• 13 Band Unprocessed Sentinel 2 Imagery?

    I'm looking to work with individual bands from the Sentinel 2 imagery, but seem to be unable to interact with more than three bands at a time in ArcGIS Pro 2.2.1 or ArcMap 10.3.1.   Loading either the Sentinel-2...
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  • GCPs for multi-band imagery

    In Drone2Map, when creating image links between a GCP from a file and the corresponding point in the photos, if I have multi-band imagery (let's say 5 bands for example), do I need to mark the point in each of the 5 i...
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  • Can we Directly Import Sentinel 3 OLCI imagery to Arc gis pro? I tried to import few imagery but some are really burled and stretch out 

    I tried to import Sentinel 3 OLCI imagery to Arc pro in order to create Mosaic data set of New Zealand but some images were distorted after importation to Arc Pro. I opened these images in SNAP (Sentinel open source I...
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  • How do I install Image Server 10.5.1 on the same machine as ArcGIS Server?

    I moved my 10.3.1 Server and Image Extension to a new virtual server, which leaves me with the old physical server as a development server for 10.5.1.   I ran an update to ArcGIS Server 10.5.1 on the old 10.3.1...
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  • Question about Photo display ?

    I do have a question that I am not familiar with.   I have this TIFF file that has the image in it that we at my agency got from a contractor....   I can open and add it to ArcGIS Pro or any GIS software. ...
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  • Geoint - LAS - Port Solutions

    Hi everyone, I am new here but happy to be a part of this community.   I am in the process of commencing key projects with govt clients on; Land Administration Solution, GEOINT (to combat internal & border s...
  • Using a scale bar with imagery

    1. Is it possible to have a scale bar in a layout that uses an image instead of a map?    I can add a scale bar to a layout that has an image as its background, however it does not show the correct scale! ...
  • Annotations gets cut off when exporting TIFF file

    Hi! I have encountered a problem with my Arcmap. When I am exporting a project to a TIFF file the annotations gets cut off randomly on the TIFF itself. It happens when I have lots of layers on a project or have even o...
  • Image Server 10.5.1

    Hello,     We have ArcGIS 10.5.1 Enterprise configured in Highly Available configuration with following:- 1 - NLB doing reverse proxy 2- Two Web Adaptors Servers with ( WA-Arcgis, WA-Server) on each 3- T...
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  • Not able to add images to OIC

    Hi there -   I am new at processing images but am trying to learn how to use the Oriented Imagery Management tool. I used the tutorial and have started building my own OIC. However, no matter how many times I ge...
  • Scanned Oblique Aerials

    Hi there -   I am a research librarian with some skills in GIS but I have a problem I am not sure how to solve. I have approximately 150 oblique aerials from 1958-1960 that have been scanned as TIFFs. Each photo...
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  • Vertical Reference in Drone 2 Map

    I am currently using Drone 2 Map to produce 3D Maps using a DJI Drone that records in WGS84, my GCP's are collected in WGS84 as well.  When I process the mission and apply it with the World Elevation background t...
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  • Site Scan - Limited Edition app provides drone flight planning using your GIS content

    Esri has released a free app for iOS that interfaces with ArcGIS Online, allowing Esri users to view GIS content from ArcGIS Online to assist with the drone flight planning.   (This was originally developed ...
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  • Oriented Imagery: Unable to Copy Images to Web

    Hello,   I'm trying to get familiar with the Oriented Imagery Management tools and have been attempting to use the Copy Images to Web tool in order to get a series of test images from a 360 degree camera into an...
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  • Drone2Map upgrade when Pix4D updates

    Hi, a few days ago Pix4D announced major improvements (https://www.pix4d.com/blog/new-photogrammetry-software). How does D2M match up with improvements in Pix4D in terms of releases? (working on an offer for a small...
  • Imagery Basemap shift

    Hi guys, I am opening a project after several months. Based in Greece. I georeferenced a CAD file in WGS 1984 UTM Zone 34N   it is evident that the two imagery are different as in one there are cars missing in...
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  • AI for Lidar Feature Extraction

    5/5/20 9:00 AM
    Digital twins are important for efficient local government operations, urban planning and design, transportation, and more.   Creation and maintenance of a digital twin via lidar is expensive and requires const...
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    AI for Lidar Feature Extraction
  • Converting from WGS84 to NAVD88

    I have a DJI drone that captures all data (horizontal and vertical) in WGS84 (meters). I want to be able to process the drone data so that the result is in NAVD88. I am doing the data processing in Drone2Map and the o...
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  • error 000210:  cannot create output. The operation was attempted on an empty geometry   'arcmap 10.71'

    I was attempting to run the Terrain to Raster tool in Arcmap 10.71.  Has anyone had this problem and solved it?  I've tried changing the name and place of the output.
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  • New Space Workshop by OGC

    5/13/20 7:00 AM
    Find a detailed agenda here, or register for free here.   New Space Workshop is a two-day virtual event May 13-14 offered by the Open Geospatial Consortium.   This workshop brings together experts and...
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    New Space Workshop by OGC