• Finding the records that participate in a relationship

    Hi, I had to replace one FC with another and at the same time I created another relationship class. I started with old_property_fc and old_valuation_table with 1:M old_property_valuation_relationship. Then I create...
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  • Do you use these ArcGIS Online data management tools?

    Check out these tools for managing data using ArcGIS Online. How useful are these tools in the work you do?
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  • Possible bug in Create database view tool

    I have the following issue when using the Create Database View tool in ArcMap. My query runs fine in Microsoft SSMS and Visual Code (with mssql extension) against the enterprise geodatabase. But for some reason, whe...
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  • database view not updating

    I created a Database View using Catalog 10.7 and registered it with the database, running SQL Server.  VW was created from the default version using the geodatabase admin connection.  However, I'm not a...
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  • Generating Image Grid from Images in ArcGISPro/Map

    Hi All,   Can anybody suggest how to generate a grid from the available geo images to form an image grid with numbers? Is there any simple approach or tool available to generate an image grid? I have searched in...
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  • informix

    Dear experts   We have issue when we tried to enable geodatabase in Informix database. Basically, we setup new instance within Informix, and tried to enable Enterprise Geodatabase. We got error in ArcTool as a...
  • Permanently Reorder Fields in Feature Class (SDE)

    I admit I have not beat the internet or ArcGIS Help to submission in finding an answer but in my brief travel I have not found an acceptable answer.   The question is, is there a way to permanently reorder field...
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  • How do I permanantly re-arrange the fields in an attribute table?

    I have many similar layers I want to have the exact table schemas.  So I need to re-arrange some of the fields so that they all match.
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  • Bulk insert into MS SQL Creating ObjectID's

    I am running an ETL from a spatial view into publication database. The view has results in duplicate ObjectID's. I started working with the get_ids SP example from ESRI, but that seems to be built more for a single re...
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  • Base maps will not load and program freezes

    Recently my base maps have stopped loading and when I try to use them the program freezes, this happens in 10.4, 10.5 and now 10.6. The program seems to be working fine when base maps are not in use, but as soon ...
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  • How to Resize a Circle?

    I can not seem to find out to simply make a Circle Polygon Feature bigger or smaller! Selecting the vertici only allows to move circle, and there doesn't seem to be any other options to resize a circle, right click m...
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  • Is there a way to automate the 'Add new to Relationship' to create a new related record in ArcPro using python?  Thanks. - Tom

    We are moving from a flat table structure where the inspection were part of the feature class to a new structure using a related table to record the inspections details. I copied the point locations into our new ...
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  • Trouble Loading ST_GEOMETRY Libraries to Oracle Database Server

    All, I'm setting up a new SDE configuration with a Linux SDE 10 application server and separate Linux Oracle database server. I followed the directions of moving the libst_shapelib.so library from the SDE installat...
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  • Geocoding unmatched addresses with different locator

    I geocoded 200k+ customer addresses and created two feature classes from the results.  One feature class contains only the addresses that coded to the street level, and the other contains addresses that coded to ...
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  • Pivot Table in a Layout

    I need to make maps showing one record at a time, but all the attributes in the table. Is there some way that I could insert the attribute table (Table Frame) and then pivot it like this: Instead of like than this:...
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  • How to delineate/draw the edge of polygon automatically?

    I would like to delineate the edge of my extraction below, not by hand, just automatically. I want to eliminate the inside polygons and keep the outermost edge only (highlighted by blue, not accurately). Could an...
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  • Z Values Incorrect after Projecting WGS to State Plane

    Hey all,   I use the project tool to project shapefiles that are in WGS to a state plane coordinate system. After running the tool my Z values remain in meters and after converting them to international feet the...
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  • Creating a Mosaic Dataset

    I created a Mosaic Dataset (1 band 32-bit float) of DEM rasters but it's totally grey. The pixel value varies from -3,40282e+38 to 3,40282e+38. When I create a Mosaic Dataset with 1band 32-bit signed integer it  ...
  • How can I attach photos and documents to a geoform

    I have set up a feature class that can store images and documents (BLOB data type for both).   When I load the feature layer in a geoform these fields are not visible - I cannot attach them to the form.   ...
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  • How to auto-populate new field in attribute table?

    Hi.  I can't seem to figure out how to auto-populate a new field I created in an attribute table.  Using Desktop ArcMap 10.5.  The field I created is text and I want the entire field to be auto-populate...
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