Editors' Picks: New Help Resources We Love

Blog Post created by mzurn-esristaff Employee on Jul 25, 2017

As documentation engineers, we spend most of our time writing help reference topics. In the weeks leading up to a software release, especially a big one like ArcGIS Online June 2017, we get to spend a fair amount of time reviewing other types of resources. This is one of our favorite tasks! We love seeing all the Story Maps, videos, blog articles, infographics, and exercises product teams create to show you what's new (and hopefully inspire you to give the new things a try). Whether you are just getting started with ArcGIS or a GIS veteran, we think there's a new resource you'll want to check out. Most highlight the latest functionality in the software. All are amazing! 


Documentation page

Of course we have to kick things off with a documentation resource: the new Documentation for ArcGIS page. It's a quick tool for finding that help site you're looking for. It includes a search, filters, and a language drop-down list. 

Documentation for ArcGIS landing page


Scene Viewer Story Map

You may have read about what's new in Scene Viewer for ArcGIS Online June 2017. Did you notice the Story Map that showcases these features? If not, you'll definitely want to check it out!

Scene Viewer Story Map


Hosted web layer infographics

It can be daunting to decide whether to use hosted feature layers, hosted feature layer views, or hosted tiles in your maps and apps. Who would win? Match layer types to common workflows with these new infographics.

Choose layer type

Explorer for ArcGIS exercise

Many of you have taken the Learn ArcGIS lesson, Get Started with ArcGIS Online. Now you can explore the same Hawaii island map to get started with Explorer for ArcGIS in a browser. Pretty cool. Explorer-map


Mapping and analysis exercise

On the topic of Learn ArcGIS lessons, we like the more precise boundary for Fight Child Poverty with Demographic Analysis because it makes the demographic patterns stand out even more. It now uses Census tract areas, one of the newer Living Atlas of the World layers you can add directly from Map Viewer. Did you know the same lesson is available for ArcGIS Enterprise? (And be sure to read how to take advantage of Living Atlas content in ArcGIS Enterprise).

Fight Child Poverty lesson


ArcGIS Enterprise Builder video

ArcGIS Enterprise Builder: A one-click set-up for ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment on a  single machine-in less than 1 hour? We were definitely excited to watch a video about that!


Distributed collaboration sample editing app

Distributed collaboration allows organizations working in both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise to establish a trusted environment with defined rules for sharing content and data replication. To experience this yourself, add your own edits to a sample web app and monitor the data replication process.

Distributed collaboration


The ArcGIS Book cover map

And finally, The ArcGIS Book. What a great resource with all its live examples of using GIS to solve problems. Wonder how to create the map the cover? Wonder no more! John Nelson shows you how, start to finish.

The ArcGIS Book cover