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Wondering what to expect from ArcGIS Online at our virtual User Conference? Our focused agenda will help you identify ArcGIS Online topics that interest you and plan your schedule for July 13-16. The agenda includes live sessions (only available at the time listed) and on-demand sessions (available any time). 


See ArcGIS Online's session agenda in this blog article


We look forward to connecting with you at our virtual User Conference! In addition to the sessions, ArcGIS Online will have a virtual showcase where you can chat and schedule meetings with members of the ArcGIS Online team. 


Helpful links: 


Tip: Once the UC opens (Monday, July 13 at 12:00 a.m. PDT), add live sessions to your calendar. The appointment will include a link that brings you directly to the session. 



On the evening of March 31 (PDT), we plan to update ArcGIS Online.



New Tools Coming in Beta

  • ArcGIS Notebooks, Esri's integrated Jupyter notebook experience, will be available in beta with ArcGIS Online 8.1. ArcGIS Notebooks will allow you to combine the ArcGIS Python libraries with the larger open-source Python ecosystem for spatial data management, spatial analysis, and data science. 
  • Build simple, responsive applications with the beta version of Esri's popular minimalist Configurable App. Now it can use ArcGIS API for Javascript 4X, and you can include the new functionality from maps authored in Map Viewer beta.
  • A beta for the next version of ArcGIS Dashboards, built using ArcGIS API for Javascript 4x, will be available shortly after the March ArcGIS Online release. New enhancements include improved usability and performance, plus ArcGIS Arcade support for list and indicator elements.


HTTP Layer Notifications

ArcGIS Online is preparing to enforce HTTPS-only communication starting December 8, 2020. At the March release, organizations who have chosen not to utilize HTTPS for their web services will receive a notification informing them that adding layers and content via an HTTP URL will not work after December 8, 2020. For more information, read the blog.


Regional Subscriptions

ArcGIS Online is launching the capability to choose the region where your geospatial data is stored. With the March update of ArcGIS Online, customers will be able to select their data hosting region (United States or Europe) at the time of purchase. Subscriber and subscription information, item metadata, LBS services and processing (analytics, geocoding, routing, etc.), and back-office systems (subscriber management, credit accounting) will always remain in the US. Regional hosting will be for new subscriptions only.


Support for Social Logins with GitHub

Social logins can be an efficient way for organization members to create and manage access to an ArcGIS Online organization account. With the March update of ArcGIS Online, GitHub will be added as a supported social login. 



Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. A comprehensive list of implemented changes will be provided in our What's New email, blog, and documentation.

Next ArcGIS Online Update Planned: December 10

On the evening of December 10 (Pacific time), we plan to update ArcGIS Online. You can look forward to improved sharing interfaces, an updated settings tab, a new capability to set organizational notices, and support for location tracking using Tracker for ArcGIS.

Improved Sharing Interfaces

The interface for both sharing and shared content will be updated.  The new interfaces clearly delineate how and whether items are shared widely to the organization or to everyone, as well as specifically to groups.


When sharing content, you first select a sharing level (Owner, Organization, or Everyone) that denotes how and whether an item is shared widely.



Then, if you’d like to share the item with groups, you can search for and select groups with the specific sets of members you want to share with. Specially designated groups such as Open Data groups, Shared Update groups and groups featured in the Gallery or Organization Home Page, will have badges that help you see the impact of sharing to these groups.




When looking at your items in the My Content tab, you will be able to see at a glance the sharing level of the item (Owner, Organization, Everyone) as well as the groups the item is shared with.



Updated Settings Tab

Administrators can more easily navigate the organization settings tab by searching for a setting or using the side navigation links. In addition, setting changes will automatically save.


New Organizational Notices

Need to notify everyone in your organization about something important? Two new announcement options will be available to administrators:

  1. Information banner: Authenticated members will see a message at the top and bottom of their ArcGIS Online organization’s site. Typical use cases could include confidentiality notices and best practice reminders.
  2. Access notice: A pop-up window needs to be accepted before logging into your ArcGIS Online organization.


Support for Location Tracking

A new organization-wide capability for ArcGIS Online will allow you to record where users are and where they have been. When you enable location tracking, licensed users in your organization can use the Tracker for ArcGIS mobile app to upload their locations. Learn more about Tracker for ArcGIS

Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. We will provide a comprehensive list of the new capabilities in our upcoming What's New email and blog article.


Want Early Access?

Explore the new capabilities by joining the ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community. Sign up →

Next ArcGIS Online update planned: October 1

On the evening of October 1 PDT, we plan to update ArcGIS Online. The update will give you more ways to share interactive maps, new Arcade functions to transform data, and a convenient way to update hosted vector tile layers.


Nearby configurable app


ArcGIS Configurable Apps

Nearby, a new configurable app, will enable users to enter an address and search radius to find nearby locations. After a location is selected, the app can provide directions to it. By grouping the results by layer, app authors will be able to configure the app to answer questions. For example, a user could search for nearby schools and see them grouped by the school type including middle schools, elementary schools, universities.


Attachment Viewer will have a new map-centric layout option in addition to the existing photo-centric layout. The new map-centric layout will provide users with a gallery of attachments based on the features within their map extent. Additional authoring features will include the ability to display more than one layer, support PDFs as an attachment type, and hide features that don’t have attachments.


Media Map will include an interactive time slider that animates data as it appears over time. Using this configuration, you will be able to showcase data that is time enabled.



More Arcade functions

Arcade, the scripting language that transforms your data on the fly and can be used to build pop-ups and customize symbology, will have four new functions:

  • GroupBy—Group features within a feature set by a field and return statistics for each group.
  • DistanceGeodetic—Calculate the shortest distance between two points along a great circle.
  • FeatureSetByRelationshipName—Easily access features from layers that have relationships.
  • FeatureSetByPortalItem—Build data-rich pop-ups with data from any layer without adding the layer to your map.



New way to update hosted vector tile layers

Users managing hosted vector tile layers will be able to update layers in place using the new Replace Layer option. Replace Layer will update the tiles in the target hosted vector tile layer by replacing the entire tile cache with the layer selected as a replacement. This will allow existing applications and styles that reference the hosted vector tile layer to continue to work without having to update them.



Upcoming Map Viewer beta

A beta version of the next generation Map Viewer will be released later this fall. ArcGIS Online users will have the opportunity to explore the next generation Map Viewer and provide feedback about the design and workflows. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.



Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. A comprehensive list of implemented changes will be provided in our What's New email, blog, and documentation.

On the evening of March 19, we plan to update ArcGIS Online. Here are five new capabilities to anticipate:


  • Encourage viewers to explore your data using the upcoming Interactive Legend configurable app. This app enables viewers to not only read the legend but also touch the data. Giving viewers the opportunity to turn layers on and off, highlight, and filter data through the map legend helps them recognize what is occurring in the map.

Interactive Legend Configurable App


  • When searching for items, you will notice a new location filter. Specify a place or region of interest and see only items for that location. This filter works by referencing map extents (geographic boundaries for items). Also, item search will be more efficient and flexible. For example, suggested and partial word searches will be supported for titles.

New Location Filter


  • Bring your own or publicly shared maps, layers, or apps together using the upcoming Category Gallery configurable app. This app is an excellent way to organize your items into categories and allow viewers to interact with your items. The categories give viewers the flexibility to filter and find relevant items.

Category Gallery Configurable App


  • You will be able to create feature layers from photos that contain location data. Simply upload a file of JPEG photos with geotags and publish as a hosted feature layer. Use the layer in your maps and apps.


  • Group owners and managers will be able to help users quickly find what they are looking for by specifying the type of items (such as apps or maps) that display by default on the group's content and overview tabs.


Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. A comprehensive list of implemented changes will be provided in our What's New email, blog, and documentation. Visit the ArcGIS blog to learn more about what's coming and new.


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ArcGIS Online User Types

User Types

Esri evolved named user levels into User Types to provide additional flexibility when licensing ArcGIS Online. There are five User Types: Creator (formerly Level 2), Viewer (formerly Level 1), Field Worker, Editor, and GIS Professional.

Explore User Types


Arcade in Pop Up

Enhanced Arcade Expressions in Pop-ups

Perform calculations and bring information from overlapping layers into one pop-up using Arcade. Create cohesive pop-ups that display information about fields that have intersecting locations rather than having your users toggle through multiple pop ups in a single location. 

Learn to Configure


3D Slice Tool

3D Slice Tool

Reveal hidden data in building interiors or underground using the new Slice tool. This tool lets you inspect features in a building or display geological data that is under the earth's surface.


Vector Basemap Italian

Vector Basemaps: New Languages 

In addition to Chinese (traditional), English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, the Esri Vector Basemaps are now available in Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Italian, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese (Brazilian).


Compare Configurable App

New Configurable App

Use Compare, the newest configurable app, to compare your maps or scenes. The two views can be linked to synchronize their extents, legends, and pop-ups.



Reduced Price: Simple Routing

The cost of simple routing was reduced to 0.005 credits per route. For example, generating 10,000 routes only costs 50 credits.


All the Details

This is only an introduction to what’s new in ArcGIS Online. Explore all the new features in our What’s New blog.