Share Your Work

Blog Post created by mzurn-esristaff Employee on Aug 22, 2017

Use the resources below to learn concepts, best practices, and tips for sharing your content in ArcGIS Online.


GroupsShare mapStory MapsHosted feature layer views


Group basics


Share a map


Start with Story Maps


Share views of your data

See how groups bring together content and people.

Share a map that stands out as authoritative.

Create web apps that combine maps with multimedia and text.

Explore an example of sharing data through hosted feature layer views.


TagsShare and collaborateThumbnailsViral apps


Use tags effectively


Add value to your GIS


Put your best thumbnail forward



Tips for viral apps

Review best practices for tagging your content.

Understand how sharing and collaboration improve the value of your GIS.

See how creating custom thumbnails helps your content stand out.

Follow guidelines for optimizing maps in high-demand web apps.


SnowplowHosted tile layersArcGIS HubDistributed collaboration


Oversee snowplows in real time


Best practices for hosted tile layers


Engage with your community


Introducing distributed collaboration

Create real-time web apps that track your city’s snowplow activities.

Get tips for using hosted tile layers in your web apps.

Discover the benefits of sharing open data and initiatives with your community.

Learn how to establish a trusted sharing environment between your organizations.