• Export map - no options for details, filename..

    Hi all, this morning I was exporting from ArcMap to a PNG file. Towards the bottom of the window that opens when I click "Export map..", there was a little arrow to close the detail section. The detail section apparen...
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  • Labels to Annotation is giving an empty feature class

    Hello All, I am trying to convert labels to annotations for a series of data driven pages.  Everything seems to go accordingly but when the feature class is created, it is empty.  Has anyone else experience...
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  • StreetView and Birds Eye Toolbar for ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 (AddIn)

    http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=cb1bd2804d0f42d2b903952c2d781170   I personally have trialed this yet but definitely interesting.  Thanks to G+ Community "Project Geo" for the awareness!   Si...
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  • Automatically updating an object in Layout view?

    In ArcGIS 10, I'm attempting to locate a script (or write one) that will automatically refresh the link for an excel graphic imported as a linked table into layout view. I have many mxds and many objects per mxd that ...
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  • Is the Earth/Map Projections concept still relevant

    As I was explaining to someone the concept of map projections (i.e., the act of projecting the earth sphere on to a flat sphere), I wondered this myself.   Considering now that devices are able to capture and re...
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  • Welcome to the Landscape Layers forum

    Welcome to the Landscape Maps and Data forum. This forum is for you to post questions and provide ideas for the ArcGIS for Landscape (beta).     About the Landscape Analysis Layers   These layer...
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  • Looking to add a legends using arcpy

    Hi, I am trying to add a legend to a map layout using arcpy. after going through the tutorials I have used the following code : import arcpy mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(r"C:\Project\Project.mxd") df = arcpy.mappi...
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  • How would I find occurences as a query within “Select by Attribute”

     Hi all,   I am taking a beginners ArcGIS class and have been assigned a homework question of:   How many times did this specific crime happen in this shapefile?    I know that we are suppo...
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  • transparent PNG file turning out white or black in ArcMap

    I received a PNG file for a logo that I want to put on my map. The logo has a transparent background. Great. That's what I want. But when added to ArcMap 10.1 the background turns white. I tried converting the PNG to ...
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  • How can I get 1 data pt on the map to represent 4 rows of data in an attribute table?

    Hi I have a CSV file that I want to make into a feature class. The issue here is I have a column titled "Quarters" and I have 4 quarters worth of data. This means that I have the same recipient listed 4 times in my CS...
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  • maplex as the default labelling engine?

    Is there a way to have Maplex activated by default when ArcMap is started up?  We use it for nearly all of our cartography and have the necessary licensing for interactively turning it on using the labelling tool...
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  • Funny Link Boxes in Georeference Link Table

    Not a question but an account. Have you ever noticed that the boxes (below an example) change every now and then and they have always different graphics? Sometimes they are correct, though. Today I have these blue bo...
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  • Terrain Tool v1.1 Failed to execute (SwissHillshade)

    Hello, can you help me? I’m using terrain tool v1.1,If I run terrain mapping-> Swiss Hillshade I always get this error: (I use Arcmap 10.4.1) Executing: SwissHillshade cervinia.asc C:\Users\utente1\Documents\...
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  • Problem changing paths of featureclasses in feature dataset using arcpy

    I am trying to change a path from Oracle SDE to SQL Server SDE.  The feature classes that I am trying to repath are found within featuredatasets.  The basic code that I am using is:     ...
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  • Map of the Week

    Could you create and publish a map every week that had meaning to the people you serve?  Maybe you already do this, maybe even more frequently than once a week.  However, I don't see it being done in the sta...
  • Using WFS service without converting it to a feature class

    How can I use a WFS service in ArcGIS Pro without having to convert it to a feature class? In ArcMap, we can use Data Interoperability.   We are providing WFS/WMS services in our organization to standardize thin...
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  • ArcGIS Desktop Mxd File Conversion to ArcGIS Pro

    Can ArcGIS Desktop mxds be read into ArcGIS Professional with all settings maintained and then saved in the ArcGIS Pro format?   If not, is there a conversion tool that will allow the settings of mxds to be main...
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  • Data Driven Pages and different page sizes

    I'm a brand new user with ArcMap and I can't believe there isn't the capability to have different page sizes in one mxd file using Data Driven Pages.  I've used Autocad for years and having the capability of mult...
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  • IMAGE Service automation

    Hi All, I have a raster image which would be updated every 24 hours. I would like to create an image service of it and update the image service  with the new raster after the raster has been modified. Is there a ...
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  • Symbol Property Editor will not display Character Marker Symbols

    We just upgraded to ArcGIS 10 and whenever I try to change point feature symbology, Character Markers will not display, and I cannot edit point symbols beyond size, color, and masks of existing symbols. I've tried rol...
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