• ArcMap fails to add rasters to the mosaic dataset

    Hey,    I can’t figure out why ArcMap fails to add the rasters to the mosaic dataset. The following messages are displayed in the results:   8004201a: Insufficient information from raster dataset...
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  • Linear Regression Raster data

    I have a five raster layers with same cell size and same spatial reference. I want to perform regression analyze to find out the relationship between these layers.  How do I perform a regression analyze in A...
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  • Mosaic Dataset footprints and boundaries

    I have around 700 images of Areal photography. Images are compressed in  JPEG format. When I load all images in Mosaic Data set, they align very well. By align I mean there are no gaps in between images. See pic:...
  • Why is my video footprint not showing up?

    I am using metadata (attached) along with some aerial drone video. The speed I am using is in mph and the altitude is in meters. I am not sure if I should change speed to km/h to keep the SI units consistent. This is ...
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  • how do I add an georeference a tiff image?

    I have a tiff image of many points on a recognizable landscape. I want to input the points as a layer into a map.
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  • Image Server 10.5.1

    Hello,     We have ArcGIS 10.5.1 Enterprise configured in Highly Available configuration with following:- 1 - NLB doing reverse proxy 2- Two Web Adaptors Servers with ( WA-Arcgis, WA-Server) on each 3- T...
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  • Sentinel2 - Cubic resampling - ArcMap vs. QGIS

    Hi guys, I am having problem with cubic resampling applied on Sentinel S2 (resolution 10 m). I set Cubic resample when Zoom In, but the result is still the same - pixelated.   I have tried the same sentinel in ...
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  • Raster Layer to SQLIte

    I am working raster function layers in Pro 2.4. I am creating ortho'd pan-sharpened imagery and need to export the layers, Raster Functions, to a SQLite container. Has anyone been down this path before? Should be poss...
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  • Display-based bilinear interpolation across 180

    Can ArcGIS Desktop or Pro interpolate values across the 180 meridian if the data are stored in a -180 to 180 projection but are being viewed in a projection that spans 180? I know I can physically project the dat...
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  • Project Raster Error: The operation was attempted on an empty geometry.

    Hi Everyone,   I downloaded the data for the Global Lithological Map (GLiM) Data base. I projected the raster in its native projection of Eckert IV (World) per Hartmann and Moosdorf, 2012; and I need to project ...
  • Calculating NDVI from Landsat 8 USGS Tiles

    I'm busy writing  a Python module to calculate the NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) based on the following post: Using Python to calculate NDVI with multiband imagery. According to the USGS back...
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  • Fails to add rasters to the mosaic dataset

    Hey,    I couldn’t figure out why ArcMap fails to add rasters to the mosaic dataset. The following messages are displayed in the results:   8004206a: Could not validate the footprint geometry as...
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  • OptimizeRasters azure package error in Pro 2.2

    Im trying to use the Profile Editor in the OptimizeRasters toolbox to create an Azure profile.  I've been through the installation steps and installed the azure python package in the cloned python environment: ...
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  • Image service doesn't appear when zooming up to 20km in ArcGIS Online

    Hi ESRI Technical Support Team!   We've created image service from our own ArcGIS server using ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro. But the image layer /image service/ doesn't appear when zooming up to 20km. How to solve this?&...
  • Mosaic to new raster”-tool:  Error 000999

    Hi, I have a multiple raster datas (~ 450 DEM´s) and I want to merge them into a new single raster data. I want to use the mosaic DEM to determine the slope. Does anyone have any idea how to merge them toget...
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  • ArcGIS Desktop System requirements for Imagery management ?

    Hi, A customer want to create a Mosaic Dataset with 15 000 aerial images (JPEG 2000, 11 000 with 15 cm resolution, and 20 cm for the others). Each Image size is 14,3 Mo and the amount of...
  • ArcScan Erase

    The image file I am working on in Raster Cleanup in Arc Scan is not deleted. The editor is open, there is also a polygon in the polygon shapile format. What would be the reason? When I click on mause, it is deleted. W...
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  • installation error arcgis pro

      I'm running arcgis pro version 2.4.2 and getting this error when trying to install Oriented Imagery Management Tools v2.0.3.0.  Any idea what could be causing it?
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  • FMV for ArcMap versions/issues

    When trying to install FMV 1.4 Geoprocessing Tools for ArcMap 10.6.1 it says something like "10.6 is required" and fails to install, and I also noticed there is no FMV available under the 10.6.1. downloads at MyEsri.&...
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  • Can I find the colormap from a mosaic dataset?

    I have a mosaic dataset that has pre-packaged symbolization. The image legend looks like this in ArcPro: But when it is published as an image service, it looks like this: It is an old product and we are not ...
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