• Why can I not export my data from AGOL to a FGDB? 

    When I attempt to export a feature layer from AGOL to a FGDB the resulting zipped folder is empty. The file geodatabse shows up in my content after exporting the data. When I download the data the resulting zipped fol...
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  • Staging environment for AGOL?

    Is it possible to have (or purchase) a staging environment for ArcGIS Online in order to stage and test new data for applications before pushing to production?   So far I'm told I should just change the map serv...
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  • Using Arcade to Display Multi Criteria Symbology

    Hi all! So, I'm very new to the world of Arcade, and I'm trying to display data based off of two main attributes. $feature.Status denotes if and when a point has been inspected. (i.e. Inspected - 2019 (Incomplete) )...
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  • Can I set just one layer in a Feature Layer to be uneditable?

    I am publishing a Web Feature Layer with multiple sub-layers straight from ArcGIS Pro. Under Configuration, I can enable editing for the overall Feature Layer, but not for specific sub-layers. Is there a way to enable...
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  • Top Ten Reasons for Getting Started with ArcGIS Online

    Looking for material to educate people in your organization?  I created a Story Map that highlights my Top Ten for using ArcGIS Online.   ArcGIS Online Top Ten
  • Web Scene Popups

    Is there a reason that 3D web scenes do not allow for configurable pop ups? Perhaps I'm being ignorant, but it's a seemingly simple functionality, and I can't understand why it hasn't been added yet. I saw a simi...
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  • I am trying to show labels for overlapping features in a single feature class in ArcGIS Online and am not having any luck.

      I have a point layer, in which sometimes there are multiple points in one location (they are stacked one on top of the other).  I have labels set up for the 'project number' field.  In ArcGIS Pro, the...
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  • Configured pop-up not showing attribution

    Hi,   I created a map in ArcGIS Pro, which I have then utilized to Publish a Web Layer, but am having issues with my custom Configured Pop-ups.   In my web map when I identify a feature, the attr...
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  • disappearing webmap

    Today something strange happened to one of my webmap. It just disappeared from my content in AGOL. It is also not available in Classic Collector for ArcGIS. But...I can still use it in the new Collector and even in on...
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  • Outage?

    Hi All,   It seems like my web maps and web apps are having issues with hosted feature services from AGOL.    Each time the web map is loaded, a different layer will give the error - <Layename> ...
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  • Prepare and publish data  arc gis online

    Do I need to use arc gis pro or desktop to prepare and publish data to a webmap for use in the collector app or can this be done solely in arc gis online?
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  • Recognizing Time Fields in ArcGIS Online

    Ok I am sure this is too simple for most everyone here, but I am stumped. I have a large dataset with start and stop times for fire department 911 incidents in my county. The data is formatted like this:   ...
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  • Losing Domains when moving AGO Layer to SDE

    I have 13 layers in an SDE database. There are multiple domains used in multiple fields throughout these layers. I am sharing them as a web layer via Pro. When I look at the layers in AGO the fields still have their d...
    created by Payne.Ringling
  • Subtypes in Web App Builder Smart Editor Widget?

    Are subtypes supported in WAB's Smart Editor Widget.  I am thinking not based on the fact that my tests are not working (using a Feature Service with subtypes from ArcGIS Server 10.5.1) but did not see anything e...
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  • Features not displaying in print from ArcGIS Online

    I am having issues printing from the Web Application builder print widget and the ArcGIS Online map viewer print function. Basemap layers will print fine, but features from my feature service are not being displayed i...
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  • Renewing Licenses for ArcGIS Online Portal deployed to AzureHello

    Hello,   Earlier this year we used to Enterprise Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure to deploy a dev/test ArcGIS Online Portal and GIS Server (version 10.6.1) and the licenses now need to be renewed. I've run thro...
    created by mhamsa
  • Enterprise Login through Microsoft Teams Web Tab Error

    In Microsoft Teams I added a Website Tab which points to an ArcGIS Online Web App. When a user goes to this tab they are presented with the AGOL login page asking if they wish to use their Enterprise login or ArcGIS l...
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  • Ordering Pop-ups on Web Maps

    Pop-ups are very helpful to non GIS professionals.  Please.....please modify this so we can determine the order, and customize it to our end users.  I recently created a city council district map and added a...
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  • What are credits?

    I ended up with -3.63 credits on my account, therefore I don't access to my layers. I checked how can I buy more credits and came across with this form of buying credits, however the button 'Quantity' and 'Add to Char...
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  • Using Excel to access Arcgis online (automated)

    Wondering how others have used Excel with Arcgis Online, since this is a common query from clients.  I've been using Power Query ( see this excellent walk through) wth Arcgis and it's very easy to setup. ...
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