• Identifying potential project areas with ArcHydro

    Hello everyone,   I recently discovered the ArcHydro toolbar (using it to calculate the watershed/drainage area leading to our dams and other water control structures). I definitely plan on exploring the toolbar...
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  • ArcGIS Pro Tutorial & Sample Data

    Does anyone know if there are any ArcGIS Pro workflows that support flood inundation modeling? I am looking to eventually replicate what Texas Emergency Management did with their Pin2Flood solution that show...
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  • Arc Hydro: strange results for stream delineation

    I am deriving flow paths on a hu12-by-hu12 scale. Using the following workflow, I have successfully derived flow paths for a handful of subwatersheds, so I don't understand why my methods aren't working now.   S...
    created by Nlog10
  • I am having this error while using Arch hydro and HEC-GeoHMS tools in Arc map, i wonder if any one of have a solution for that error:

    This is the error: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.    at ESRI.ArcGIS.Geoprocessing.GeoProcessorClass.Execute(...
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  • Stream extraction mistaking roads as streams

    I am finding the watershed and streams in an area that contains a few roads. It is mistaking some of the roads as streams. How do I make sure the stream extraction isn't picking up the roads as well?
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  • Stream extraction mistaking roads as streams

    I am finding the watershed and streams in an area that contains a few roads. It is mistaking some of the roads as streams. How do I make sure the stream extraction isn't picking up the roads as well?
    created by sarahbwellsUNC
  • Burn Stream Slope causing entire DEM to change elevation???

    I used the "Burn Stream Slope" function in ArcHydro and the results are.. strange. When I use the identify on the previous DEM and the resulting DEM at the top of a hill (not at a stream) the entire DEM has shifted el...
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  • Create Overland Flow Connectors - Weird Line Error

    Hello,   I am new to ArcHydro and trying to work through the stormwater processing steps. When I get to the Create Overland Flow step, I get some weird errors back, and all of the overland flow lines are starfis...
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  • Pro - Why can't I use a linear feature class as input for DEM Reconditioning?

    Greetings,   I am using Arc Hydro tools in Pro 2.3. I need to burn NHD streams (LocalRes) into a DEM (3DEP LiDAR - 2.5'). The DEM Reconditioning tool will only take a Raster as the input stream. In ArcMap, it ta...
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  • How can I  automate  the workflow to manipulate a DEM with the ModelBuilder?

    Hi   I like to use the ModelBuilder to automate the workflow of manipulating a DEM on special locations. The input is a polygon shape marking bridges and street dams.   Normally the workflow is CLIP (po...
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  • Getting started with flood modelling

    We're starting a project to map various flood inundation scenarios in a dozen plus locations. I'm an old hand with GIS tools in and out of the Esri ecosystem but brand new to the world of ArcHydro. I've read through t...
  • HEC GeoHMS and HEC GeoRAS extensions for ArcGIS pro

    I would like to ask you if there has been scheduled the creation of the HEC GeoHMS and HEC GeoRAS extensions for ArcGIS pro.   Thank you in advance.
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  • Problems Installing 10.6.1 Spatial Analyst Patch

    Hello,   I am trying to solve a variety of problems in ArcHydro and it looks like I need to install a patch. I am using ArcMap 10.6. However, when I download the patch here: ArcGIS (Desktop, Engine, Server)...
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  • Calling Arc Hydro Tools in Python in ArcGIS Pro?

    Hello, I am testing some python scripts created originally in ArcGIS 10.3.1/10.5.1 which utilize the ArcHydroTools module. I have installed the latest Arc Hydro package in ArcGIS Pro, but it still doesn't recognize t...
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  • ArcHydro Problem Solvers

    This is a collection of actions I've learned to take when I'm having problems with ArcHydro or HEC-GeoHMS. I'll add to the list when I find more. Make sure the Geoprocessing extents include the whole project: Go to t...
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  • How to generate watershed for a particular water body?

    Hello everyone - I'm working on an analysis of public drinking water sources at a conservation organization. I am new to using Arc Hydro, but would like to implement it on this project. I have followed some guides on ...
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  • Drainage line processing and catchment polygon processing returns error

    Whenever I try any of these tools " Drainage line processing and catchment polygon processing" it gives me this error "error hresult e_fail has been returned from a call to a com component" I tried it with different...
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  • Problem with DEM mosaic in watershed delineation project

    I am trying to delineate nearly 700 watersheds from Stormwater outflow points on relatively small order streams. I have found that 1-meter and 30-meter DEMs are either too fine or too coarse of a scale for this work. ...
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  • Clean Arc Hydro temp files/folders on the fly within a Model

    Hi,   I am running Arc Hydro commands within a Model and would like to include deletion of the temp files within the model to better manage disk space usage.   I know there is the 'manual' option in the Ap...
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  • Unable to input stream feature class into DEM Reconditioning

    ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1   We have recently upgraded to ArGIS Pro 2.0 and I am attempting to use ArcHydro to update our stream layer based on new DEM data. I have the NHD stream feature class that I need to burn into th...
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