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A common question that we receive in Support and on GeoNet is “why can’t I see my group in the share dialog”. It’s happened to the best of us and maybe you can identify with the image below.





But I have good news, this is expected behavior when the group has the following setting enabled:




We intentionally don’t show these groups in the general share dialog because we want sharer’s to be aware of the elevated privileges in this group type. To do that we require a more intentional sharing workflow that is done from the item owner’s content page. This helps to ensure that the items are being used and updated by the correct organization members. 


So, if you don’t see your group in the share dialog don’t fret! Go to the content page, select the item and click share > access and update capabilities:





You’ll be met with a new share dialog that will display your group:





If you enabled this setting by mistake, and you don’t need all members to be able to update the items you share with that group, you’ll need to create a new group. This setting cannot be changed after the initial group creation is complete.





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Sharing and Collaboration across ArcGIS Online Organizations:

Check out this other new ArcGIS Blog about sharing with members across organizations. I find that this blog is particularly helpful to Geonet users as scenario 1 is a great way to provide specific users (like me, Karate_KElly) who you are working with on the forums access to your items without making them public. Check out the blog and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Once upon a UC, David Hansen, COO at Geo Jobe stated, “ArcGIS Online is the largest global repository of geospatial information in the history of the species.” And although the amount of data in ArcGIS Online is not the point of this blog, as of May 21st, 2018 around 17 million items that exist in ArcGIS Online. That is 17 million layers, maps, scenes, apps and files that can be used for data collection, analysis, presentations and more.  The items have a variety of sharing settings that enable the public or specific groups of users to access content. Twenty-three percent of ArcGIS Online content is public, meaning that anyone can access and find content that has been shared without requiring a username and password. Thirty-one percent of the items are shared with specific users through the group or organizational sharing setting.


Sharing and Collaboration across ArcGIS Online Organizations 

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ArcGIS has a powerful sharing model that enables its members to easily share content items such as maps, apps, scenes and files with their desired audience.  Whether the audience is the entire 7.6 billion people in the world, or a few members of your company, ArcGIS Online has the infrastructure and security to get your mapping content to the right people quickly. The sharing settings of an item control both the findability and security of items in ArcGIS Online. This article will describe some common sharing scenarios and the security and findability impacts of each scenario.


Managing Security and Findability of Items with the ArcGIS Sharing Model 

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