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Hello. I am curious if there is a function in ArcGIS Online that will allow me to save layers as if I were saving a layer file in ArcMap?  I think it would serve me well to have something like that for layers I use regularly instead of having to manually change each feature to the custom symbol I like to use. Thank you in advance for your… (Show more)
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Is there any way to change the gray pin and buffer color on the Nearby application? It is VERY difficult to see the pin and buffer, especially with an aerial basemap. I currently don't see anywhere to change this, and it's proven to be a big issue for some of our clients.
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I have built a web application using the Web App Builder on I would like the map to be visible publicly. I based the app off of an online map I created using a service I shared from ArcMap to my company's ArcGIS Server. When I shared the service, I checked the box that says this data will be shared with "Everyone." Before I saved the… (Show more)
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Good Morning   I have a hosted feature layer that has several points and associated lat/lons. One of the points is in the wrong location. So I went into the "Data" table and updated the lat/lons manually. However when I "visualise" the layer with the new lat/lon it is still in the same place.    Why has the layer not inherited the lat/lon update… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi All, The FRS label TEXTSTR(point) is in some cases occupying the same space as the Neighborhood Label(Polygon) I have tried moving the FRS label(point) around using the location boxes in the web map, but there are always some labels that are not shown.  Is there a way to manually move the label?  In WebMap or any suggestions or any alternative… (Show more)
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Does anyone know about how long a join in AGO should take. We have quite a large file of 31,000 records. It has been working for about 4 hours now. Is it stuck or is the file to big??
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I'm trying to cross reference work done on a site by the amount of time a vehicle was there.  I have this Arcade script, which tests ok in the script editor but on the map data table shows Data Error and in the popup is null.  Here's the script, can anyone please help to debug?   var Asset; var DateOfVisit;   //Get Date of Commission, add to… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am the owner of an ArcGIS Online organizational account.  Somebody shared a Feature Collection in a group within my organization that I intend to download.  The person is essentially transferring the data to me, at which point i can add it to my Content and share with the group.  There is no option to download data directly on ArcGIS… (Show more)
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Click to view contentOptimize hosted feature layers to support high-volume web traffic Learn best practices for optimizing your hosted feature layers to support high-volume web traffic. Hosted feature layers are essential building blocks that enable organizations to serve their data from ArcGIS Online's highly scalable cloud infrastructure. In this live webinar, the… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI've come across a lot of users that have requested the ability to download ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Services and ArcGIS Server Feature/Map Services. See that attached tool to do just this.  The tool will also allow you to download attachments from ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Services.  Hope users find this helpful and useful.   Update…
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