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Click to view contentI just read the new October update and wanted to check out the new beta but when I open the App Launcher I don't see the option for the beta version (see snapshot)
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Just getting an error when trying to create a Feature Layer (in Content, going through Create - Feature Layer and then building a Points/Lines/Polygons Feature Layer). Get to the final stage and an error is reported.   Have also tried going into the data tab on one I created yesterday and the same error appears.   EDIT - now unable to go into… (Show more)
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Explorer for ArcGIS is the best way to view your maps and layers on your mobile device, whether you have a data connection or if you’re working in a remote area with no service. It’s great for those field users who just need a simple map viewer to take their GIS data on the go. Explorer is also great to take some quick notes on the map and share… (Show more)
Click to view contentI created a custom base map to just hide the labels of the Hybrid Reference Layer in the Vector Tile Style Editor Portal and then saved it to AGOL. I shared the vector tile layer with a group for which I am the group owner/manager. Now when I log in to ArcGIS Pro and try to import the layer from the catalog, it shows a broken link like below. … (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online
So I'm trying to make a point density raster showing crimes in Denver. I have a layer with about 500,000 points. For whatever reason all I ever get is a blob of about 16 massive pixels about four times the size of the city. I've tried multiple output cell sizes and neighborhood radii and get the same result. I made a point density raster using the… (Show more)
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I am noticing that a date e.g. 4/6/2015, entered in a SDE Feature Class (SQL 2008 R2) is translating to the day before in ArcGIS Online. The date field being a date-time field, and entered in as 4/6/2015 WITHOUT the time, is defaulting to 4/6/2015 12 am which is translating in an ArcGIS online map as 4/5/2015. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online
I have a Feature Service hosted on my ArcServer and exposed to the internet (something like this Layer: Rainfall(NOAA) (ID: 0)). I added this Feature Service to my AGOL org by going to Content >  Create > Feature Layer > From URL and entering the REST URL of my Feature Service (I ended up with something like this:… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI used the "convert geotagged photos to points" tool in Desktop to create a feature class of garden objects with a photo of each one. Worked great. Then I created a feature service on AGO, and the images were uploaded to the cloud as attachments. Worked great. However, I cannot figure out how to get the attachment to show up in the popup any other… (Show more)
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I have 3 layers (2 point and 1 line) that coincide, let's call them A, B, and C.  I have tried several things to get the popup order to be A (1 of 3), B,(2 of 3), C (3 of 3): ordering the layers in Content with A on top, then B, then C; renaming them so that they are in alphabetical order; creating copies of the layers in a specific order.  No… (Show more)
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