• Intermittent 504 gateway timeouts with hosted feature layers

    Hi   We have a customer for whom we have published some data as an ArcGIS online hosted feature service. We have a process that applies changes to the hosted layers based on changes in their database, including ...
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  • Updating AGO Hosted Feature Services with Python

    Hello, we are currently using the python script below to update services in ArcGIS online. The issue we are having is when it runs it removes the thumbnail and description I populate. I was wondering if it is possible...
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  • Uploading DEM's to Arcgis Online

    Does ArcGIS Online have the capability to import DEM's? What would I need to do on my end to accomplish this? I think it would be awesome to show DEM's with our trails.
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  • ArcGIS.com on Google Chrome Not Loading

    For a long time now I have had issues with ArcGIS Online not loading correctly on Google Chrome (always kept up to date) on various computers from different locations. I login and then just get greeted with this loadi...
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  • Electrical Distribution Lines

    Seeking a full dataset of the US electrical grid. HILFD bizarrely omits distribution lines.
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  • AGOL: Join table of hosted feature layer with Survey123 non-spatial table

    Hi friends,   I have developed a survey in Survey123 (https://arcg.is/1SqDm5) which doesn't collect location data. It generates a Feature Layer (hosted) in my AGOL Content and has an associated table with it. I ...
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  • Web map filtering by current date?

    Hi! I have published a feature service and a web map to ArcGIS Online that shows some point features. Every feature has a date attribute that I would like to use for filtering. The filter is easy to set for a certain...
  • Office 365 + Single Sign-on + AGOL

    Just an FYI...  We have just implemented single sign-on with our corporate Microsoft Office 365 account.  From inside our filewall, access to AGOL works from an Internet Explorer browser, but now fails with ...
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  • Street Sign Inventory and Solution Manager

    I am in the Process for using the Sign Inventory Solution Manager. What my Public Works department wants to do along with this is to be able to attach what they have in the Solutions inventory feature layer, subtract ...
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  • Minimal Gallery - Show only applications

    Hello,   Do you know when the ability to show specific item types on the Minimal Gallery will be supported?   Thanks, Alex
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  • Using Arcade Expressions to Summarize features?

    I am attempting to find a solution through Arcade to help combine multiple values into one. I have an example below where Navajo County would represent 5 and Pima County would represent 135 vs having individual r...
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  • Reiterate process of arcade field calculations

    Hi guys I'm new to arcade, I'm trying to auto update a calculated field in a feature layer. I already executed a command to calculate values from two fields and populate a new field. What I want is to automatically po...
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  • Flow Direction Arrows - ArcGIS Online

    I am hosting my GIS data in ArcGIS Online, not using ArcGIS Server, and when I publish my sewer data (with mains symbolized with flow direction arrows) it does not show up correctly. I published the line as a green li...
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  • Support for the business community during COVID-19 outbreak

    I am just curious to see what others have made available and designed to help the business community in your area during this virus outbreak?   I started with something simple where I made a survey for businesse...
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  • Filter Function Not Available?

    Hello Everyone, I am proficient in ArcGIS but have just started using ArcGIS Online. I uploaded a shapefile to ArcGIS Online that has a moderate amount of attribute data. I would like to enable some filters for users...
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  • Crowdsourced Grocery Store Reports Dashboard

    FYI: Twitter user Holly Torpey created a Survey123 form to help people gather and share information about their local grocery stores. This is an excellent GIS crowdsourcing project, designed to help your neighbors min...
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  • Domains, code, labels?

    I've added a domain list of values to a field in a hosted feature layer. 1 - Larry's Landscaping 2 - Pete's Plumbing 3 - Ricks Roofing 4 - Cal's Construction 5 - Other   When editing/adding features, the co...
    created by larrycamp
  • AGO Ownership of Web Map

    We have an important traffic count map for the state of Texas in AGO. The person that created the Web Map Application has moved on to another job. He did change ownership of the group but could not change the ownershi...
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  • How can you set up a link to a pdf file stored in sharepoint via arcgis online ?

    Hi,   So what I wanna do:    I have an excel file with drilling points accros the country with information about each point. I have this file stored in a map in sharepoint. Currently I have made a fea...
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  • Embed a Private map

    Hello. I wonder is there a way to embed a map in website, but not making the map public? In all the relative documentation it is written that I need to share it with everybody. Thank you all, Roi algavish.
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