• Using NDVI along with regular RGB and NIR bands for image classification

    Is it plausible to use NDVI along with other regular bands for image classification related data processing? Recently, I came across a comment that RED and NIR band might interfere with NDVI or vice versa during the p...
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  • Resolution needed for Impervious Surface Image Classifications

    What is considered a good resolution for imagery that will be used for an impervious surface study? I noticed on Hexagon they offer 15cm and 30cm. I'm not sure which meters:pixel option would work best.
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  • Oriented Imagery: Unable to Copy Images to Web

    Hello,   I'm trying to get familiar with the Oriented Imagery Management tools and have been attempting to use the Copy Images to Web tool in order to get a series of test images from a 360 degree camera into an...
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  • Spectral Profile chart not displaying in ArcPro

    Hello, I am trying to create a spectral profile in ArcPro of a true colour composite to determine if my training samples are adequate for a supervised classification. I have selected the areas in the chart properties...
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  • FMV for ArcMap versions/issues

    When trying to install FMV 1.4 Geoprocessing Tools for ArcMap 10.6.1 it says something like "10.6 is required" and fails to install, and I also noticed there is no FMV available under the 10.6.1. downloads at MyEsri.&...
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  • Drone2map pdf export?

    What happened to the PDF export feature in the new update???  I used to be able to export my finished ortho to a high quality PDF to share with others in the company since the TIFF file is normally too big for th...
  • Ortho Mapping - GoPro Hero7 Parameters

    Hi all, I have a large number of images taken from a airplane with a GoPro Hero 7 fixed at the wing. I followed the ortho mapping workflow process for drone images with ArcGIS pro 2.4 and the result are very disappoi...
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  • How to maintain all raster value input in Weighted Sum output?

    How do you maintain all input raster values in a weighted sum calculation so that the output raster contains ALL of the contributing raster values? It seems like the output only includes a calculation and extent only ...
  • Comparing the NDVI on satellite imagery from two years, but can't change maximum value.

    Hi everyone. I'm looking at a satellite image of crop images from 2014 and another from 2019. The location is near the Salton Sea Southern California. One image was taken in 2014 and the other was 2019.   W...
  • Refine interior Orientation question ?

    I have a question for those who have went through OrthoMapping    I have read this but I may have miss something...   Refine interior orientation using fiducials—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation ...
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  • Geology and satellite imagery

    How can I determine the faults and cracks in land surface using satellite image ? I reach that bands combinations  7,6,2 is for geological feature but i don't know what to do to get the cracks and fault to be cl...
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  • "Display Service Resolution in Table of Contents" setting in ArcGIS Pro?

    ArcMap has this setting on the display tab for a mosaic dataset's image layer to expose the resolution and cell size in the table of contents. This can be useful when examining MinPS and MaxPS values and their affect ...
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  • Pansharpening changes background value from 0 to 1, but only sometimes?

    I have a python script that takes a folder full of multispectral worldview tifs and pansharpens them with their matching panchromatic band.   Both these datasets have a background value of 0 but after ...
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  • Forest_based Classification

    How does one remove all Explanatory Training Variables? I keep getting Error: 110182 that changes as I delete individual variables but I want to empty the entire bin and start over. Can this be done?
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  • Can one include a mosaic dataset into a mobile map package

    The latest release of Explorer for ArcGIS states that you can now: "Use mobile map packages that contain rasters and mosaics". Great, so I think the mosaics they are referring to are the standard mosaic datasets ...
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  • Make a composite with different resolutions on each band

    Basically I want to stack some sentinel imagery so I have all the bands I want to use in one tif. But I want them to keep their native resolutions. For example, band 1 coastal blue is 60m and band 4 red is 10m. But wh...
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  • Multiple Layers in Image Service

    Hello everybody, is it possible to have multiple Layers in an Image Service ? I am currently setting up an Image Service from a netCDF File with many variables. I would like to add different variables to my map as fo...
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  • Mosaic Dataset drawing error

    Started gettting ArcMap drawing errors with Mosaic Datasets after we upgraded to 10.6.1 (from 10.4.1).   Usually happens when user clicks Previous Extent 3-4 times in quick succession and is at a level that is d...
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  • Open LAZ files in ArcMap

    I want to convert LAZ files into LAS . I have ArcMap 10.7.1 with Data Interoperability extension license . I followed the instruction by esri (How To: Open LAZ files in ArcMap ) to create a spatial ETL tool. ...
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  • "Failed to save raster dataset"

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