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The June 2018 ArcGIS Online update included new functionality and some enhancements to existing functionality. Some of the new aspects were suggested and supported by users at ArcGIS Ideas. Here is a list of the ideas that were implemented in this update.


Trusted Data Sharing and Credible Sources 

Ability to add Domains and Subtypes in ArcGIS Online 

View and Edit Domains in ArcGIS Online 

Empty (without data and fields) feature layer template in ArcGIS Online 

ArcGIS Online - Find Nearest Increase Feature Limit 

Download Several Pieces of the Same Web Map in Collector for ArcGIS 

Collector - Work Area 



Partially Implemented:


Search/sort ArcGIS Online Organization members/users on 'Last Name' 

Organization administrator can Enable Esri Access for all org members 


Thanks for participating in our ArcGIS Ideas community!


- Katie

Do you constantly wish for better ways to organize ArcGIS content based on subject matter and descriptive qualities rather than just the item type and last modification date? Do you want to find your roads feature layer with 2012 data rather than looking for layers that were created in 2012?


The April 2018 update of ArcGIS Online*  introduced the ability to assign user-defined categories to items, creating thematic parameters that can be used as filters to refine search results and browsing experiences. Content categories enable administrators, group managers and users with the manage categories privilege to build a categorical schema for content that can then be used by members to categorize their items thematically.


Check out the rest of this article here and let us know how you will use content categories in the comments below.

The next update of ArcGIS Online will be released in June/July 2018 and we would like to formally invite you to sign up for our Early Adopter Program for ArcGIS Online.  In this version, we are providing new and user-requested functionality with the latest innovations for working with your 2D and 3D spatial data. If you are interested in exclusive access to an early release of ArcGIS Online and help steer the direction of our offerings, please apply at the following link: 


Sign-up for ArcGIS Online Early Adopter Community


You’ll have an opportunity to interact with Esri’s development, product, and other like-minded community members. We look forward to you sharing your feedback, ideas, enhancements requests and workflows!


Please note that the ArcGIS Online testing environment will not be ready for testing until June 2018



Thank you!

The ArcGIS Online Team

Check out this sneak preview about updates to the organization page that are coming in the June Update of ArcGIS Online in this ArcGIS Blog:

The Organization Page has a New Look 

ArcGIS Online Update: Targeted for June 26, 2018

On June 26, we plan to update ArcGIS Online. Here are seven capabilities you can look forward to:

1. Authoritative Items from Verified Organizations
Organizations can already mark content as authoritative within their organization. In the upcoming release, organizations can request to have their identities verified by Esri. Once verified, they can mark their publicly shared items authoritative. The authoritative badge will appear both within the organization and in public searches to help searchers identify and filter quality content as recommended by the owning organization.

2. Improved Organization Page
The Organization page has been redesigned. It provides convenient tabs to monitor and manage your organization. The new tabs include:

  • Overview: showcases key information such as system health and licenses
  • Members: provides filterable, searchable member lists
  • License: place to manage licenses
  • Settings: where administrators view and edit organization settings


3. More Features and Capabilities to Work with Layers 

In this update we’ll provide the ability to create and edit domains plus give you a field centric view of a layer’s fields that allows the data owner to configure field properties.


4. Offline Map Areas

Map authors who support offline field work can now create pre-planned map areas to make it easier and faster to take maps offline for field use.


5. New Smart Mapping Style - Relationships

A new Smart Mapping style is available for bivariate thematic mapping. Use hybrid colors to view the relationship between two numeric attributes. 

6. Scene Viewer Improvements
Navigate below the surface of the earth in global scenes and view subsurface utility pipes or geological features.

7. New Companion App
Along with the ArcGIS Online release, we will be launching ArcGIS Companion - a mobile app created to complement your ArcGIS organization with access to many of the important features.

Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. We will provide a comprehensive list of implemented changes in our upcoming What’s New email and blog.
Thank you,
The ArcGIS Online Team


Visit the ArcGIS blog for more information about what's coming in the June ArcGIS Online update. 

For all of you collaborators out there – announcing an update to the availability of distributed collaboration!

Collaboration has been released from the Early Adopter Community and is now available for all users with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 and up.

To enable collaboration in your ArcGIS Online organization, visit the licensing section of My Esri and select the radio button under ‘enable collaboration’ next to your ArcGIS Online subscription name and ID. 

Check out the rest of the article on the ArcGIS Blogs site.

Check out this blog post by Molly Zurn about licensing premium apps through ArcGIS. This is a great blog for new users, trial users or anyone looking to get started with apps that are supported through ArcGIS Online.


ArcGIS apps help you solve important and specific location-based problems. Use them to collect, analyze, and share your data and take you where you need to go. Locate potential hurricane shelters, develop plans for affordable housing, fight drug abuse, route field workers to inspection sites, and more.

Most of the apps are included with your subscription to ArcGIS Online. Premium ArcGIS apps such as Insights for ArcGIS have an additional fee and require a license for each user. Licenses are required even if you have an ArcGIS trial. But the process is as simple as checking a box.....


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