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Next ArcGIS Online update planned: October 1

On the evening of October 1 PDT, we plan to update ArcGIS Online. The update will give you more ways to share interactive maps, new Arcade functions to transform data, and a convenient way to update hosted vector tile layers.


Nearby configurable app


ArcGIS Configurable Apps

Nearby, a new configurable app, will enable users to enter an address and search radius to find nearby locations. After a location is selected, the app can provide directions to it. By grouping the results by layer, app authors will be able to configure the app to answer questions. For example, a user could search for nearby schools and see them grouped by the school type including middle schools, elementary schools, universities.


Attachment Viewer will have a new map-centric layout option in addition to the existing photo-centric layout. The new map-centric layout will provide users with a gallery of attachments based on the features within their map extent. Additional authoring features will include the ability to display more than one layer, support PDFs as an attachment type, and hide features that don’t have attachments.


Media Map will include an interactive time slider that animates data as it appears over time. Using this configuration, you will be able to showcase data that is time enabled.



More Arcade functions

Arcade, the scripting language that transforms your data on the fly and can be used to build pop-ups and customize symbology, will have four new functions:

  • GroupBy—Group features within a feature set by a field and return statistics for each group.
  • DistanceGeodetic—Calculate the shortest distance between two points along a great circle.
  • FeatureSetByRelationshipName—Easily access features from layers that have relationships.
  • FeatureSetByPortalItem—Build data-rich pop-ups with data from any layer without adding the layer to your map.



New way to update hosted vector tile layers

Users managing hosted vector tile layers will be able to update layers in place using the new Replace Layer option. Replace Layer will update the tiles in the target hosted vector tile layer by replacing the entire tile cache with the layer selected as a replacement. This will allow existing applications and styles that reference the hosted vector tile layer to continue to work without having to update them.



Upcoming Map Viewer beta

A beta version of the next generation Map Viewer will be released later this fall. ArcGIS Online users will have the opportunity to explore the next generation Map Viewer and provide feedback about the design and workflows. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.



Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. A comprehensive list of implemented changes will be provided in our What's New email, blog, and documentation.

When polygons contain curves in your source feature class feeding your Portal Feature Layer (by reference), these polygons will not display. I came across this bug and could not figure out why certain polygons were not displaying in Portal. After trying many things, the ESRI analyst and I figured that feature classes that had been dropping were making it through when when we did a conversion to a shapefile prior to copying into the registered file geodatabase...


Then some more experimentation with geoprocessing tools trying to doctor the layer lead me to the simplify geometry tool (retaining critical points selected), which seemed to fix the original data.


Then looking at individual vertices, I noticed the simplify geometry was adding vertices in areas where we had missing polygons. This was because the bezier curves were being turned into small linear segments...


So in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1, curves in data by reference will not display in feature layers. 

A bug has been filed:

#BUG-000125177 Portal 10.7.1 Map Viewer fails to draw polygons containing non-linear segments in a feature layer


A last check with the data reviewer "Check Non-Linear Segments" confirmed that the issue was caused by curves (see attachments). In our case, one of our feature layer was missing ~28k polygons !!


So the work-around at this point is:

Run a simplify geometry with the adequate tolerance (~0.01 feet for use) on your feature class to turn your curves into linear segments.


It is likely this issue also impacts polylines.


Hope this can help other people!



The ArcGIS Online team is working on collecting some feedback about how teams use the home page in organizations. We are looking for feedback from customers who have experiences creating and using home pages in the organization. If you are interested in sharing your feedback please fill out the survey below. It should take between 5 and 10 minutes and will be very valuable in helping us improve its appearance and functionality.