• Export table using field alias as name, remove join table name from field name

    Hello, I am joining a table to a layer in Model Builder, then exporting the layer to a new feature class.  When I join, then export the data all of my fields are renamed to SourceTableName.FieldName.  I wou...
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  • Preserving a GlobalID while moving data between Feature Classes

    The spirit of this post is to gather other people's solutions, discuss ways of improving the suggested solution, and track future ArcGIS capabilities as they evolve for this problem.   This all started because we...
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  • Share: how are you using contingent values?

    Introduced with ArcGIS Pro 2.3, contingent values provide new capabilities to create dependencies between fields with domains.  In a recent blog we discussed a few ways contingent values could help improve y...
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  • SDE and organising Feature Classes & Feature Datsets

    Hi, We are in the process of migrating to a SQL database with SDE. I am new to SDE... What I am trying to get my head around is how to "organise" all my feature classes from around the world in SDE (I've come from a ...
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  • Extracting attributes from KML descriptions

    Hello All   I am regularly asked how to extract the tabular data visible in KML description balloons in ArcGIS Earth into properly typed attributes that can be written to a Geodatabase feature class.   Whi...
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  • Divide Polygon in equal areas

    Dear community, we are working with a lot of big forest parcels and want to divide them into (exact) 1ha, 0,25ha parcels and so forth. Is there any kind of algorithm which could do this automatically? Up to now, we ...
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  • Adding values from two rasters

    Hello,   I'm having trouble to add values contained in two overlying rasters of different sizes.    A simplified example of what I mean:   Raster 1       ...
  • Alignment  with Cadastral data

    Hi  i have many FC who i need to be aligned with Parcels , i use Clip and it was good if borders outside  the parcels it will be clipped , but in cases like the attached , is there any tool to be used other ...
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  • Georeferencing Problem - Image disappears when using Update Georeferencing

    I am having problems with Georeferencing raster images. I have been using the georeferencing toolbar since version 8 and have had no issues. I recently installed a trial of 10.2 and am now having problems. My data fra...
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  • Could not load data from the data source

    I am trying to access some data from a version 10.0 SDE GDB using Desktop 10.2 but for some of the layers, when i try to access the table i get the error "Could not load data from the data source". This only happens w...
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  • Attribute column not found error

    While using "Make Query Table" tool on an ArcSDE feature class(versioned) and an attribute view, the functions fails to execute saying "Attribute column not found". The multi-part identifier SDE featureclass.columnnam...
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  • Disconnect All Users from a Geodatabase in pyhton

    Hi all,   I want to throw all users out of the disconnect except for a user, I do not want to throw the user who is connected as a dbo So, I want to throw out the users I selected in the picture, and I do not w...
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  • How to rename default version to "Default" ?

    Hi all, We are facing a problem due to a mistake of a, now, ex SDE admin : the renaming of the "DEFAULT"  version of our SDE connection which leads to the unability to connect anymore to the default mother versi...
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  • spatial view from 03 tables

    I am trying to register a spatial view from 03 oracle tables. Is it possible? These tables have to register (have ObjectID), but when trying to register the view it asks me for an ObjectID,
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  • ArcGIS Slow on Startup

    Like many, I've had to move my workstation home due to COVID-19.  ArcGIS takes a really long time to start up.  I checked out a concurrent-use license to my desktop computer, so hitting the license manager s...
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  • Erase but for raster

    I'm looking for a tool similar to Erase_analysis but for raster source instead of a feature class. The clip feature is still vector. That is the opposite of Clip_management (leaving a hole of NoData in the result). I ...
  • Table to Table Unnecessarily Truncates Names

    Running arcmap 10.7.1 windows 10 all latest patches etc etc.   I am running this tool:  Standard Toolbox => Conversion Tools => To geodatabase => Table to Table. My source is a feature class ...
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  • Using SQL CAST functionality in against a File Geodatabase

    There are a number of references in ESRI's documentation  (http://webhelp.esri.com/arcgisdesktop/9.3/index.cfm?TopicName=SQL_reference) and other threads (http://forums.esri.com/Thread.asp?c=159&f=1707&t=...
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  • Load data and preserve GlobalID values

    Hi, I am trying to load data from different File GeoDBs into SDE. They have the same schema with GlobalID column. I referred the ESRI sample (http://help.arcgis.com/en/sdk/10.0/arcobjects_net/conceptualhelp/index.ht...
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  • Error with decimal places

    Hi all, I have a table in a geodatabase. Several of the values in one of my numeric fields is 15.099999999999. I'm want to change it to 15.1. I've tried everything but the value refuses to change. I've tried manual ed...
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