• Remove border around images - Export to PDF

    In ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0 there is a faint "border" around images (in the PDF export) for images I've placed in their own data frame in layout view (see below). I wish for these images to not have borders and blend int...
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  • Fundamental Capabilities for Newbie

    Complete newbie, not a GIS specialist (I'm project manager). Need help understanding ArcGIS capacity. Essentially, I'm looking to create a web interface made up of a "master bucket" (introductory story and images) wit...
  • missing line

    import arcpy from arcpy import env env.workspace = "C:/Data" fc = "roads.shp" cursor = arcpy.da.SearchCursor(fc, ["OID@", "SHAPE@"]) for row in cursor: print ("Feature {0}: ".format(row[0])) → ------------...
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  • creating class

    hi guys, is anybody can help me with this? Consider a text file called trees.txt with different fields called Block, Plot, Species and DBH, separated by spaces. Every record represents one tree. DBH is the trunk diam...
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  • errors

    i have found some errors but im sure not everything. what errors can you see in these? import arcpy from arcpy import env env.workspace = "C:/EsriPress/Python/Data/Exercise07" FC = "airports.shp" rows = arcpy.Sear...
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  • python functions and classes

    its the challenge 2 frompython scriptinh for arcgis book. is anybody could solve this? thank you You are given a feature class called parcels.shp located in the Exercise12 folder that contains the following fields: F...
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  • Planar vs Geodesic Area/Length?

    I've read a little about Planar vs Geodesic measurements on the web, but am still a little confused.  Here's a couple questions that might help me wrap my head around it.   Which is better to use to report ...
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  • map scripting

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  • Is there a way to force a document saved in 10.3 to open in 10.2?

    I'm trying to open the document which was saved in 10.3, on a computer with 10.2. However it is coming up with an error message saying that because it was saved on a newer version, the .mxd will not open. I know there...
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  • How to create a point shape file where flow is the most accumulated?

    I want to know how I can put a point shape file where the most accumulated point on the flow accumulation raster without manually putting it in. So I can make a watershed from it. Is there anyway to do this in the mod...
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  • How to activate editing features?

    I am new in ArcGIS and I do not know how to handle this problem.   I've got a map and I'd like to add some new features. But whatever I do, the editor is always "deactivated".   I've created a new Geodatab...
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  • where i can find lesson in website because i am so confused

    where i can find lesson in website because i am so confused
  • geocoding error in ArcMAp

    Hello , I am having errors trying to geocode this table in arcMAP. Can anyone please look at my excel file and tell me what I am doing wrong? I have cleaned the file cannot figure out why it would not work in ArcMAP...
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  • How do I search this forum?

    I'm brand new - I just purchased an ArcGIS Pro personal account. How do I search this forum?   Eventually, I may move on to more complex stuff, but right now I just want to access, use, and export (to SVG and/or...
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  • When I moved my Model to another computer why it opens blank?

    I used Model Builder to create a model inside a  Toolbox/toolset in a geodatabase. The model runs ok . When I zip my folder with the geodatabase and send it to another user, when he opens it is blank. I0m using ...
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  • New Computer for ArcGIS (big data files)

    Hi folks,   I'm very happy that I have found this community. My name is Manuel and our company is mostly doing some kind of land survey. I hope it is OK if I start my career at Esri Community with a question . &...
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  • Spatial reference does not match data frame

    Hi everyone,    I'm new to the world of GIS, and a little confused as to why I'm getting the error ' Spatial reference does not match data frame'. The data frame and the layer(s) that I want to edit are in ...
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  • Combine excel tables with ArcMap

    Hi I´m new here. I don't know if I'm in the right place.. I would like to combine excel tables with ArcMap without using Windows 7? Is there a way?
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  • How to create polygons from a raster by using specific RGB values

    Hi everyone, I would like to create polygons, from a hardcopy map, which encloses the yellow, orange and red areas on the (hardcopy) map. (Please see attached 'NZ-CommercialFishing-AllMethods-A4-2.tiff...
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  • How we can adjust the pink color layers (shapefiles) into the black highlighted bold layer (shapefile)?

    Hello Everyone I want to add a layer (shapefile) into another shapefile, is there any method to do it. I already tried spatial adjustment but too tough to do because it not properly going inside, tried others tools to...
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