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Enroll now in Esri’s NEW ArcGIS Data Reviewer learning plan to learn about capabilities that automate, simplify, standardize and unify workflows to improve data quality within your organization.

Accurate data is healthy data. And healthy data is vital to any successful GIS implementation!

The quality of your GIS data is critical as errors introduce unacceptable risk and unplanned costs. If you are attending the Esri International User Conference in San Diego in two weeks, be sure to sign up for one-on-one data health check appointment to get an expert review of your GIS data's quality.

During this free, 45-minute session, an Esri industry expert will review and analyze your GIS data, focusing on features and attributes using Esri's data quality management extension ArcGIS Data Reviewer. If you work with one of these datasets,

  • Water, wastewater, storm water
  • Land records and addressing
  • Electric, gas and linear referenced pipelines
  • Linear referenced Roads and Highways

Bring a sample of your data in a file or personal geodatabase and take advantage of this opportunity. Afterward, you'll receive an explanation of the key data checks, a review of key data concerns (if errors are detected), a copy of the error features, and an Excel report to take back to your organization.

There are various reasons why you should sign up for this activity. Are you new to GIS and just starting to migrate your data into a geodatabase? Are you interested in moving to Utility Network or Parcel Fabric? Does your organization rely on GIS data for analysis and/or decision-making? In all these cases and more, there can be trouble when you have missing information or data in the incorrect location. A data health check gives you an assessment of the data's current quality, enabling you to take next steps in ensuring the data is healthy and accurate. After all, good data is the heart of any GIS!

New in 2019, Esri is offering a data readiness check for Indoors. Consult with an Esri expert to see if your building data is ready to be migrated into the Indoors data model. Check out these comments from past participants. 

Don't miss this opportunity to check the health of your data. Sign up for a free appointment with an Esri industry expert.Government Transportation Departments of Transportation Electric and Gas Petroleum Water Utilities Land Records ArcGIS Indoors Esri Roads and Highways ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing Esri Roads and Highways Extension

Do you consider GIS data quality as a measure of success and are using ArcGIS Data Reviewer to help achieve it?


If so, Esri’s ArcGIS Data Reviewer team needs your feedback! Please complete this 5-minute survey to tell us how you use the extension’s capabilities to perform GIS data quality control tasks. Your feedback will help us improve existing tools as well as build new and useful functionality.


Click here to take the survey or scan the QR code below!


QR code for survey

Data Reviewer in ArcGIS Pro 2.3 delivers new capabilities for enhancing quality assurance when creating and editing data.


One of the new quality assurance capabilities introduced at the ArcGIS Pro 2.3/ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 release are Attribute rules. Attribute rules help to improve data quality by enabling you to automatically calculate a feature's attribute values (calculation attribute rules), reject edits which create "poor" quality data (constraint attribute rules) and identify existing features which are of "poor" quality (validation attribute rules).


At the 2.3 release, many of Data Reviewer's automated checks can now be configured to validate features during editing. Watch the video below to learn more about this new capability.


Think about how and why you use your GIS data.

The GIS is used to help make important decisions for your organization. The data in the GIS is being maintained and updated based on new or updated information. Analyses are performed on a routine basis. These results are used to determine the next step. When there is missing information or data in the incorrect location, it will affect the results of the analysis. Having confidence in the quality of your data is important to trust the results from the analysis.

Data health check is a free service provided by an Esri industry expert, who will review and analyze your GIS data. 

Focusing expressly on features/attributes it takes about 45 minutes for Esri’s data quality management extension ArcGIS Data Reviewer to run diagnostics and evaluate overall data quality based on business rules specific to your industry.

Participating in the Data Health Check is as easy as bringing a sample of your data in either a file or personal geodatabase to the conference.

Esri staff will explain how to configure key data checks (see example checks for water and electric) and any errors detected are reviewed with you. The error features (captured in a separate geodatabase) and an Excel report outlining the accuracy rates of your data will be provided to you to take back to your organization for additional review.

When your organization depends on the GIS for its day-to-day operation, data errors can introduce unacceptable risk and unplanned costs. Thus the quality of your data is critical!


Data Health Checks give you an opportunity to see how clean your GIS is by providing insight into what types of errors exist and a percentage accuracy of your data’s quality.

By integrating data quality in your workflows, you can improve your GIS program and avoid risks in decision making.


Accurate data is healthy data, and healthy data is vital to any successful GIS implementation!

Have you read about how a district in Colorado will save a year of time by using ArcGIS Data Reviewer to automate their quality control process? 


Here's the recent ArcNews | Performing Data Checks Keeps Water Running article.

Interested in learning more about Data Reviewer but cannot travel to take a class? Here's the perfect option for you.


The first offering of a one-day online class introducing Data Reviewer and its capabilities will be held on July 26th (followed by more classes in August and September). There is still space for July 26th. Sign-up now!


URL to register:

How excited are you about attending the Esri User conference in less than TWO WEEKS?!?!


This is a great platform to learn more about ArcGIS Data Reviewer. Here are some ways to connect with the team while at the UC.


Technical Workshops 

ArcGIS Data Reviewer: An Introduction

Time: Tuesday, July 10 at 8.30 AM and repeat offering at 4 PM in Room 31A

Description: Understand why quality plays a key role in every organization that uses GIS data. Learn how to use ArcGIS Data Reviewer to improve data quality and reduce costs associated with poor quality. This session will focus on using ArcGIS Data Reviewer for automated and visual quality control.



ArcGIS Data Reviewer: Advanced Validation

Time: Wednesday, July 11 at 2.30 PM in Room 30E

Description: Learn how to implement ArcGIS Data Reviewer to support holistic data quality management within your organization. This session will focus on configuring and extending Data Reviewer’s automated validation capabilities, deploying semi-automated workflows for detecting errors and publication of reporting capabilities that highlight data liabilities to multiple stakeholders.



Demo Theaters

ArcGIS Data Reviewer: Deploying Data Quality Web Services

Time: Tuesday, July 10 at 11.15 AM in Demo Theater 05

Description: Learn how to deploy automated data quality capabilities and apps on the web. Understand how ArcGIS Data Reviewer services can be used to implement data validation and quality reporting workflows. You will also learn about the existing starter applications and samples that can be deployed to support integration with existing or new web applications.



ArcGIS Data Reviewer: Leveraging Geoprocessing for Data Validation

Time: Wednesday, July 11 at 10 AM in Demo Theater 03

Description: Learn how to use geoprocessing (GP) tools to identify errors in your data and to capture the results using Data Reviewer. This demonstration will provide an overview of the GP tools in ArcGIS Data Reviewer and how to leverage a GP model to perform data validation.



Come meet us to see how Data Reviewer can help automate, simply and improve the quality of your GIS data.