ArcGIS Online User and Item History Log Early Adopters Community!

Blog Post created by KGerrow-esristaff Employee on Mar 12, 2018

 Calling all ArcGIS Online Administrators!


Have you been looking for a way to get more insight into what is happening in your organization and answer questions like,

Who created an item?

When was this item shared publicly?

What modifications has a specific user made to the organization and content?


If you have the desire to delve into the history logs of your ArcGIS Online Organization through the REST API and provide the ArcGIS Online team with feedback about questions you would like to answer, and the API itself, join the ArcGIS Online Early Adopters Community.


In the community you will find a separate forum from the upcoming release with some REST API documentation, sample requests and forums to discuss feedback. You can use your current ArcGIS Online organization or request access to a sample organization to query information about users, items and groups. You should have some knowledge of the REST API and ArcGIS Online user and item administration. Ability to program or dabble in python could be helpful.


To participate, sign in or join the ArcGIS Online Early Adopters Community by clicking on this link.


Looking forward to hearing from you!