• Filter Application Gallery by Keywords in ArcGIS Hub

    Hey everyone, I am currently trying to create a page using ArcGIS Hub where users a filter through Applications in the "Gallery" format using keywords.   E.g. Click on the keyword "Recreation" and it filters the...
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  • ArcGIS Hub enforcing HTTPS in September 2020

    Wanted to open this discussion based on my recent blog post - ArcGIS Hub Enforcing HTTPS    If there are questions for us ahead of time, please let us know!
  • Error linking HUB site to custom domain

    Hello.   We've purchased a custom domain name for a ArcGIS HUB page we are building, and are having trouble getting it to link.  When we browse to the custom domain, it looks like it's connecting to ESRI's s...
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  • The Remarkable GIS Response to COVID-19

    At Esri's 2020 virtual user conference, a great 3 mins video was shown that highlighted the GIS community's efforts in helping respond to the COVID-19 contagion. Many dashboards, hubs, and apps were built to help with...
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  • JSON Start Learning and Chart Questions

    Hi,  This looks to be a fantastic option to customize charts in Hub.  However, I'm not familiar with JSON charts and have a lot of learning to do.  The documentation leads me to charting in NPM.  H...
    created by bck2_cdcarcgis
  • Simple-markers not resizing based on data

    Hi there,   I am trying to make a web app that overlays a map with circles of various sizes, based on data values in a database. I followed this tutorial, but it isn't resizing the circles, using either the "sto...
    created by matyasz_UW
  • ARCGIS Hub /Open Data Cannot Download Documents from Search Results after March 2019 update

    ARCGIS Hub /Open Data    I edited our Open Data Website and now set parameters for a category. But since last weeks update. THE SEARCH RESULTS page of our Open Data Cannot download the Shared AGOLI Items (W...
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  • Auto Update of Datasets on OpenData

    We have had several issues with our data updating.  After talking to other municipalities it seems to be a huge flaw in the software for customers not to have the ability to choose an automatic nightly update. &#...
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  • How can I change the Data Download potential of HUB

    Hi,  I have been tinkering with HUB over the last while with the view to have HUB manage Public access to my data and services, however along the way (early on) I have issues with the restrictions and process ar...
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  • Issue with Public Accounts and Open Data/Hub

    For context, my organization has Hub Premium, and we also have an Open Data Portal dating back to before Premium existed.   Whenever someone who is currently logged into ArcGIS Online through a public account tr...
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  • disable the favorite icon from documents

    Would like an option to disable the favorite icon from documents shared through the gallery card.  Using Hub Premium to share Census related information publicly.  There is no desire to have two-way com...
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  • Chatbox widget in iframe

    Created a service to add a Chatbox widget into Hub site using the Iframe card.  The Widget did not work well due to the static height of the Row.  The Row had to be very large waiting for Chatbox to ope...
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  • ArcGIS Hub Premium Documents sharing inadequate

    Documents sharing - Need a better solution for the exchange of numerous documents for collaboration of supporting team members, content not intended to be shared with the general public   Need ability to share s...
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  • ArcGIS Hub Premium events not enough sharing options

    Events – Events not intended for the public, but are aimed and training and organizing the supporting teams cannot be shared through hub initiative Not enough sharing options Events sharing is limited to publi...
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  • ArcGIS Hub gallery card hover responsiveness

    Is there a way in ArcGIS Hub to highlight individual gallery cards when hovering with your cursor? Would this have to be edited via the ArcGIS Online Assistant? Thank you  -  Evan
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  • Hub Calendar Year Dropdown Feedback

    I understand this is probably working as developed, but it's not working as expected on the user end. The year dropdown on the Hub's upcoming events/calendar card was confusing our users when (in 2019) they dropped do...
    created by Dante_COE
  • Background Image Focal Point

    I like the background image focal point options, but I wish I had the ability to be more precise with it like in story maps.  I find that it jumps over the areas that I want it to be in when it's split into ...
    created by leifj_COSWFL
  • Site Editing using Python

    Hub's Python API is a Python library (arcgishub) that allows users to interact with their Hub and its items. The goal of the API is to empower Hub's users with Python methods to automate their Hub workflows and easily...
  • Feature Request - Edit Event Locator Map/Custom Location

    I believe right now, the event venue/address is limited to the ArcGIS Online locator. It's also being helpful by automatically geolocating the event based on the address. However, it'd be useful if we could edit the p...
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  • Feature Request - Gallery Widget Option Controls HTML Target Attribute

    Hi Hubbers!    As we've worked with the city of Montpelier, VT, on their Hub implementation, they had a feature they wanted that seemed pretty easy. The basic issue is that a gallery widget always opens the...
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