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I have a point feature class that I update about once a week using ArcPro, then I use "Overwrite Web Layer" to publish it to ArcGIS Online. It is in a fancy story map and this process has been smooth and has worked great until a couple of months ago.   Now, I use "Overwrite Web Layer" to push it to the web, but when I load my online map it says… (Show more)
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Hello   Is there any way to get list of services used by applications/maps   we don't have a track/list maintained from long and we were trying to find unused or duplicates services   Any suggestions .   Thanks
in ArcGIS Online
Click to view contentIn the June 2019 release of ArcGIS Online, new symbol sets supporting the utility community(water, sewer, stormwater) were added to the ArcGIS Online map viewer. Is there any supporting documentation available to help identify each symbol?  … (Show more)
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A web map was created that has time aware locations. These are being displayed as a heat map. The slider works fine in the web map, but does not display any data when loaded in a time aware app. There are approximately 27,000 locations being displayed.   Any help displaying the heat maps in the time aware app would be appreciated.   Thanks!
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Hi, can i use the 'Add to Definition' REST api to update a domain on a feature service, i want to add in an additional value into the domain   Stu
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I created several point symbols from character marker symbols and have saved them in a .style file and also a .stylex file.  I am able to use these symbols in ArcMap and ArcPro.  I would like to use these symbols in Online maps.  It looks like the only way I can do it is to upload them as images and assign the symbol through the "Use an Image"… (Show more)
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I've changed the line symbology in ArcGIS Online from the default to a simple hatch line from the available drop down options within ArcGIS Online. The symbols change, and look fine within AGO in a web browser. However, they linework doesn't show as hatched in Explorer for Android.   Are their drawing limitations within Explorer? For some… (Show more)
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I want to look into the workflow of using Collector to collect field data. When I look at my AGO profile in my AGO organizational account, it lists that my role is "user" and my user type is "creator". I tried to follow along with this blog post about making a Collector map and the first step is to Create a Feature Layer. When I attempt this,… (Show more)
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Hi. While attempting to share a web layer from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online, I keep encountering the following message 'Failed to publish web layer', despite having completed the following steps   1. Added data to map (.csv file that includes latitude and longitude fields) 2. Selected Display XY Data (spatial reference : GCS_WGS_1984) 3. Created… (Show more)
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Hi All, I'm relatively new to Arcade but can't figure out this When function. I have a Right expression that returns the last three characters of a field $feature.info_headline when applied as a separate arcade expression. However when I apply the same expression as a variable in front of a When expression I get no errors when tested but also no… (Show more)
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