• labels grouped around feature

    my labels seem to be grouped around one feature, cant figure out why Im using Arcmap 10.6.1
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  • Label or font colors on an imagery background examples

    I have been in searching of a website that was done by somebody from ESRI that wrote about...if I remember right...it was in either on the ArcGIS Mapping Center or in the ESRI Technical support article....   Ther...
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  • Name of neatline "layer" in pdf exports

    When exporting to pdf and including layers in the pdf, the neatline is also included as a layer in the pdf. The neatlines are named "Other", "Other 2", "Other 3" etc in the pdf layer list (see screen shot below taken ...
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  • Map Frame in ArcGIS Pro Question.

    Okay on my last post about : Seeking datasets that has the degree, minutes and seconds world longitude and latitude     Now I am trying to make them into layers but I do have a question for you ... ...
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  • ESRI World Imagery Tile Capture Dates

    We use the ESRI World Imagery base map layer in a web mapping application. Is there any way to determine the date of an image? Specifically when were are in a large scale zoom level (say lower than 1:22,000)? ESRI's w...
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  • Operation Dashboard issue: "Layer Not Accessible"

    Hi all,   I'm working on creating a dashboard with a layer that has points/locations derived from a csv. When attempting to load the layer into the dashboard, the layer (and others) are grayed out with a message...
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  • Arcmap cannot label based on shape field

    I'm just looking for confirmation from fellow arcmap users. Is this true? Can anyone have a simple X,Y label for points in arcmap? Or a "XXX m2" label for polygons? Just with a label expression? For feature classe...
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  • How to curve label around line?

    ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 (ArcMap)   I have a label that I have set up as river placement. But I want to shift the label left, so it's centered on the line, versus the right side. See image. What field should I chan...
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  • inset map

    I am trying to create an inset map. I create a new data frame and it appears in the map - Great I add layers and they show up in the new dataframe - Great I now want to make this round.  I go into the Frame P...
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  • Layer name in new field after merge

    I have 50 polygons named P1 to P50 which I want to merge. In another table I have area names associated to P1 - P50. When merging the polygons I cannot find any way to keep the layer names of the origional polygons in...
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  • Merging multiple feature layers into one layer

    I'm working on a project in ArcPro 2.3 that has multiple independent feature layers, as in over 50, that need to be combined into one working feature layer. At the moment, each layer is a simple hand-drawn polygon. Th...
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  • shp file not lining up with raster image

    I have a raster image which is taken from google earth and I  re-projected and bought in ArcMap. Although the shp file data does not align  with the raster image its not showing on top of the image...
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  • Properties of All Symbols: 

    I just installed a trial version of ArcGIS 10.4.1. I've used ArcGIS at work and want to check it out at home before purchasing. I created points and symbolized them using Graduate Colors. The default tiny point symbo...
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  • Street Sign Symbology - Is there any .lyr files out there?

    I'm working with the out of the box solution for Sign Inventory to be used in the field with Collector. The symbology of the signs and poles is only one symbol for each. I am wondering if there is any pre-fabrica...
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  • Best way to create maps at different scale levels

    Hello, I am trying to create different county level maps which provide same information but will be at different zoom level of different counties depending on zoom level to fit in the county size. Maps will have plac...
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  • I have a polyline feature representing a road casing. Can anyone offer some guidance on how to convert this polyline into a single polygon? help appreciated.

    Hi, i'm trying to achieve a polygon layer that represents the roads in my study area. I have my road data, which is multiple polylines making up the road casing. I'm struggling to find a way to convert these polylines...
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  • Map Scale in Data Driven Pages

    What is the property that map scale needs to set in the attribute table for data driven pages? String or numeric?
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  • What is the "Dynamic Map Tips" in ArcMap?

    I see on the "functionality matrix" of this ArcGIS Desktop but I can't find it in ArcMap 
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  • Create Missing Annotation for a Single Feature

    Hi,   Just wondering if anyone can give some insight on how to create feature-linked annotation for a single feature.  For some reason, this one feature is missing the linked annotation yet I cannot figure ...
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  • Base maps will not load and program freezes

    Recently my base maps have stopped loading and when I try to use them the program freezes, this happens in 10.4, 10.5 and now 10.6. The program seems to be working fine when base maps are not in use, but as soon ...
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