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We are excited to welcome you to the virtual 2020 Esri User Conference! To help you navigate through this year's conference, the Esri Water team created this simple guide to highlight industry focused sessions including on-demand user presentations, technical workshops with live Q&A sessions, and industry presentations.
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Click to view contentI currently have the most up to date version of ArcGIS Pro 2.5.2 installed on my machine. I tried to install Hydo Tools and I get the following error message: ArcGIS Pro version 1.2 or greater is required.      I am installing the .msi file located here: - /archydro/archydro/Setup/Pro/ArcHydroPro2.0.187/    How can I fix this… (Show more)
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Arc Hydro Documentation   Arc Hydro versions available   ArcGIS Version Arc Hydro Version ArcGIS Pro Use ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0 or later. Earlier versions have issues with some of the Spatial Analyst tools. ArcGIS 10.8.x… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello,   I am new to ArcHydro and trying to work through the stormwater processing steps. When I get to the Create Overland Flow step, I get some weird errors back, and all of the overland flow lines are starfished out from HydroJunction Object ID 1.    Does anyone know why this error happens?? How can I fix it? Thanks for the help. I've… (Show more)
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This is a collection of actions I've learned to take when I'm having problems with ArcHydro or HEC-GeoHMS. I'll add to the list when I find more. Make sure the Geoprocessing extents include the whole project: Go to the Geoprocessing menu>Environments...>Processing Extent. Under Processing Extent choose a layer that you know covers the full extent… (Show more)
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I am using HEC-GeoHMS 10.7, ArcHYDRO 10.7, and ArcMAP 10.7.1. I keep receiving an error every time I perform the Longest Flow Path under characteristics in the HEC-GeoHMS toolbar. The error message is as follows,   Executing: LongestFlowpath RawDEM Fdr Subbasin1 "E:\0-0001\GEO HEC PROCESSING… (Show more)
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Hi All - I'm trying to share the Flow Path Tracing tool found in the ArcHydro Point Characterization Toolset via ArcGIS Pro (2.5).  My flow direction raster is an image service shared via AGS (10.6.1).  The Flow Path Tracing tool runs perfectly inside ArcGIS Pro 2.5 using this image service (both Pro and AGS are on the same machine). … (Show more)
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Hi, I am new to Arc Hydro.  I have been running into an error, 010067.  I have an image of the results attached.  What I've tried so far is..... 1. Convert my DEM to grid format 2. Relieved some space on my laptop After both of these I receive the same result. Does anyone have any ideas ? Thanks
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Click to view contentHello! I am adding my ArcHydro woes to a long list of troublesome and seemingly unfixable errors with the toolset! I recently upgraded from 10.3 to 10.7 and now I am having troubles with the tools in the Watershed Processing set in ArcHydro. I have read through the troubleshooting documents available and set everything up accordingly. The only… (Show more)
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