?

    We have ArcGIS Online configured for "enterprise" logins to authenticate against our MS Active Directory. I can add users from AD by sending them invitations in ArcGIS Online. They must respond to these emailed invita...
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  • ArcGIS Online cannot add enterprise user with hyphen in email address

    When "inviting" users to join our ArcGIS Online organisation with the option "Add members using their enterprise ID", it works for most of the users. They receive and email, click on the link in the email, and the acc...
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  • Export to Shapefile from ArcGIS Online is hanging or taking a very long time to complete.

    Hello,   For some reason exporting from ArcGIS Online is taking a very long time to complete or is hanging. The feature layer only has 250 records, so I don't think it has anything to do with size. Has anyone el...
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  • Arcade Pull Image Attachment Link

    I have a feature service in AGOL which has attachments. I'm looking to build an Arcade expression which pulls the link to the attached image so I can use it in operations dashboard. Any ideas on this as right now the ...
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  • Arcade - Intersecting Polygons - return multiple answers if multiple.

    Hi Xander Bakker   I have a parcel feature layer and a soils feature layer in my webmap. I'm trying to apply the arcade to my parcels layer so that when a parcel is clicked it will give me the corresponding ...
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