• Deep Learning graphic card requirement

    Hello,   I would like to ask, what is the minimal requirement to graphic card for deep learning in Esri (Python API learn module / ArcGIS PRO - Deep learning tools).    I have installed as documented ...
  • Verifying Z-Values in DEM created from LAS dataset, and Contours created from DEM

    I have a large LAS Dataset, consisting of about 25 tiles.  I used the LAS Dataset to raster tool in order to create a raster surface from the Lidar data, the DEM itself prior to creation of the raster surface had...
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  • installation error arcgis pro

      I'm running arcgis pro version 2.4.2 and getting this error when trying to install Oriented Imagery Management Tools v2.0.3.0.  Any idea what could be causing it?
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  • LiDAR Comparison Methods

    I am hoping to get some insight from others who are familiar with comparing multiple LiDAR surveys to one another. I have two LiDAR surveys with similar extents that I would like compare for elevation change. I have t...
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  • Georeferencing and sharing historical air photos

    I have a number of Historic Aerial images georeferenced that I'd like to clip, mosaic and publish for use in ArcGIS online either as a layer or a basemap using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.   The images have a collar and some...
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  • Lidar Data Processing, (Diagonal gray lines across extent for some of downloaded Lidar data)

    Greetings,   I am having issues with some Lidar data I am trying to process to create elevation surfaces from.  I downloaded the data online, and used Martin Isenburg's LasZip software, (which decompresses ...
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  • Helpstring is wrong in the  Sentinel Explorer

    On the Sentinel Explorer, the long explanation of the "Normalized Burn Ratio" and the "Built-Up Index" is the same. Both refers to the  "Normalized Burn Ratio".
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  • Rasters from LiDAR: Point to Raster, LAS Dataset to Raster or Terrain to Raster?

    I have a bunch of classified LiDAR data that I need to make a raster DEM & DSM from. From what I can gather my options are use the Point to Raster tool directly on the a multipoint feature, use las dataset to rast...
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  • Pansharpen ALL Worldview 2 and Worldview 3 Bands

    Trying to pansharpen all the bands instead of just the R,G,B,NIR bands in worldview-2 and -3 imagery. ArcGIS Pro only has inputs for those previously mentioned bands in the pansharpening tool. Is there a way to pro...
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  • Optimize Rasters Threads and Performance

    I'm in the process of converting statewide (55k tiles) orthoimagery from TIFF to MRF. The operation is configured to 100% parallel processing factor and thread count = 10. When the process initially started, I could s...
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  • Using drone video imagery online, animating...

    Hi, my company has a drone (DJI Phantom). We take video flybys with it. We use Pix4D Mapper for doing whatever with image processing and such. (I don't use the drone or software so my knowledge is limited on that enti...
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  • Ortho Mapping ArcPro 2.4.1 Parallel instance number

    Hi All,   ArcPro 2.4.1 on a 4 cores server, 12GB RAM (server). For some reason, the Adjustment process just used  2 parallel instances instead of 4.     I tried to reset the parallel process...
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  • Question about two different image that have different dimensions

    I have a question that I am struggled to find an answer... I have two aerial photos that are flowed over the national forest. The photos were scanned by a contractor and they came in various dimensions for each photos...
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  • Multidimentional Raster Layer

    I am trying to add multidimentional raster layer to ArcGIS Pro using the 'Multidimentional Raster Layer' functionality, but 'OK; button is grayed out: file attached:
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  • Ortho Mapping in ArcGIS Pro Part II: Getting Adjusted

    In Part I of this blog series, we explained what an ortho mapping workspace is and how to create one for digital aerial imagery. At this point, the imagery has been organized and managed so that we can acces...
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  • Drones with MISB video for FMV compatibility?

    Seeking advice on current drones and/or related sensors that support the MISB standard in video output for optimal ArcGIS FMV compatibility, particularly drones that are US made, but advice on any brands/models apprec...
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  • FMV for ArcMap 10.6.1 ?

    When trying to install FMV 1.4 Geoprocessing Tools for ArcMap 10.6.1 it says something like "10.6 is required" and fails to install, and I also noticed there is no FMV available under the 10.6.1. downloads at MyEsri.&...
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  • band labels?

    I am using ArcGIS 10.6.1. When I construct a multiband composite raster layer of e.g. Sentinel single band datasets, all the bands in the resulting composite are named "Band_1". The only way I have figured out to di...
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  • Visual deformation in drone2map

    Can someone tell what went wrong in the following image, according to the processing report the cameras have been probably calibrated and alle images have been used. But the final orthomosaic is still deformed.
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  • underwater mosaic with overlapping photos

    Hi everyone,   What is the best approach to creating a mosaic with underwater photos. The photos are black and white. They suffer from non-uniform illumination, i.e. the middle of the photo is bright and the ed...
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