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We've developed a robust, dependable desktop application for backing up your entire ArcGIS Online org - feature layers, maps, apps, Survey123 packages, static files, and anything else you might have in there. Backups are local and you don't have to share your credentials with us. Backups can be sorted by item owner and filter by group, tag, owner, or folder(s), and you can add or remove delete protection for items included in the backup. Plus, you get a full item inventory with title, description, summary, number of views, tags, create/modify date, spatial reference, and owner.


We're a featured app on the ArcGIS Marketplace for July (listing), and we offer a free two-week trial.


Wondering what to expect from ArcGIS Online at our virtual User Conference? Our focused agenda will help you identify ArcGIS Online topics that interest you and plan your schedule for July 13-16. The agenda includes live sessions (only available at the time listed) and on-demand sessions (available any time). 


See ArcGIS Online's session agenda in this blog article


We look forward to connecting with you at our virtual User Conference! In addition to the sessions, ArcGIS Online will have a virtual showcase where you can chat and schedule meetings with members of the ArcGIS Online team. 


Helpful links: 


Tip: Once the UC opens (Monday, July 13 at 12:00 a.m. PDT), add live sessions to your calendar. The appointment will include a link that brings you directly to the session. 



As GIS professionals, the value of the work you do with location intelligence has been proven out time and time again this year -from the John Hopkins dashboard tracking the spread of COVID-19, to businesses using location intelligence to optimize and adjust supply chains.  In the recently released Forrester Wave™: Location Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2020, Forrester has proclaimed now to be golden age of location intelligence, and Esri has been named a leading location intelligence platform provider. 


According to the report, Esri is “enabled by its vision of location intelligence, which focuses on delivering business insights to customers by helping them visualize and analyze location in the context of enterprise data.” The Forrester Report acknowledges Esri’s strengths in data management, data products, spatial visualization and analytics, and location intelligence execution.


Recent events have emphasized the extent to which leaders in the public and private sectors rely on location intelligence to quickly respond to crises, pivot operations, and understand and act on global socio-environmental change.  Esri empowers these leaders with a complete set of location intelligence capabilities and helps you and your organization achieve your digital transformational goals.


We encourage you to read and share the Forrester report with your colleagues and managers.  The invaluable work you do with Esri’s location intelligence technology enables data-driven decision making and helps your stakeholders understand the significance of place.


Read the report