• Site Editing using Python

    Hub's Python API is a Python library (arcgishub) that allows users to interact with their Hub and its items. The goal of the API is to empower Hub's users with Python methods to automate their Hub workflows and easily...
  • Feature Request - Edit Event Locator Map/Custom Location

    I believe right now, the event venue/address is limited to the ArcGIS Online locator. It's also being helpful by automatically geolocating the event based on the address. However, it'd be useful if we could edit the p...
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  • Feature Request - Gallery Widget Option Controls HTML Target Attribute

    Hi Hubbers!    As we've worked with the city of Montpelier, VT, on their Hub implementation, they had a feature they wanted that seemed pretty easy. The basic issue is that a gallery widget always opens the...
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  • Stop making a line at point without an attribute

    Hello, I have a set of data with XYZ coordinates. I want to make a line from start to the end, but some points are missing Z data. The Question is. is there a tool or a script where Point to Line will stop at a point ...
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  • Make your hub's search experience better for all audiences

    Want to share sites and data with just your team or organization? With flexible sharing options, ArcGIS Hub is more than a way to share open data. For example, you can share private content on sites and pages to conne...
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  • Customisation within ArcGIS Hub

    Hi All,    I'd be interested to hear what are people's most useful customisation options within ArcGIS Hub that they're taking advantage of.    For those that don't come from a HTML / CSS coding ...
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  • Statistical analysis of clustering measures

    I use ArcGIS desktop  and used Optimized cluster routines to create the several measures. Then I used these measures as dependent variables in GWR modeling. My questions are What are the pitfalls of this? How...
    created by ewellhof
  • semantic segmentation on satellite images

    hii.. i want to do semantic segmentation for google earth images..i want to extract building on satellite images.how to prepare dataset for segmentation..i really confused.i want to do state wise.
    created by chitra1
  • A new way to search open data with ArcGIS Hub

    Open data provides people with the information they need to stay in the know. For example, people may wonder where the next infrastructure improvement project is planned or what 311 requests are open in thei...
  • Polyline Elevation Profile

    I have a polyline that stretches around 100 miles.  The attributes table object order does not match the direction of flow or order that I need it to. It also does not have the detail I need either.  I’...
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  • iPhone, Safari and Hub

    I noticed recently that if I attempt to log in directly to an organizational hub page from an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 8, the site says "Access Denied" without ever showing me the log in screen. However, if I go to ArcG...
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  • Multiple Page Headers

    Hi,          Is it possible to have two navbars on two separate pages in ArcGIS Hub that are linked or is an organization bound to only use one page on the Hub Site?  I have created a na...
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  • ArcGIS Open Data API

    Dear I'm looking for a simple way to get the total number of datasets of an instance under *.opendata.arcgis.com. The only way I found till now is to call data.json and then iterate through all its results/pages, e....
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  • Sign Up for Hub Research Opportunities

    We'd love to learn from you! Join us for research opportunities by direct messaging me @KCarl-esristaff with your name and email. We will reach out to you with more instructions on how you can participate. Thanks for ...
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  • Search Collections (and Weird Layouts)

    On March 5th, we released our new version of search to improve how you, your teams, and your community search and discover relevant content. We've added more content types, private data, faster and more reliable ...
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  • Can't pan, map won't update if basemap is turned off

    Hello,   I am currently running ArcMap 10.5.1. I have been experiencing an issue related to any basemap data, such as World Imagery or Streets. If I add a basemap layer to a map, when I try to edit any shapefile...
    created by MPHross
  • Tell us what you think!

    The ArcGIS Hub team is interested in learning more about the types of solutions we can provide to help organizations and communities. Whether you're new to ArcGIS Hub (formerly ArcGIS Open Data) or have been sharing d...
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  • Layer Properties Symbology - Fails to load in correctly in Create Features window

    Hello GIS Users and Helpers,   The image below depicts a feature class (AirLines) loaded under table of contents (TOC) and Layer Properties, Symbology, Categories, Unique Values, Many Fields, Symbol and Value en...
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  • KML downloads no longer working on Open Data site; some GDB downloads not downloading

    1) It appears that KML format downloads will no longer work on our Open Data site https://naturalengland-defra.opendata.arcgis.com   This became obvious when testing our January latest releases but after further...
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  • What happened to the dataset card?

    As some of you may noticed, we removed the dataset card from the layout builder on 23 January 2019. This was because the gallery card supports datasets, has the option to display multiple items, has addition...
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