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Hello all, I am trying to incorporate 4 single-panel accordion elements in a Hub site that I'm currently developing. I've got it working based on this thread noted in the source comment below. I'm not a Javascript person, so I need some help.   I've repeated this code for all 4 panels, changing the panel element names, but right now, only the… (Show more)
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Is there a way to search for text within a Hub site?  I am aware of the data/AGOL Items search widget, but that is not the particular functionality I am asking about here.  Instead, we want to be able to search the text across all the pages within the Hub site to find likely matches.   Here is the use case: our Hub application is 30+ pages with… (Show more)
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Is there a way in ArcGIS Hub to highlight individual gallery cards when hovering with your cursor? Would this have to be edited via the ArcGIS Online Assistant? Thank you  -  Evan
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Hi,    I have embedded a video in an iframe, on a hub page.  The video is playing fine, but the full screen button does not work.    Is there anyway to enable to this button?   Site to review:    Thanks for any help
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As I am typing, the cursor will pop to the top of the block I'm writing and continue on as if I've deliberately clicked myself into that position.  I have to first delete these randomly placed characters, and then click back down into the sentence I was typing to resume my thought.   It's not doing it in any of my applications, though, such as… (Show more)
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I can run ArcMap 10.7 on a Surface Pro X (which has ARM64 chip, running Windows 10) while connected to our institution network. But I want to run it offline in the field on the tablet. ArcMap seems to run OK (not super smooth but usable) with the built-in emulator for 32-bit programs. However, ArcGIS Administrator does not work properly. I have an… (Show more)
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Hi i was wondering if it Is possible to use PayPal or redsys inside Hub for make some payments like taxes or something like that. Thank you
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Our client really wants to have a video underlay as part of the hero/banner when you arrive at the site. It appears that the "video" tag is not supported by the Hub text card widget.   Am I correct, and what is the chance we can actually get the video tag added to the supported tags so it isn't stripped from our saved site?
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I would like to share a few Survey 123 Form Templates with my Organization as zipped Surveys on our newest ArcGIS Hub Site (A zip file that includes the survey media folder, not just the xls.)   I do not want to share the survey form link in Hub, as the users will be modifying the survey template in Survey 123 Connect to fit their needs.  … (Show more)
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Click to view contentWe are hosting data on our Open Data web site.  When data is updated, we see data updated on parts of the website.  On the website, record counts and features change.   But the downloaded data is old.    For example, we updated our Cities data at 12:30 pm.  We see the feature that was changed when following the, "Create Webmap" link.  The map… (Show more)
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