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My computer was recently upgraded from ArcMap 10.4 to ArcMap 10.7. I jumped through all our IT department's hoops to uninstall the older version of Arc Hydro and install the newer version associated with 10.7.   Now the Arc Hydro Python toolbox isn't working. Specifically, I can't get the DEM Reconditioning tool to work. I prefer the Python… (Show more)
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Arc Hydro Documentation   Arc Hydro versions available   ArcGIS Version Arc Hydro Version ArcGIS Pro Use ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0. Earlier versions have issues with some of the Spatial Analyst tools. ArcGIS 10.7.x… (Show more)
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I am working without access to flood gauge or any other water level data, and wish to delineate the floodplain by either using slope/flow direction/acc etc. Has anyone done this before?   Thank you!
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I can't seem to get Longest Flow Path for Catchments in ArcHydro to successfully work, as I keep receiving 010429 and 010067 errors when I run it.  Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening? I am using ArcGIS 10.6.1 on Windows 10 and the latest version of ArcHydro (  Although I am new at using ArcHydro, there aren't many… (Show more)
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I've tried this with several different projects and it keeps giving me an error at his step (after processing for about 55 min). See attached error message. 
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I will like to project my DEM from GCS_GDA_1994 into UTM but when I select Projections and Transformations> Raster -> Project, I can't find the file that represents my DEM. I am using ArcGIS 10.5. Can anyone help please? Thank you.
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Hello Everyone, I am a hydraulic engineer in the South and Southwest Florida area. I am trying to learn and utilize the ArcHydro tools. My goal is to build a watershed/floodplain model based on the LiDAR data and export it into another program (such as ICPR or HEC-RAS) for analysis. What I am trying to figure out is this: do I need the ArcGIS… (Show more)
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I am running Arc Hydro tools via Python scripts. I have recently run into issues with tools' outputs not being saved. For instance, I run the following tools one after the other in my script:   path1 = "C:\\arcgis\\Basin\\AH_" + huc12 + "\\Burn" arcpy.DEMReconditioning_archydropy(path1 + "\\layers\\DEM", "blyr", "5", "10", "500", path1 +… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am using the Infoworks ICM flood modelling software and I am exporting the results in to ARCMAP so I can create some flood hazard mapping based upon the shapefiles exported. The exported shapefile contains data about depth and speed of the water. I need to extract these values for each cell and then compare them. The comparsion polygon… (Show more)
Both in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, the ArcHydro Tool Create Sink Structures fails on the 'ExtractValueToPoints' line: ERROR  010560: Cannot create table or feature class: tmpdraftsinkpt. If I perform the command manually on the (temporary) files created by ArcHydro, it works fine. I can't figure out what's happening that causes the script to fail.
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