• ArcGIS Pro editing - Features not appearing

    So, I'm working in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.3 on Windows 10. I create a new geodatabase feature class, add it to the map, and begin editing. When I left-click to add a point feature, a record gets added to the attribute table, ...
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  • Hide underlying layers' labels

    is there a way to hide the labels of one or more layers that are underneath another labeled layer?
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  • Latitude and Longitude dynamic text

    I have been trying to recreate our plotting mxd to use data driven pages and the last thing I need to accomplish is latitude and longitude. Is there a way to have dynamic text that shows the latitude or longitude of t...
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  • Label both ends of a polyline

    Is there a way to label both ends of a polyline?  Right now I am labeling one end, converting the labels to annotation then repeating for the other end of the line. There has to be a better way!!!
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  • Set schematic root

    Hi, I'm trying to set schematic root of a schematic diagram after generating it through ISchematicBuilder.GenerateDiagram method.             ISchematicDiagram...
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  • Python script to export file paths of all features in mxd into text document

    Hey guys, I'm currently running 9.3.1, but will soon be switching over to 10. I've seen how a Python shell is integrated into ArcMap now and the new arcpy.module (FYI-I'm a beginner at Python); My essential goal, give...
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  • Errors creating Grid Index Features Arc10

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right forum for this or not.  I'm attempting to create new Grid Index Features for an 11x17 mapbook.  I run the geoprocessing tool from the toolbox using the box size that I want ...
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  • Data Driven Pages fail to update legend

    I use Data Driven Pages (ArcGis 10) to create some 1000 maps. In these maps, I've got an elevation raster dataset of which the streched symbology is recalculated for each display extent. When scrolling through the p...
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  • How to Export to PDF with Legend

    I am using version is 9.3.1. I created a some Schematics diagrams, but how to export the Schematics to  a PDF With Symbolgy legend. I can able to copy the diagram but able to copy the legend.
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  • Creating PDF mapbook document that will contain map for each county in counties feature class using ArcPy?

    Through a plethora of trials and research, I finally was able to get a script to work. My original question encompassed me needing to take an .mxd and create a PDF mapbook document that will contain a map for each cou...
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  • Missing and moved labels when converting to annotation using Maplex

    I'm trying to figure out why my labels are moved and unplaced after converting to annotation.  Using Maplex they look great and when i convert about 1/2 to 2/3 of the labels don't place.  Also, the labels th...
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  • Product Library in ArcGIS Pro...?

    Hi Everybody! Does anyone know if there are plans to create the Product Library functionality in ArcGIS Pro? I mean the same functionality of central management of cartographic products (solutions, map...
  • Addressing - Plus Code or What3Words (W3W)

    Came across these plus codes on Google Maps lately.    I think  this would be handy to locate Assets on the ground where there are no street addresses.   https://plus.codes/5R4MG2JF+337 is the ou...
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  • Maplex Label Engine - Duplicate labels search radius not working in 10.5.1

    I just recently upgraded to ArcGIS 10.5.1 and I think I've found a bug.   It's happening on 2 machines here running 10.5.1 We haven't upgraded any others. In the Placement Properties - Label Density tab of the ...
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  • arpy.mapping - extent of feature set?

    I am working on a tool that will eventually be used to create a pdf from multiple mxds (a thematic map book). The tool will run a a server geoprocessing service. The basic workflow is below - user draws a polygon (fe...
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  • How do I access mbtiles format inside ArcMap/ArcEngine

    I have come across a website namely mapbox.com. There are quite a lot of maps available in mbtile format. For example there exists a Iraqi map available via http://mapbox.com/#/tileset/iraq as a mbtiles format. I can ...
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  • Clip Output to Graphics Extent with arcpy

    When exporting a map from layout in ArcMap there is an option to "Clip Output to Graphics Extent". Is it possible to automate this function with arcpy? Jane
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  • Transparency for labels and graphic text

    Saw a presentation where my co-worker used google earth and was able to make some of the labels/text subdued with some transparency along with the points of interest on a street/sidewalk project and make other labels ...
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  • Labels to Annotation is giving an empty feature class

    Hello All, I am trying to convert labels to annotations for a series of data driven pages.  Everything seems to go accordingly but when the feature class is created, it is empty.  Has anyone else experience...
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  • StreetView and Birds Eye Toolbar for ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 (AddIn)

    http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=cb1bd2804d0f42d2b903952c2d781170   I personally have trialed this yet but definitely interesting.  Thanks to G+ Community "Project Geo" for the awareness!   Si...
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