• Deleting Fields of a Web Layer

    Hi Everyone,   I have been having trouble with deleting fields in web layers hosted in My Content.  When I delete a field of a web layer in ArcGIS Pro, it often leads to the layer becoming corrupt in some w...
    created by dgrayctq
  • Re: How to update Vector Tile Layer, keeping the itemID

    Hi Kelly,   Can you help me sort out the irony here?  We are trying to figure a way to overwrite vector tiles while maintaining the item id.  We are using Portal, but so far it seems the only option is...
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  • Public Maps Not Public - Requires Login?

    I created several public "Web Maps" and "Web Mapping Applications" in the past. No problems - they work great on my Verizon HTC smart phone. But now every time I try to make a web map public and\or web mapping applica...
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  • Zoom to feature from attribute table ArcGISOnline

    Wondering if anyone out there has discovered a way to zoom to a feature in arcgisOnline from the attribute table.  There are occasions where we are viewing data in the table and want to select a feature and zoom ...
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  • How do *you* use the Dark Gray Canvas basemap?

    The Dark Gray Canvas basemap is released (see the blog announcing it, with URLs to the basemap itself and its component base layer and reference layer).   So, how do you use it well? Can you simply swap it in, a...
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  • ArcGIS Item Thumbnail - Photoshop Template

    A great way to get information to people in a clear and consistent way is by creating consistent icons for all of your maps, apps, and services.   Attached to this post is a simple Photoshop (PSD) template that ...
  • Web map filtering by current date?

    Hi! I have published a feature service and a web map to ArcGIS Online that shows some point features. Every feature has a date attribute that I would like to use for filtering. The filter is easy to set for a certain...
  • Basemap WITHOUT Labels?

    When making a map in ArcGIS Online, I'd sometimes like to use one of the ESRI basemaps without its labels reference layer (e.g., Terrain, but without the labels).  Is that possible?
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  • Feature Service- required fields

    Is it possible to make some attribute fields in a hosted feature service required?  Ideally I'd like to make this change to an already published service.
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  • Health and Human Services Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help address health and human services topics.   Franklin County, OH - Dept of Public Health, Mosquito Surveillance Dashbo...
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • can't sign in to arcgis online through ArcMap file menu

    When I try to sign in to ArcGIS Online through the ArcMap File menu (version 10.0 final), I get a Sign On Failure message that says "Unable to connect to ArcGIS Online." I can connect through my web browser with no pr...
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  • Issues with editing related tables in a web map and with widgets in WAB

    Thought I would start a discussion on editing related tables.  I am finding this process frustrating as it doesn't appear to be very flexible.  I simply want to edit attributes in a related table and no...
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  • Programmatically update hosted feature layer in AGOL

    I am wondering what are the options for updating a hosted feature layer in AGOL. For context, I will be hosting point layer with about 500 features that will be updated nightly from a scheduled task. The initial publi...
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  • HTML Special Character Cause Issues in AGOL

    HTML tags are not supported as viable data in AGOL. AGOL will recognize the HTML tags in text values and adjust the web page accordingly. For instance, if a text value contains the string ‘<br>’, AGO...
    created by JCOS_White
  • ArcGIS Online Labels

    So I'm looking through the gallery of arcgis online water utility maps from other organizations... How do you do labeling like this for your maps to post online? I would like to label my water mains, streets and whate...
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  • Print service

    Hello - We are trying to figure out how to print from AGOL. Using ESRI's default print service: - when we click the print icon from a web map - we get a simple print preview page (but no layout) - when we click the ...
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  • Intermittent 504 gateway timeouts with hosted feature layers

    Hi   We have a customer for whom we have published some data as an ArcGIS online hosted feature service. We have a process that applies changes to the hosted layers based on changes in their database, including ...
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  • Decimal Places in ArcGIS online

    I am having trouble with loading coordinates in arcgis online. I am loading a CSV with lat/long data and everything loads fine. The problem is that it is only recognizing two decimal places and I need at least three. ...
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  • Story Map Journal Prompting for Sign In

    Hi Everyone, I did  a quick search and haven't been able to find a solution to my issue.  I have a story map journal created in my organization's ArcGIS Online account.  The map services and underlyin...
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  • 3d hosted feature views?

    Are hosted feature views supported with multi patch features? I have a geodatabase that I have zipped and loaded to the cloud that has multi patch features in it for use in a web scene. I want to be able to update the...
    created by rfindlay