• Accuracy analyis in deep learning project

    I am working on a deep learning project and trying to label data to provide as training samples. I have already tried by increasing, decreasing the polygon size, number and exported those using deep learning algorithm...
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  • How to open the XML file using ArcGIS Pro?

    Hello everyone! I have download Sentinel-2 data from Earth Observation Explorer. I've got a file as an XML file format. I was expected to obtain an image with the TIFF extension. I have tried to open the XML file usi...
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  • Rename raster bands in ArcGIS 10.x

    Hi all,   I have imported a multiband raster in .tif format into a geodatabase using ArcGIS 10.7 and want to rename the bands to something more descriptive. However, I can't find out how to do this easily.  ...
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  • Image cache Question

    Hi friends !   Here  is the picture I have screenshot show me about cache. I am not familiar with it but which one should I enable it ?     I change it from "Don't cache any data locally" ...
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  • cannot import name 'SuperResolution'

    For the life of me, I cannot get arcgis.learn to import the name 'SuperResolution' in the Jupyter Python Notebook sample called "Increase Image Resolution using SuperResolution".  This sample can be found here...
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  • Preparing DJI Flight Records for Video Multiplexer tool 

    Hi, I have a DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice 210 RTK drone. Even with the Video Multiplexer blog Video Multiplexer Tips and Tricks to format your metadata , I am struggling with matching the fields listed in the blog ...
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  • When I try to open an image in “Oriented Imagery Viewer”, it is shows Failed to fetch error In imagery viewer

    #When I try to open an image in “Oriented ... | GeoNet, The Esri Community | GIS and Geospatial Professional Community   After successfully creation of oriented imagery catalog i am try to Open an ima...
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  • Drone2Map shuts down machine during processing

    I have run a number of successful projects with no issues, but today's project just shut down my machine with 80% processing left.  I started the processing six hours ago and was almost finished.   Below is...
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  • Mosaic Dataset drawing error

    Started gettting ArcMap drawing errors with Mosaic Datasets after we upgraded to 10.6.1 (from 10.4.1).   Usually happens when user clicks Previous Extent 3-4 times in quick succession and is at a level that is d...
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  • Drone2Map does not utilize GPU

    I am using the latest build of Drone2Map (v1.3.1) on Windows 10 (1803) x64 with the following hardware:   - Dell Precision 5820 - Intel Xeon W-2104 3.2GHz, 4C, 8.25M Cache - 32 GB RAM - 1024 GB SSD ...
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  • Exported rasters only have location data (x,y), no z data

    I am currently using ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1 and have encountered a problem that I can unfortunately not solve, and I have not found any forum entries that are similar enough to troubleshoot with.  I am trying to...
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  • Site Scan Checkpoints?

    I've been using Site Scan the last couple weeks and am getting more familiar with it. I did have a question or two on flight planning. 1. When drawing a flight area, I can't seem to figure out how to remove the big w...
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  • Oriented Imagery Catalog Publish error

    Hi,   I'm trying to publish an Oriented Imagery Catalog onto Enterprise Portal and I get this error:   Running script PublishOrientedImageCatalog... Installed version is the latest version. Publishing Expos...
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  • Things to consider when creating raster proxies for the cloud

    We are in the process of moving from on-prem servers to AWS. We have several image services and underlying data that we need to migrate. We are converting source tif's to MRF and will be storing these in S3. As we go ...
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  • Hello everybody, my name is Apostolia. I have a question about georeferencing on ArcMap 10.3 version. 

    I try to georeference a topographic diagram (scale 1:5000) using a satellite image, already georeferenced on Greek Grid Coordinating System. The total error is about 2 to 3 meters. I noticed that by changing the trans...
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  • Image shift from Map to Pro

    I have noticed a shift from ArcMap and ArcPro in image services.  I am using the same image layer (World Imagery Clarity) in map and digitized features in a FGD based off of the image, but when I open the digitiz...
  • Using Cloud Store as a shared data location

    I've configured a cloud store in both ArcGIS Pro 2.5.2 and ArcGIS Server (Image Server) 10.7.1 that points to an S3 bucket. I've registered this stand alone image server in my Pro project.    I've copi...
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  • Why am I seeing alignment issues between ArcOnline Landsat and World Imagery?

    I am wondering why I am seeing alignment issues with Landsat 8 Pansharpened and World Imagery, both layers added from ArcGIS  directly from within ArcMap (10.5). Below are screenshots of my issue. The polygon is ...
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  • custom transformation not functional mosaic dataset

    Hello,   Recently practice and witness the following, which is reproducible in ArcGIS 10.4.1 and 10.5.1:   Background:  ArcGIS built-in (3 to 5-parameter) transformation between WGS84 and local datum, c...
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  • Best Way to Merge Two Rasters that overlap

    I am using Pro.  I have tried Mosaic to New Raster, Mosaic, and I have tried importing two rasters into a raster data set and a mosaic data set.   I cannot seem to "lose" the extent of the one of the i...
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