• Is there a way to Multiple Spatial Join Layers, while maintaining a Parent Join?

    Hello,   In the attached Image, I would like to do a Spatial Join From Layer 2 to get the intersecting Layer 1's ID. Afterwards, I would like to get all of the Layer 2 that aren't initially spatial joined (non-p...
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  • Ideas on advertising your GIS department

    This will be a little bit of a different "question" from the normal GeoNet questions, but I am hoping to gather some ideas.   I work for a small engineering firm that does Civil Engineering and Land Survey kind ...
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  • Desire Lines - 080040 : Error while executing Desire Lines

    Greetings!  I have a customer data file that contains around 723K customer points for 79 stores that I am trying to calculate the drive times for.  I have put my customer and store files into the Business An...
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  • Bug in Business Analyst 2015 Basemap Layer .. Workaround

    There is an error in the basemap layer of the 2015 data supplied by ESRI as part of the Business Analyst extension   To set the context. I have a map of Portland, Oregon. When I display the map at most scales, I...
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  • exporting coordinates - 0 0 values instead of coordinates

    Hi, I have just exported xls files to shp files. I have checked the attribute tables and there is no coordinate values in there. Instead I have 0 and 0. What could be the problem and how do I get them back in the att...
  • Mapping Consumer Spending variables

    I was wondering the best way to map the consumer spending variables. In previous version of Business Analyst, the consumer spending variables were fields in the attribute tables for the Demographic Layers (BDS) -- blo...
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  • 2012 Zip Codes Decrease?

    My 2011 BA Data had 32,086 zip codes.  The 2012 BA Data has 31,698.  While I know that zip codes change frequently, I would expect the number to increase and not decrease.  Can someone verify that Navte...
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  • Landscape Architects/Designers who use ArcGIS

    Hi, First post to this Forum! :cool: Anyone have any Land Art installation locations/datasets?? Eventually I'd like to compile a worldwide inventory (mostly for my use, but would be more than willing to share :)).....
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  • I want to truncate my static rings to a river boundary

    I would like to create a static ring boundary surrounding my store using ESRI's BA . Yet in central PA the demographics are so different from on either side of the river. Also each side of the river is a different cou...
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  • decimal degree to metric system

    Hi! I have district information of an area in polygon feature, and these polygons are in decimal degree coordinate system (33,717  39,884).I need to find density of population per sqaure kilometer for these distr...
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  • BA 10.1 2012 Data Update error - file is too big for the destination directory

    Well this is not really an installation issue but rather an issue prior to installation.  The media is distributed as downloads in the form of 4 iso files.  The idea is to mount these as drives and copy the ...
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  • BA newbie for introductory readings

    Hi, I have been thinking about learning about BA skills for a while with a hope for a better job in my industry. I have done some research online. Most of those courses are based on IT business which is not my major i...
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  • Run Fusion Report

    Is there any way I can run a custom Fusion Report I created (from a Custom BDS) at the same time I run other Summary/Demographic Reports (i.e. Demographic and Income Profile, etc.)? The Run Fusion Report option in t...
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  • Still needs some improvement

    I have to admit, I am not a big fan of the North American data layer for doing local maps. I really miss the United States data that was available for previous versions of the MapStudio. The layers were more straight ...
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  • Student needs help!!! Please.  Trade areas based on drive times

    I would like to create trade areas with census tract boundaries but based on drive times.  What I am doing is overlaying my drive time trade areas with census tracts, but end up with way to many polygons. The p...
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  • Test

    Test Test Test
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  • Welcome!

    Original Post Date: Oct 05, 2009 7:29 AM PDT Welcome to the discussion forum for Business Analyst!  For many years now, users of ESRI technologies have found the discussion forums to be a helpful resource for su...
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  • Business Analyst Installation Problem

    We are trying to install Business Analyst on a desktop computer and get an error (see attachment) saying that it is "Unable to find Business Analyst 10.2 software install/BA_10.2/setup.msi. Make sure Business Analyst ...
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  • Fast Food restaurant

    Is there a way to do the selection just for fast food restaurant? Thanks!
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  • BA Territory Design: Seed Location Attributes

    Looking for a solution to designing territories based on more than one resource at a seed location. For instance, if I am designing balanced sales territories where there is more than one sales person at a seed loca...
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