• WAZE Connected Citizens Program

    References: WAZE Connected Citizens Program (CCP) Waze and Esri expand partnership so cities can interpret and apply real-time data Esri and Waze Deliver Near Real-Time Data for Smarter Cities Esri and Waze Exampl...
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  • Would you like to see an external GPS option in Explorer?

    Many people have asked about it.  Would you like to use explorer with an External GPS unit or have your field crews use it?
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  • Ordering Pop-ups on Web Maps

    Pop-ups are very helpful to non GIS professionals.  Please.....please modify this so we can determine the order, and customize it to our end users.  I recently created a city council district map and added a...
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  • How often should your organization be allowed to make schema changes

    Our organization recently implemented an asset management system for our utility departments.  The software is a decent product if an organization doesn't have an existing GIS.  We are already invested heavi...
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  • Have you used Story Maps? If so, which is your favourite?

    I work with the adoption and integration of Esri technology within organisations. A large part of this adoption is the ability to present information and I want to understand the communities preferences when using Sto...
  • GeoNet Mobile App (iOS & Android)

    I would really be interested in viewing, updating, and interacting with the Esri GeoNet community on my mobile phone. Would you like to see Esri develop a GeoNet Mobile App for iOS and Android?
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  • Which Browser Do You Use To Access ArcGIS Online And Why?

    Many of us have multiple browsers on our desktop and others of us have just one due to corporate policy.   To access ArcGIS Online (AGOL), do you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or yet anot...
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    AGOL should support subtypes and this is a high priority item.
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  • AGOL ready for Enterprise GIS?

    We're looking at the possibility, within our next multi-year deployment cycle, of positioning AGOL as the center of our Enterprise GIS effort.  That isn't to say we won't have multiple ArcGIS Desktop deployments ...
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  • Has your organization customized ArcGIS Online?

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  • The Human Component of Technology

    Many of our customers have to take on several roles during a technology implementation.  We are curious to understand how many customers take the time up front to plan for the people components of change during t...
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  • Most Important ArcGIS Online Geonet Space Content

    Hi,   I'm trying to make the ArcGIS Online Geonet Space more helpful by adding quick links, recent blogs and other quick access material to the Overview page. Currently, there is Recent Activity that shows recen...
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  • Are you planning to use or develop a mobile ArcGIS app?

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  • ArcGIS Online - issue?

    Hello everyone,   Are you having issues openning web applications in ArcGIS Online? I know there was a recent update last week.   This morning I tried to open a web application to make some changes for my ...
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  • CUE (Computer-Using Educators)

    I recently attended a regional CUE conference -- San Gabriel Valley CUE in Covina, CA.   Have you presented the use of GIS in the classroom at a CUE Conference?
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  • How important is viewing related records from a Feature Layer via ArcGIS Online?

    The ability to view Feature Layer related records via ArcGIS Online (AGOL) sounds so promising!  I created a web map that displays a fGDB derived Feature Layer, and the results were exciting.  I was able to ...
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  • How do you feel working with ArcGIS Product?

    Tell us more about your experiences with managing and analyzing data in this course or at work. Fell free to write has much as you want in the comment section. Thank you for Sharing.
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  • Living Atlas Community Webinar Topics

    What topics would you like see discussed in the upcoming Living Atlas Community Webinars? The goal is to tailor these webinars to the needs of our users. Please provide your feedback so we can better assist you.
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  • Do you modify the ArcGIS Online templates that are available for download?

    A lot of the ArcGIS Online templates are readily downloadable and I wanted to get a rough idea of how many users take advantage of a template that they have the source code for.  Do you add custom widgets or use ...
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  • How far have you gone with the ArcGIS Marketplace?

    Tell us about your experience with the ArcGIS Marketplace. Let's get an idea of how far our community has gone with the ArcGIS Marketplace!
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