• ArcGIS GeoEvent Server with ArcGis Online account

    Hii,   Can I use ArcGIS GeoEvent Server with ArcGis Online account (Creator level) without Enterprise account?   Thx.
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  • Geolocation has been disabled in this document by Feature Policy - Operations Dashboard

    Hi There,   I created an Operations Dashboard with an Embedded Content window. In that window I have a WAB that automatically opens a widget to search for the nearest point feature. The WAB works fine on it...
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  • Arcade Expression for Mailing Labels

    Here are my fields:  [building_number], [street_name], [street_type], [street_direction], [city], [state]   I am trying to create an expression where, if the field [building_number] is empty, don't show any...
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  • AGOL application with multiple maps for editing

    Hello,   I would like to be able to create one AGOL application with multiple maps that each allow editing, where the users can select which map they would like to use/edit.  I see applications that allow e...
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  • June 2020 ArcGIS Online Beta Update: Coming in Two Weeks!

    If you are interested in joining the ArcGIS Online beta program, follow this link: ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Program    Some of the new features coming to ArcGIS Online in the June 2020 update are: &...
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  • Online Layers Not Showing Up

    Does anyone have any solutions to my online layers not showing up? Each map I click on it gives me a message saying my layer(s) are unable to upload.  I have tried creating new maps with the feature layers and it...
  • open url no popup

    I would like to click on a feature in an ArcGIS Online web map and open a URL in a new browser tab. I do not want to open a  popup first. Current workflow: click feature, click popup, website opens in tab. Prefer...
  • Time slider not showing accurate dates?

    I have a map service and a feature service from an AGS that I manage. I added the data to a web map (and also to a BETA web map - Esri's newer version of the AGOL web map) and am experiencing the same issue: The cu...
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  • What is the best way to take data from a generic REST endpoint and put it into a webmap?

    Hi all. I am working with data from a 3rd party vendor that is accessible from a 'generic' (non-mapping) REST endpoint. I present credentials to an OAuth2 URL and get a token back that allows me to make the API ...
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  • Transferring item ownership across ArcGIS Online for Organizations

    Hi everybody. I have the following problem. A user made some items in an ArcGIS Online for Organization that has been recently retired and  deactivated. The items are still publicly visible but the user cannot ...
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  • Looking for a way to speed up map loads

    Good morning. I looking for a way to speed up map loads. Simple maps but loads seem longer than other page content. If anyone has a moment to look at this Map and give some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. ...
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  • Arcade - New Epression option is missing

    Hi guys,   I've published a service and I want to use Arcade for symbolizing and scaling this service. Although, I've done this many times before,now I cannot see the option "New Expression". In case something ...
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  • Thumbnail images in the Basemap widget do not appear in my web app

    I have a  web app (built using the AGOL Web App Builder). The web app is shared with my organization (it is not public). I have added the Basemap widget, using four of ESRI's standard basemaps. In the Web App Bui...
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  • How to get attribute with last date modified from related table using Arcade

    Hello all,   I'm pretty new to Arcade and I'm having problems.  I believe I need to be using FeatureSets in Arcade.   I have a hosted feature layer with several related tables, some of which are 1:...
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  • Photo Rotated in Attachment Viewer

    Hi,   This morning I tried out the Attachment Viewer web app and noticed that photos within the same feature layer and displayed in other web apps (Basic Viewer and Time Aware web app) which show the correc...
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  • Arcade - Hyperlink (from field) as text

    I am trying to create an Arcade expression that inserts a hyperlink as text.  Is this possible just in Arcade or does this require html formatting in the popup?   Field = SampleBallotURL   I want my e...
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  • Issues publishing a scene from large LAS file

    I have published a scene layer from an LAS file that contains approx 100 million points. I have previously done this with smaller datasets but with this one I am having some major rendering issues of the points. Parts...
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  • AGOL WebApp Widgets acting Buggy

    Hi , Yesterday 6/3/20 our organization AGOL hosted feature service had intermittent issues, it's been updated to resolved but ever since this issue, some of the widgets I am using are acting buggy.  - Smart Edi...
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  • Who can Append/ Update Data in AGOL

    We have a feature layer in AGOL but it seems that only the owner of the layer can perform the Update Data. Even though editing is enabled for the layer and it is shared both with the entire organization and groups, it...
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  • Problems adding Geomedia WebMap WFS to ArcGIS Online maps

    I'm having troubles adding a WFS layer, published through Geomedia WebMap, to an ArcGIS Online map. It recognizes the url and the layer of the features, but doesn't show any features in the map (or in the attribute ta...
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