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ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community


The ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community (EAC) program is where you turn for opportunities to engage with the ArcGIS Online team to provide feedback. Every aspect of the program is targeted to involve you, our customer. The direct feedback that you provide as part of the EAC enables us to continue our goal of creating better products, with higher quality, that is more capable for your needs.


Some of you may already be participants in our ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community (EAC) program and to that, we say thank you! For others that would like to know more about the benefits of EAC, the reasons to join, and learn about the membership advantages, here is more information.


The EAC is a community of forward progressing customers that have exclusive access privileges to early release versions of ArcGIS Online. The EAC represents a wide range of experience levels, industries, and workflows, with many customers from around the world testing our software.


Joining the EAC offers an opportunity to preview early cuts of ArcGIS Online before it is released to the general public. As a member, the EAC allows you to see and learn new features and capabilities in advance, test compatibility with your content, report problems, and influence product direction by having a direct line of communication with the ArcGIS Online team.


Once accepted into the ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community, you will be enrolled in our ArcGIS Online EAC test Organization. In addition, we’ll grant direct access to EAC documentation, forums, and the opportunity to interact with Esri’s development, product teams, and other like-minded community members. You can contribute feedback, submit ideas, enhancement requests, share thoughts and workflow questions on the forums within the Early Adopter Community. We are eager to hear your input on our early releases. As an active member who provides helpful feedback, you may also be selected by invitation only to some of our other special opportunities.


While there are many advantages to joining the EAC and testing ArcGIS Online beta, we also benefit from your participation as this helps us build, validate, and communicate with you directly about new features and capabilities that help steer the direction of our products based on your requirements. The ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community is a win-win for both Esri and customers, please come join us!


Sign up today!

The timing to join our ArcGIS Online EAC today is perfect! Signing up now will coincide with our Winter 2019 beta. On or around November 22nd, we plan to commence our beta preview of our next ArcGIS Online, December 2019 update. In addition to the introduction of our next generation Map Viewer Beta, our Winter 2019 release will include additional new features, enhancements, and capabilities you’ll want to check out!


To Join the ArcGIS Online EAC, sign up at the following link:


We look forward to your participation and working with you!

The ArcGIS Online Team

ArcGIS Online has renewed its SAML signing and encryption certificates.

Users who have enabled the advanced SAML options ‘Enable Signed Requests’ and/or ‘Encrypt Assertion’ will need to obtain the new ArcGIS Online Service Provider metadata file and associate it with their Identity Provider before December 5th, 2019.


Customers using these advanced SAML options who do not upload the updated ArcGIS Online metadata file containing the new certificate before this date will receive an IDP specific error when they attempt to sign into ArcGIS Online with an Enterprise account.


To obtain the updated metadata file:

  • Login to with your administrative credentials

  • Click on “Organization” then “Settings” then “Security”

  • Scroll down to “Enterprise Logins” then click the “Get Service Provider” button. This action will download the metadata needed for your IDP.

Esri Support Services has provided a technical article here which describes this issue in detail:

ArcGIS Online SAML Authentication signing and encryption certificate renewal

The next update of ArcGIS Online will be released in June/July 2018 and we would like to formally invite you to sign up for our Early Adopter Program for ArcGIS Online.  In this version, we are providing new and user-requested functionality with the latest innovations for working with your 2D and 3D spatial data. If you are interested in exclusive access to an early release of ArcGIS Online and help steer the direction of our offerings, please apply at the following link: 


Sign-up for ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community


You’ll have an opportunity to interact with Esri’s development, product, and other like-minded community members. We look forward to you sharing your feedback, ideas, enhancements requests and workflows!


Please note that the ArcGIS Online testing environment will not be ready for testing until June 2018



Thank you!

The ArcGIS Online Team