Be a Great Administrator

Blog Post created by mzurn-esristaff Employee on Aug 6, 2017

Use the resources below to learn concepts, best practices, and tips for administering your ArcGIS Online organization.


Preview admin basics

Watch the basic steps and best practices for setting up your organization.



Take a guided admin lesson

Ready to practice setting up an organization? Design a site, share content, invite members, and even do some credit math. All in under an hour.

Set up an organization


Create a great home page

How your home page looks creates first impressions. Get tips for making it great.

Create a great home page


Get more configuration tips

Esri Support reveals how to streamline administration and make your organization successful.



Customize member capabilities

See how your members can accomplish specific work flows with custom roles.

Custom roles


Apply a shared theme

Browse examples of shared themes that provide consistent branding across the organization's web apps. 

Shared themes


Take advantage of distributed collaboration

Learn how to establish a trusted sharing environment between your ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise organizations. 

Distributed collaboration


Automate your admin tasks

Ready for automation and scripting? Get started with a Python for ArcGIS sample that batch creates groups.

Automate admin tasks