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Hi.  We would like to know if there is a way to limit accounts who can create HUB sites.  We have 1800+ users that can publish and create content, but we only want a few vetted people to be able to create HUB sites.  Does anyone know if that is possible?    Thanks.
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Hi there,   We are experiencing issues with (any type) downloads either - "Gathering Data" continuously - Taking a very long time - Taking a very long time, then the second time "Gathering Data" continuously   It sounds very similar to this post, What does Gathering Data mean    Can you please check this issue has not come back since the… (Show more)
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Hello, I hope you can assist me with my question. We started making some Hub sites and everything was working fine the last couple of months and then today when we (me and another user) tried to create a new Hub site we get the "Failed to create initiative" error message. It creates the Content and Group, but not the site. We are a bit perplexed… (Show more)
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 I need symbols like an oval football field, a basketball, pumpjack, etc.
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I have a Hub that looks fine on windows but on mac many of my images are appearing smaller. Specifically, any image I have that is a hyperlinked image is appearing small. It looks like the image address for these images is setting them to 100 px rather than 100%?   Thanks, Benjamin Mittler   *I can provide example if needed.
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Is it possible to download a full resolution raster file from an image service that is shared on open data?    I have a shared image service, but when I try to download it to a TIFF in open data, all I get is a 770 KB veeeerrrrry low resolution image (actually just looks like a screen shot of the raster, although it is georeferenced).   A screen… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I was trying to use data.json to get datasets for instances under *, doing something like here. I can access the "tags" attached to these datasets, but I want to make sure if I can understand them as "categories".   For example, Socrata has both "category" and "tags" features for each dataset. The "categories" are… (Show more)
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About 2-3 days ago, some images stopped showing up on our Hub site.  In particular, no images that are on our self-styled-cards appear in "view" mode; in "edit" mode only about 1/3 of images appear. Other images - like background images for a row - appear in both "edit" and "view" mode.  In all cases, the images are hosted on a different server,… (Show more)
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It let me publish one event, and then gave me an error or something went wrong for the other... help? Thank you!
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We continually have issues with data downloads not working. One "solution" in the past has been to reset the indexing or data cache (though that often doesn't actually fix the problem). This was accessible through the Data Manager. Data Manager appears to no longer exist. The documentation has not been updated Data manager—ArcGIS Hub | ArcGIS .  … (Show more)
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