• How do I create a new category in Citizen Problem Reporter?

    We are working on standing up the Citizen Problem Reporter solution that we used the Solutions Deployment Tool in Pro to deploy (we deployed it before the June 2020 release).  I now have in my AGOL cont...
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  • How can I add the live data from this website to ArcGIS Enterprise online?

    https://maps.waterdata.usgs.gov/mapper/wateralert/   I've tried to add it under several types of the "Add Layer from Web" option, but it usually makes the data static. Any ideas? TIA!
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  • Parks Locator widget in ArcGIS Solution template freezes when editing

    Hello,    I just started using the Parks Locator solution for local government and everything was great until I went to edit the WebApp's Park Locator widget and everything just froze in "loading" mode. I l...
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  • field description tool x-ray for arccatalog

    Due to the x-ray for ArcCatalog Fields description tool will provide a list of unique field names for the entire Geodatabase. For example, you might have HydroID in 12 feature classes. If HydroID has the differen...
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  • Citizen Problem Reporter mobile geolocation

    I recently deployed the Citizen Problem Reporter within my organization and would like to enable the geolocation function for mobile devices (specifically with Safari). I am using a HTTPS url however the geolocation f...
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  • Related Tables field changes not updating in Attribute Table / Collector

    I just deployed the mosquito surveillance solutions, and I need to add in more mosquito species to the Mosquito Counts related table that is part of the MosquitoSurveillance feature layer.  I added in some new fi...
  • Address Data Management Solution Roads vs Master Road Name

    As I work my way towards deployment of the address data management solution, I'm stumbling upon features that I don't quite understand;here is one that has me baffled.   The Master Road Name table is used to pop...
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  • Address Data Management Solution; Address Point added but no Site Address Point

    ArcGisPro 2.5   I'm to a stage in my testing where I've added my own data to  the Address Data Management gdb and I'm modifying the address rules for the various feature classes. I can add an Address Point,...
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  • How can I make "X" in multiple polygons (represents houses)? not as symbols if possible

    How can I make "X" in multiple polygons (represents houses)? not as symbols if possible. The edges of the "x" need to intersect with the four edges of the house.
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  • Capture Email from Citizen Problem Reporter

    We have deployed the Citizen Problem Reporter solution, and it appears to be functioning, but we would like to add one more piece of functionality to it.   The solution comes with two python scripts: servicefunc...
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  • Road closure feature layers integration with “integromat”

    Hi,   I would like to appreciate the Esri solutions team for developing this template and share with the Esri community.   I am trying to integrate this template’s feature layers with “integromat...
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  • How do you make the basemap the same geographic coordinate system as your layers?

    ArcPro - When I click into my map properties, my basemap layers are in WGS 1984 Web Mercator (auxiliary sphere) while my other layers are in WGS 1984. The boundaries do not match up and you can see the mismatch betwee...
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  • Address Data Management Solution Data Dictionary

    Is the html data dictionary that ships with the solution available in excel, csv or esri gdb table format?   Chris Fox Hayley Miller
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  • Address Data Management Solutions Master Street Names

    In the Master Street Names table there is a field called 'Municipality'.  For streets that are on the border (different Municipalities even/odd, side to side) is the intent that the street name go in twice, each ...
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  • Address Data Management Solution; master_street_names.xml

    I made a copy of the Address Data Management solution directory in an attempt to start working with my own data.  I have my centerlines data where I want it, and will be performing a summary to get the predi...
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  • Is it possible to create a line from x,y point data and direction (global compass)?

    Some context: I have to figure out which points are downwind from each other. To do this I need to calculate the angle between the distance between the two points and the wind direction from one point. 
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  • Crowdsource Polling Error: commentAddFailed

    Hello,   The comments worked previously but all of the sudden the application is giving me an error when I try to submit a comment. The error says commentAddFailed. Can someone help me figure out what the error ...
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  • Address Data Management Solution; Address Point vs Site Address

    ArcGIS Pro 2.5; latest edition of the Address Data Management Solution.   I'm trying to wrap my head around the need for both the Address Point Feature Class along with the Site Address Feature Class.  From...
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  • ArcGIS Solution - Park Locator - How to push custom Attribute Fields to AGOL?

    Hey everyone,   I am currently trying to deploy an ArcGIS Solution for a Park Locator.   In ArcGIS Pro, I created new attribute fields for several different park attributes. When I attempt to append these ...
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  • Address Management Solution Deployed to Enterprise

    I'm trying to get the Address Managment solution deployed on our enterprise rather than AGOL.  In the past I've deployed a solution to AGOL and get some test data (Naperville or Atlanta, what ever) but with this ...
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