• Merging multiple raster layers

    I have about 30 different raster layers in my modelbuilder. How can I merge them into one layer?
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  • Summary Stat & Visualisation Layers

    Within a hub site I want to use Summary Stats on key indicators. For example, gathering river level sensor data that's polled every 10 minutes, I want to show the current battery "minimum" battery level within the las...
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  • Default extent on items

    Previously the default extent on the map when you viewed a dataset on our open data site seemed to work without issue, the extent was appropriate for each dataset.  Now we have a zoomed out globe on everything..&...
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  • How to stop gallery web part from opening map under hub site header?

    I have a gallery web part with links to apps. When click on that app, whether "open in new tab" is selected or not, it opens with the hub site header bar above it.   I don't want that, as each of our apps has a ...
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  • HTML Style Formatting Issues in Hub

    I'm working on a hub site.  I've already set the overall theme for body text, body links etc.  The Body text color is black, and the link color is purple. The settings are perfect for the overall site, howev...
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  • Getting a 404 Error Creating Events

    I am getting a 404 error when I try to create an event on my initiative. I'm not sure if something got messed up with the data file but I haven't found a way to repair it or reset it. 
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  • Gallery and Spacer Cards

    I have a site with two rows of gallery cards.  The top row contains four cards and the bottom row contains three cards.  I want each of the three cards in the bottom row to be the same size as each of the fo...
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  • Custom domain has invalid SSL certificate for my open data site

    Hello,   Since Arcgis enforces https recently, our open data site(https://hub-maconbibb.opendata.arcgis.com/), custom domain: www.maconinsights.com, has issue with https.    Browsers will bl...
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  • Web Map Time Slider Won't Display New Data

    Hi,   I have a web map currently with 22 time enabled layers, with time enabled on each layer in the web map as well. I am planning to add additional time enabled layers to the same map in the coming weeks as my...
    created by bthome_okotoks
  • to view different selections of related data

    I have a geometry layer of cycleways for a local government district in ArcPro. They are related to 3 different data tables: Assets Information (each section with an AssetID, one to many) , cycle path names (short por...
  • Does Hub allow ftp for Application URL?

    On ArcGIS Online, I created an Application and in Settings set the URL to something starting with "ftp://". This works when I access it in AGO but not when I access it from the HUB.  Just want to find out if ftp ...
  • Tag based Query is not working

    Hi    We have built Geo hub.    While working on "Category" section we are facing problems related to tag based search.   Problem : In "category setting" section when we are using tag based...
  • Excel files on AGO can't be downloaded through hub

    I have a couple of Excel files on AGO which can be downloaded directly from AGO but cannot be downloaded through the Hub.   On the Hub, I can get to the page that has the Overview of the item and a Download butt...
  • Hub Cloning with Hub Pages

    Hi.  We've developed a hub site that includes several hub pages.  I would like to clone (or otherwise make a copy) of the entire site for backup and for change verification.  However, when I use the "Cl...
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  • Save/Saved button should stay "Saved" until a change is made

    With the latest Hub update, when the Save/Saved button is clicked, it flashes briefly to "Saved" and then reverts immediately to "Save".  It should stay at "Saved" until another change is made.   This is im...
  • reduce height of search bar row

    I have a row with a Search element. Currently the Search is the only item in that row. How can I reduce the height of that row? It seems like there is extra space below the search box, which pushes my main content fur...
  • How to remove residuals from a deleted Hub Site?

    I deleted a site through Content Item's page because I could not find the Delete option in Hub Overview or Hub Site Manage pages (I now know where to delete the Site in hub.arcgis.com  ).  Deleting the ...
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  • Data Downloads from HUB site not working

    I just built my first HUB site to make it easier to share data with outside entities. However, I have a big issue. When I go to download certain layers (such as our city limits or ETJ polygons), only certain file type...
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  • Why is the Open Data Portal generating bad download links?

    One of our open data users brought to my attention today the fact that some of our Open Data Portal downloads aren't working.  Specifically, our file downloads aren't working, while our layer downloads appear to ...
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  • Can metadata for items stored in Hub be manually created?

    My organization has fairly strict standards for metadata, particularly for any data that will be available to the public.  We have some GIS layers stored in one of our initiatives (we have Hub premium, not just t...
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