• Currency field in Survey123

    I'm working with Survey123 ArcGIS for Connect. I'm trying to add a field to my survey as a currency field.  I can't seem to find the where to put the currency style.
  • Issues with on premise content in Microsoft Edge Browser?

    Hi Esri/GeoNet Community,    We're looking for anyone who may have experienced or may be currently experiencing this same issue.    When we view any ArcGIS Online application (Map Viewer, Oper...
  • Error occurred when rendering by the report engine. Failed to parse ${ _237_Hazard_Reports.irrigated|getValue:"("")==("irrigated")"}

    Suddenly some function stopped working in the feature report and gives an error: Error occurred when rendering by the report engine. Failed to parse ${ _237_Hazard_Reports.irrigated|getValue:"("")==("irrigat...
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  • ArcGIS Online User Name Login Limit

    I have some basic questions about ArcGIS Online. We are just starting to use it as an organization and doing some research and experimentation.  At this point, we have (1) Level 2 User Name login and (1) Level 1...
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  • ArcGIS Online - Can't Edit a Hosted Feature Layer After Deleting a Field

    Hello,   We've been updating a hosted feature layer on ArcGIS Online and found that we didn't need a stored field anymore, so it was deleted. This has caused the hosted feature layer to&...
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  • kernel density of a line/route

    I am working on a class assignment where I am using kernel density of a route.  The route below is one of my runs.  The instructions say to divide the kernel density map by the max kernel density value (whic...
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  • temporal dimension (z) arcscene

    I have a csv file of points/times which I uploaded to ArcMap, converted to a line, and saved as a shapefile.  I brought it into ArcScene to 3D map it but I can only see the line.  Nothing else.  The TA ...
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  • Unable to import shapefile (zip) into ArcGIS Online

    I searched on this topic online and it appears that ESRI has had the same problem in the past.  It appears to be happening again.  I have an organization license of ArcGIS and go to load simple shape files (...
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  • Adding Leading Zeros

    How do I add the leading zeros into a field in hosted feature layer that were removed after publishing a webmap in Pro?
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  • Problem Editing AGOL Hosted Feature Layer After Delete Field

    Hi.  I'm wondering if we missed a step when updating the fields in a hosted feature layer we're editing.  We deployed the hosted feature layer using a file geodatabase and ArcMap.  After we added a few ...
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  • Measure Tool and Decimal Minutes Option for Basic Map Viewer

    Hi,   Is there any plans to update the measure tool to also allow decimal minutes as a location format? Currently it has decimal degrees and degrees, minutes, seconds. Decimal minutes is a very popular format we...
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  • Clustering: Display Sum of Feature Values in Pop-Up

    Hi folks -   We have a data set whose individual features include numeric values and I'm trying to determine if we can calculate and display the sum of each feature's data when they are clustered together.  ...
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  • Adding Records (rows) to an Attribute Table - ArcGIS Online

    Hi, I can edit the attribute table of feature layer in ArcGIS Online by modifying content or adding fields, but how can I add records (rows)? Thanks.
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  • Rest Server technical issue hanging up Map/App for 5 minutes

    I have an ArcGIS online map and app that connects to 11 Federal, State, and Local GIS rest servers.  Occasionally one of the servers experiences technical issues that prevents the entire map from displaying any d...
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  • AGOL sharing setting randomly changing

    We have had two separate feature services that were shared publicly randomly become unshared publicly and shared with a random group.  Both times the same group but a group I am unsure they were originally shared...
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  • Using Arcade to Display Multi Criteria Symbology

    Hi all! So, I'm very new to the world of Arcade, and I'm trying to display data based off of two main attributes. $feature.Status denotes if and when a point has been inspected. (i.e. Inspected - 2019 (Incomplete) )...
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  • Recognizing Time Fields in ArcGIS Online

    Ok I am sure this is too simple for most everyone here, but I am stumped. I have a large dataset with start and stop times for fire department 911 incidents in my county. The data is formatted like this:   ...
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  • Feature Class to Geodatabase

    I am trying to take a number of feature classes I have in AGO and move them to an on base database. When i use the geoprocessing tool this works fine as shown on the right. But if i attempt to drag and drop that geopr...
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  • Issues with presentation mode in ArcGIS Online

    I have a presentation with about 40 slides, based on a web map with about 60 layers. Eventually, usually when most of my slides are created, some of the layers are not available anymore in "slide properties". Then, wh...
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  • Survey123 Will Not Publish Due to Survey Element

    Trying to Publish a Survey and I continually get the following error message. Published the same Survey 2 months ago with no issues. I am not overriding the old Survey, this is a brand new survey. The error message sa...
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