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FYI, several users in recent weeks have requested a copy of this Esri UC 2017 technical workshop:


ArcGIS Apps: Selecting the Right Apps for your Organization

The ArcGIS platform includes a collection of apps to help you get your job done and extend geospatial awareness throughout an organization or community. Apps extend the reach of GIS to everyone. The challenge can be understanding which apps work best for certain needs. Should I use Collector for ArcGIS or Survery123 for ArcGIS? What does Esri offer for business users? This session will take you on a high-level tour of the many ArcGIS apps available with the ArcGIS platform.


At a high level, the apps can be grouped into 4 themes:

  1. Apps for the Office
  2. Apps for the Field
  3. Apps for the Community
  4. AppBuilders


Each ArcGIS app is represented on a single slide with 3 key points.


I've attached the presentation in PDF format.