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It sounds like this might be a periodic problem:  I am not able to make changes to my Hub site today.  I created my site a few weeks ago, and I've updated it periodically, but today for some reason my changes aren't saving.   I'm admin. on our site, and I have cleared the browser history.  Specifically I'm updating a block of text, which should… (Show more)
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Can you remove a community member from your ArcGIS Hub organization? I see you can remove a member from a team but we would like to delete a test account that we added to our organization.
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Hello, I have a site on ArcGIS Hub which is shared Public. Most of my data are also going to be public in order to let everyone download different datasets.  I experience some strange behavior today. When a hosted feature layer from ArcGIS Online is shared only with my organization and ArcGIS Hub Content group, it is visible in Content Library in… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHave you ever made updates to your site's content—things like making metadata updates, adding or removing content, or changing the sharing settings—only to find your changes aren't showing up in your site's search? If so, you might want to try our new manual refresh option.   How to manually refresh your site's content:Make sure you're logged in… (Show more)
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I would like to add metadata elements to the simple overview that shows in the list view of the content library (not the individual item page). - on AGOL   Currently it shows Conent type,, Title , Description, Uploaded, Tags.
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Hi Hubbers!    As we've worked with the city of Montpelier, VT, on their Hub implementation, they had a feature they wanted that seemed pretty easy. The basic issue is that a gallery widget always opens the item clicked in a new tab. I realize that often the gallery is a listing of web maps and apps that we do want open in new tabs. But at the… (Show more)
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Hello all, I am trying to incorporate 4 single-panel accordion elements in a Hub site that I'm currently developing. I've got it working based on this thread noted in the source comment below. I'm not a Javascript person, so I need some help.   I've repeated this code for all 4 panels, changing the panel element names, but right now, only the… (Show more)
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I'm working with default Hub and noticed that the site constantly loads and centers to the embedded content versus the top of the Hub page by default. Occasionally, the page is also unresponsive.   I'd appreciate any comments/thoughts on what may be causing the issue. Here's the site: Oregon Office of Emergency Management 
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I've been finding that some of my ArcGIS online items that have been shared with the OpenData group have been listed multiple times as datasets in my OpenData site, making it somewhat confusing.  To make it even more confusing, even though they are supposed to be the same data, have the same abstract and metadata information, and are referencing… (Show more)
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I've added pages to my hub site and added links to the second-tier header via custom html/css. However, no matter what page I'm currently on, the home navigation tab (<li>) is still set to active. Am I doing something wrong to link to these pages? Or how can I overwrite this css class?
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