• Road Closures - How is it doing that?

    I'm working with the June updated Road Closures solution, and it's doing things that I'd like to replicate.  It seems that it's creating a custom symbology for features based on the date.  So, Road Blocks wh...
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  • I need help with Data Assistant and accessing data

    I have located data I need for a college project specifically at ArcGIS Solutions for State Government, Community Parcels. It should work with ArcMap as well as ArcGIS Pro both of which I have licenses for. I have dow...
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  • Wildcard Search in Attribute Assistant Expression

    How can I use a wildcard search term inside of the attribute assistant? I am trying to look in one field for the text string   " WY" (The field might say "WINDY WY" or "MAIN ST", etc). If the search is succe...
    created by verdin
  • Duplicates Filtered

    Check: Drawn two polygons to test overlap. We have ran the batch validation tool and left error without fixing but entered correction status as fixed. Again ran the batch validation tool it thrown a message as '0/2 r...
    created by sonj
  • Dockable  Window Button as Tool

    We have dockable window with textbox and a button. The button run click event but need this button as a tool to capture polygon then update the attribute value in the polygon featureclass field. 
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  • Same version mxd one user can open the other can't

    User A created an mxd and saved it. They are able to open it on any computer (all running the same version - this has been checked). There are a few mxds where this has occurred.   User B cannot open the mxd (us...
    created by jessie0000
  • Manual procedure for ArcGIS solutions deployment?

    The ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool is a total fail for us.  I'm connected to ArcGIS Online as the portal, so this "easy" tool is failing for no clear reason.  I've downloaded and installed the most recent ...
    created by jjohnson_washoe
  • Calculating distance between point in different layers

    Hi all, I am trying to calculate the distance between 2 points but not the shortest distance:   1 layer contains the referencepoints  eg 1 -1.1- 1.2-2.5 etc this is the "roadreference"  and the number...
  • How can I know what are the attributes that I can get?

    Like the example as follow,  h = ce.getAttribute(o, '/ce/rule/height')   How can I know that object 'o' has a attribute in '/ce/rule/height' this file?   I want to change the attribute by P...
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  • What is the easiest way to create a polygon that defines a coastal research area?

    I need to create a polygon that outlines the study area for research on bottlenose dolphin populations. It would need outline the coastline and extend to a defined buffer distance offshore. I have coordinate...
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  • Crowdsource Polling Error: commentAddFailed

    Hello,   The comments worked previously but all of the sudden the application is giving me an error when I try to submit a comment. The error says commentAddFailed. Can someone help me figure out what the error ...
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  • Utility Isolation Trace on AGOL?

    Hello,    I want to use the Utility Isolation Trace widget with AGOL. According to requirements it is possible. Did someone implemented the widget with data and services consumed from AGOL? Thanks! ...
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  • SharePoint integration - auto population of Latitude and Longitude - can this be done?

    My organization is a fairly big SharePoint user.      I am trying to leverage that user comfort of the application to create spatial information.  Our first use is creating point location...
    created by enok
  • valve exercising app

    Is anybody currently using the valve exercising application from ArcGIS Solutions. I clicked on "whats new" for this application and it said the last date for anything new was 3 years ago. didn't know if it was still ...
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  • ArcGIS Solutions Deploy Problem

    Hey guys,    I have a problem with "ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool". I just want to install "Crime Analysis" tool.    I downloaded deployment tool and I followed steps. I just tried everything ...
    created by arcgisuser1mynet
  • Including confidence intervals for my input for interpolation?

    The measurement method used to derive my data points includes a confidence interval. Is there a way of including confidence intervals (or other types of uncertainty measurements) for my input for interpolation? All I ...
    created by emucaki
  • 404 Errors in Attempt to Deploy Minimal Map Gallery

    I've begun deployment of the Minimal Map Gallery application. I took a test map I was using that I had shared with NO ONE and added it to a TEST group I created for this Gallery specifically. I uploaded the code for t...
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  • Topology in a Server Geodatabase Questions

    Hello all, so my team and I have run into a problem with trying to fix topology in a server geodatabase. We are trying to edit topology on stormwater conveyance paths and their associated nodes (line and point layers)...
    created by chaseKC
  • HEC-GEO RAS problem

    I have a problem with the geometric data made with HEC-geoRAs and exported to HEC-RAS. Please help me, I do all the step with geoRAS, I assigned channel ID, left rght and center to Flowpath ecc... Any idea?  ...
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  • Data Reviewer custom step in WMX: Run Reviewer Batch Job

    Hi, I created a Data Reviewer custom step in WMX to run a reviewer batch job. I just copied the parameters from here: http://help.arcgis.com/en/arcgisdesktop/10.0/help/index.html#/Data_Reviewer_custom_steps_and_tokens...
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