• HEC-GeoRAS Inudation Mapping - New (File Geodatabase) not working with HEC-RAS import

    Hello, I am working with ArcGIS 9.3.1 and HEC-GeoRAS 4.3.93.  I am having two baffling problems when trying to produce the inundation maps with the data imported to ArcGIS via HEC-RAS 4.2 Beta.  Firstly, ...
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  • Hydrology tools: missing help. Where/how to get it?

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to build synthetic drainage lines as coincident as possible with the "real world" shown in the cartography. I think that is a basic purpose of everyone performing hydrological analysis of nat...
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  • ArcHydro doesn't output to shapefile

    Hi, all - I just spent way too much time debugging something that I probably should have known, so wanted to post it here in case it saves someone else time. In a nutshell, ArcHydro does not output to shapefiles, on...
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  • HEC-GeoRAS and HEC-GeoHMS for ArcGIS 10.6

    Hello! I know there is a version of HEC-GeoRAS and HEC-GeoHMS for ArcGIS 10.5. I need these two plugins for ArcGIS 10.6. Does anybody know where I can find such versions?   I searched in this link, but for vers...
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  • HEC-GeoRAS Export Error

    Using ArcInfo 10 and GeoRAS 10 I am attempting to create my export .xml and .sdf files to create my model. I have gone through the process with the tutorial in the users manual and it worked fine. Now that I am using ...
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  • Arc Hydro Terrain Preprocessing Workflows for adjusting Flow Directions in Lakes

    I have known lakes but unknown stream locations. How could I perform catchment delineation including adjusting Flow Directions in Lakes. In the file "Overview of Arc Hydro terrain preprocessing workflows" (Feb. 2013),...
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  • Cascade flow within subbasins and stream segments: auto generate attribute table?

    Hello everyone, I delineate my basin into subbasins and need to generate an attribute table that basically having information of how river flow from upstream to downstream: which subbasin flow to which stream segment...
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  • Trouble generating CNGrid with HEC-GeoHMS

    I am following Dr. Merwade's tutorial http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~vmerwade/education/cngrid.pdf but am running into troubles creating the Curve Number grid using the HEC-GeoHMS extension in ArcGIS. ...
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  • 2019 Esri Water Conference

    Registration is open. Call for Papers is Open. Esri Partners: EXPO and Sponsorships are open. Be part of the #EsriWater community. #EsriWater19   http://ow.ly/a95I30lPfFm
  • Flow directions in the 4 cardinal directions only (North, East, South and West)

    Hello!   I would like to know if there is a way to calculate the flow directions in the 4 cardinal directions only (North, East, South and West). Indeed, ArcGIS transfers the flows in the 8 directions, which I d...
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  • Where to begin

    Hi,   I'm not so new to ArcGIS, but I'm rather new at is applications within hydrology and I'm keen to expand my skill set.   Im keen to hear your opinions of where I would begin learning about it, what to...
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  • HRAP (Hydrologic Rainfall Analysis Projection) Transformation

    I am trying to transform precipitation data I got from NOAA from HRAP into Albers Equal Area Conic (USGS).  It is an older file (2005) data that is in a point file (grid).  Each point represents the total ra...
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  • Calculating average stream length per stream order

    I have the strahler stream order layer and a stream length raster. How can I calculate the average lenth for each stream order? Is this possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Problem in imported geometric data in HecRas

    I have processed a file in HecGeoRas ( ArcGIS version 10.3.1) and completed the river center line, banks, flow paths,cross sections following the instructions and imported this data to HecRas (version 5.0.3). Then in ...
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    Dear,  I want to generate CNGrid using HEC-GeoHMS. I am preparing input data as guidance book, but I don't have the result.  my problem running like this: (I don't get CNgrid raster but CN table) can y...
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  • error to generate CNgrid using HEC-GeoHMS

    Hi, I would like to ask the solution for my problem. I wanna generate CNGrid using HEC-GeoHMS. I have been trying to use any advice in this forum discussion, but I don't get the solution yet.  the input (fill, S...
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  • Error while Creation HEC-HMS project

    I am getting system. exception error as shown in the attachment while creating HEC-HMS project. it says the .met file is already being used!! but where??
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  • Basin Model File problem

    Hello everybody! I am a student using ArcGis for a bachelor project and I have encountered the following problem. I am using a version of ArcGis 10 with Spatial Analyst extension and Hec-GEO HMS. When trying to crea...
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  • Level DEM: Spatial reference does not have z unit

    I am using ArcHydro tool for ArcGIS 10. When I was doing the function "Level DEM", it always pops out this error saying "Level DEM: Spatial reference does not have z unit". Does anyone have the same problem? Could any...
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  • help with using transfoming rater to HEC-DSS file

    hello dear fellows. I am using gridded SCS-curve number method in HMS model. I have prepered a CN grid using geo-HMS tools and now want to use this in HMS. for this I need to create a DSS file. the problem is I can't...
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