• Polling places versus Voting centers?

    In the Elections Solution, what is the difference between Polling Places and Voting Centers?   Is there a tutorial or deeper instruction available for the Elections Solution?   Some of the attribute m...
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  • HEC-GeoRas - Errors during "Floodplain delination Using Rasters"

    Hello! I'm trying to creating my flood simulation. I imported my data from ArcGis to Hec-Ras, did all the steps and brought my computation in ArcGis again to visualize the flood. I managed to do the "Water surfac...
    created by Riccardo94
  • Updating custom BA report from 2012 data to 2013 data

    In BA desktop 10.2, we have four custom reports based on the 2012/2017 BA demographic data, and would like to update them using the 2013/18 data.   I am hoping there is an easy way to globally change the dat...
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  • Add Field to hosted AGOL feature layer (Elections)

    With the help of ESRI's Matthew Twietmeyer I've deployed the election Management Solution and need to add a field to the ElectionGeography hosted feature layer (Election Day Metrics table).   I am the o...
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  • Collecting user-feedback in a Story Map

    Hi, Does anyone know if there's a StoryMap webmap function or template in which readers could leave comments? What I'm trying to create is similar to this website. I've created a map in Map Viewer, and embedded it i...
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  • Public Notification solution and Arcade expressions in the popup

    I am implementing the Public Notification application in our county. I have deployed it using the solutions deployment tool, I have added fields required by our situation (ADDRESS2, INCAREOF, COUNTRY) and I have confi...
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  • Hec GeoHMS Longest Flowpath

    Hello, I'm trying to run the Longest Flowpath tool in the Hec GeoHMS toolbar.  I've done all the set up according to the instructions I was given and had no problems with the previous steps.  However, on th...
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  • Exporting to AGOL from SharePoint

    Our agency uses the SharePoint plugin from ESRI to manage Customer calls.   When I attempt to use the share layer option within the ESRI web part, I get his error message.   {"code":400,"details":["Fie...
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  • Update and Refresh Hosted feature for Operations Dashboard

    Hi I am using Daily activity dashboard solution(web version), with my ArcGIS Portal, I used the Append tool to create the hosted feature classes required by the solution template. all my source data are coming from a...
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  • Road Closures - How is it doing that?

    I'm working with the June updated Road Closures solution, and it's doing things that I'd like to replicate.  It seems that it's creating a custom symbology for features based on the date.  So, Road Blocks wh...
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  • I need help with Data Assistant and accessing data

    I have located data I need for a college project specifically at ArcGIS Solutions for State Government, Community Parcels. It should work with ArcMap as well as ArcGIS Pro both of which I have licenses for. I have dow...
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  • Wildcard Search in Attribute Assistant Expression

    How can I use a wildcard search term inside of the attribute assistant? I am trying to look in one field for the text string   " WY" (The field might say "WINDY WY" or "MAIN ST", etc). If the search is succe...
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  • Duplicates Filtered

    Check: Drawn two polygons to test overlap. We have ran the batch validation tool and left error without fixing but entered correction status as fixed. Again ran the batch validation tool it thrown a message as '0/2 r...
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  • Dockable  Window Button as Tool

    We have dockable window with textbox and a button. The button run click event but need this button as a tool to capture polygon then update the attribute value in the polygon featureclass field. 
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  • Same version mxd one user can open the other can't

    User A created an mxd and saved it. They are able to open it on any computer (all running the same version - this has been checked). There are a few mxds where this has occurred.   User B cannot open the mxd (us...
    created by jessie0000
  • Manual procedure for ArcGIS solutions deployment?

    The ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool is a total fail for us.  I'm connected to ArcGIS Online as the portal, so this "easy" tool is failing for no clear reason.  I've downloaded and installed the most recent ...
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  • Calculating distance between point in different layers

    Hi all, I am trying to calculate the distance between 2 points but not the shortest distance:   1 layer contains the referencepoints  eg 1 -1.1- 1.2-2.5 etc this is the "roadreference"  and the number...
  • How can I know what are the attributes that I can get?

    Like the example as follow,  h = ce.getAttribute(o, '/ce/rule/height')   How can I know that object 'o' has a attribute in '/ce/rule/height' this file?   I want to change the attribute by P...
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  • What is the easiest way to create a polygon that defines a coastal research area?

    I need to create a polygon that outlines the study area for research on bottlenose dolphin populations. It would need outline the coastline and extend to a defined buffer distance offshore. I have coordinate...
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  • Crowdsource Polling Error: commentAddFailed

    Hello,   The comments worked previously but all of the sudden the application is giving me an error when I try to submit a comment. The error says commentAddFailed. Can someone help me figure out what the error ...
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