Data Health Check with ArcGIS Data Reviewer

Blog Post created by MBharadwaj-esristaff Employee on Jan 15, 2019

Think about how and why you use your GIS data.

The GIS is used to help make important decisions for your organization. The data in the GIS is being maintained and updated based on new or updated information. Analyses are performed on a routine basis. These results are used to determine the next step. When there is missing information or data in the incorrect location, it will affect the results of the analysis. Having confidence in the quality of your data is important to trust the results from the analysis.

Data health check is a free service provided by an Esri industry expert, who will review and analyze your GIS data. 

Focusing expressly on features/attributes it takes about 45 minutes for Esri’s data quality management extension ArcGIS Data Reviewer to run diagnostics and evaluate overall data quality based on business rules specific to your industry.

Participating in the Data Health Check is as easy as bringing a sample of your data in either a file or personal geodatabase to the conference.

Esri staff will explain how to configure key data checks (see example checks for water and electric) and any errors detected are reviewed with you. The error features (captured in a separate geodatabase) and an Excel report outlining the accuracy rates of your data will be provided to you to take back to your organization for additional review.

When your organization depends on the GIS for its day-to-day operation, data errors can introduce unacceptable risk and unplanned costs. Thus the quality of your data is critical!


Data Health Checks give you an opportunity to see how clean your GIS is by providing insight into what types of errors exist and a percentage accuracy of your data’s quality.

By integrating data quality in your workflows, you can improve your GIS program and avoid risks in decision making.


Accurate data is healthy data, and healthy data is vital to any successful GIS implementation!