• Why is my labeling priority ranking not being honored in ArcGIS Pro?

    Hi all,   I'm currently making a map, where I have a layer of populated centers classified in National capital, state capitals, municipalities and towns. When I proceed to label my layer, I set four different la...
  • Exculsions and Custom Raster Symbology in ArcGIS pro Buggy

    This bug happens when displaying a raster with classify. For manual classification method (ie removed breaks from another methods), the color scheme will not update or reapply.  This bug happens when displaying ...
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  • Arcade Labeling

    I am creating a label expression in Pro using Arcade. Are there any tags or functions in arcade to make part of the label text bold?   Looking for something similar to the <BOL>[Field1]</BOL> tags th...
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  • Why is the basemap drawing on top?

    I just installed ArcMap 10.4.  I loaded an existing mxd that included the World Imagery basemap layer with features drawn over it.  Despite being correctly positioned in the TOC, the basemap seems to be draw...
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  • Annotations

    Hi   I have a old mxd project with annotations placed on the map. Wen the project was made, they convertes labels to annotation using the option "Store Annotation In the map". Now I ned it in a database with all...
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  • Operation Dashboard issue: "Layer Not Accessible"

    Hi all,   I'm working on creating a dashboard with a layer that has points/locations derived from a csv. When attempting to load the layer into the dashboard, the layer (and others) are grayed out with a message...
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  • Prepare to an inventory hard-copy maps Question

    My supervisor wants me to do an inventory for our forest quad maps that we have map drawers..   She would like me to do a spreadsheet to keep an inventory all these maps.   Do you have an examples of a spr...
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  • Arcmap cannot label based on shape field

    I'm just looking for confirmation from fellow arcmap users. Is this true? Can anyone have a simple X,Y label for points in arcmap? Or a "XXX m2" label for polygons? Just with a label expression? For feature classe...
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  • slope percent symbology

    I might be over thinking this but how do I get my slope, created using percent_rise output, to classify by the actual %?   The way I understand using the Classified Symbology it classifies by the percentile of m...
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  • ESRI World Imagery Tile Capture Dates

    We use the ESRI World Imagery base map layer in a web mapping application. Is there any way to determine the date of an image? Specifically when were are in a large scale zoom level (say lower than 1:22,000)? ESRI's w...
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  • Label map with feature count

    I have a map that i need to label the total number of features(feature count) for each layer. I would like to be able to create a label expression but i can't seem to find out how to do this, the only thing that comes...
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  • How can i map Landslides from a DEM using arcmap? Hand Digitizing isnt allowed?

    Currently doing a terrain mapping of Nanga Parbat area for a final lab, could anyone help me out how to pull out landslides as its own layer.  Thank you
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  • How to curve label around line?

    ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 (ArcMap)   I have a label that I have set up as river placement. But I want to shift the label left, so it's centered on the line, versus the right side. See image. What field should I chan...
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  • Transparency Question

    Dear Community,   I'm trying to figure out how to make each interval in graduated color symbology have its own transparency level. How do I do that? I have attached here an image of my project.   Thank you...
  • Rotated river labels

    Hi all!   I've been struggling for the last couple of days with river labeling in ArcGIS Pro (v.2.2.1). For some rivers in my map, the labels look ok, running parallel to the river feature.     But ...
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  • Accessing Data Frame unique layer ID's using Arcpy

    In ArcMap 10.3 the option to assign unique layer ID's was enabled. When enabled this allows map authors to set the numeric ID's accordingly.   Can this data frame property be read in Arcpy to determine if an M...
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  • How to set non-overlapping point symbology.

    I know that symbology has limited functionality in placing symbols. Maplex can be used to create as text symbols, which I did. I also tried using leader lines which I don’t like.   My question is, do you h...
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  • Accidentally set Reference Scale?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to "accidentally" set a reference scale in ArcMap? (We are using 10.4 due to 3rd party software restrictions.) We have a user who keeps having a reference scale at around 1:1,250 be...
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  • Map export automation

    Is it possible to create a script that would zoom to pre-designated bookmarks in the layout view and export a PDF of each bookmark?  I work on projects that have many different areas of data.  Once I'm done ...
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  • Representation marker symbol to style

    I have marker symbol for a representation that I would like to use as a "normal" point symbol (no representation) for a different feature class. I tried this:   How to save a representation rule from a represent...
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