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I'm trying to deploy the water outage solution, but before I get too invested in it, I have a question about my data. One of the steps to deploying the solution is loading our data into the template. We have new features of our water system being added every week though, so does that mean I have to load the data once a week? How does the data in… (Show more)
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We are working on standing up the Citizen Problem Reporter solution that we used the Solutions Deployment Tool in Pro to deploy (we deployed it before the June 2020 release).  I now have in my AGOL content the "CitizenProblems" source hosted feature layer as well as multiple views created off of that feature layer (e.g. "CitizenProblems_trash").  … (Show more)
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E092343   I've tried to add it under several types of the "Add Layer from Web" option, but it usually makes the data static. Any ideas? TIA!
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Click to view contentHello,    I just started using the Parks Locator solution for local government and everything was great until I went to edit the WebApp's Park Locator widget and everything just froze in "loading" mode. I let it sit and "load" for an hour and still no luck. Any suggestions? Below is a screenshot of where it freezes.    Local Government Solutions… (Show more)
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Esri Water Meetup WED, SEP 09, 8:00AM PDT 2020 Esri Water Conference Hilton Chicago View more
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Presenting the full agenda for ArcGIS Defense Mapping and ArcGIS Production Mapping to help you navigate through our various sessions, this Virtual UC 2020!   *Please register as a full-access attendee to watch sessions and participate in the virtual expo at Esri UC 2020!   LIVE Technical Workshop:   Session ID: 11953 Monday, July 13th 02:50… (Show more)
Due to the x-ray for ArcCatalog Fields description tool will provide a list of unique field names for the entire Geodatabase. For example, you might have HydroID in 12 feature classes. If HydroID has the different description for each feature class. How to identify field and description in excel spreadsheet for 12 feature classes.
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I recently deployed the Citizen Problem Reporter within my organization and would like to enable the geolocation function for mobile devices (specifically with Safari). I am using a HTTPS url however the geolocation function doesn't seem to work while using safari.    I have enabled location services within my Iphone and I have "allowed" location… (Show more)
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I just deployed the mosquito surveillance solutions, and I need to add in more mosquito species to the Mosquito Counts related table that is part of the MosquitoSurveillance feature layer.  I added in some new fields and deleted a few I did not need.  I made my changes within the Data view of the Feature Layer on AGOL, and I can see the fields.  I… (Show more)
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