• Raster values or pixel location

    Silly question... I'd like to be able to use the ArcGIS Pro GUI to select raster pixels and see their x,y location and full values.  My raster has values ranging from 10^-12 to 10^-8, so the pop-up attr...
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  • ArcGIS Pro vs ArcGIS 10.5.1 Georeference Question

    Hello,   I am going to have to do a lot of our USDA US Forest service Region 2 forest reserves that was scanned by the NARA and they have asked me to do these. The maps are very old dated back to 1897   My...
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  • Should jp2 be used in mosaic datasets?

    Hi Peoples,   Anyone got any references or thoughts as to the advantages / disadvantages of using jp2 in mosaic datasets?   Cheers, Mark
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  • Mosaic Datasets created or edited with Pro 2.3.2

    The ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2 software patch enables mosaic datasets created or modified by Pro 2.3 and 10.7 to be read and modified by earlier versions (ArcGIS Pro 2.1 and 10.5 or later).   If you created or modified a...
  • Get started with drone imagery in ArcGIS

    Given the growing number of people using commercial drones these days, a common question is: “What do I do with all this imagery?”   The simple answer is that it depends on what you’re trying t...
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  • Georeference Question

    I am very curious if anyone who have done a lot of georeference projects. Wheather they be old photographs, or the list from this : http://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.5/manage-data/raster-and-images/list-of-s...
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  • Image Service Using MRF Not Displaying Complete Images

    Hi,   I've been testing image services using MRF files stored on Azure accessed via a file geodatabase and raster proxy files. When accessing the service a scale large enough to require accessing the original im...
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  • Product definition for PlanetScope 4 Band in ArcPro mosaic

    Hi All, I'm using ArcPro 2.4 to create Mosaic for my downloaded PlanetScope 4 Band images and could not find the definition for it in ArcPro. Has anyone had any idea how to set the parameters up through "custom" ? &#...
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  • Damage assessment using deep learning in ArcGIS

    In the aftermath of a natural disaster, response and recovery efforts can be drastically slowed down by manual data collection. Traditionally, insurance assessors and government officials have to rely on human interpr...
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  • Block adjustment error with GCP's

    Hi there,   I am trying to experiment with using Ground Control Points for Drone Imagery and test how they influence the Orthomosaic accuracy before and after using GCP by looking at the amount of error in the A...
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  • How best to manage Imagery on Portal without Image Server?

    We have created multiple Hosted Tile Layers for historical imagery mosaics we have generated from scanned imagery. Each Hosted tile Layer represents a decade from 1940s to 2000s. We receive the imagery a few at a tim...
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  • Using "Train Random Trees Classifier" on Hyperspectral Imagery

    I've been trying to run the 'random trees' classifier using training polygons (approx 600 training polygons across 8 classes) on a large (9 Gb+) hyperspectral image (426 bands) and keep getting the 'ERROR: 999999' cod...
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  • "Create Coverage Features" does not create coverage features (Manage Oriented Imagery)

    Hi. I tried to repeat process in tutorial "Create an Oriented Imagery Catalog" and function "Create Coverage Features" doesn't create any features in polygon layer. It's empty. I used as default values for need fields...
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  • Single Raster or Multiple Rasters in a Mosiac Dataset

    Can anyone guide me to some articles or give your opinion about whether to use a single raster or split the raster up to multiple rasters and create a Mosaic Data-set.    I have a national NWI wetland raste...
  • Mosaic to New Raster not including rasters

    Hi, I am a new user of ArcMap 10.7 and keep running into this issue. I am trying to mosaic 13 DEM rasters into a single IMG file. The original DEM's had different coordinate systems so I projected them into the same c...
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  • Label or font colors on an imagery background examples

    I have been in searching of a website that was done by somebody from ESRI that wrote about...if I remember right...it was in either on the ArcGIS Mapping Center or in the ESRI Technical support article....   Ther...
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  • Is image to image registration needed for L1 temporal datasets from Landsats, using ArcMap 10.5

    I am working on a project, at ArcMap 10.5.1, with Level 1 temporal datasets from Landsat 5, 7 and 8. My target is to calculate the various indices and compare their results over time.   Do I need to perform imag...
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  • Conversion of Landsat ToA reflectance to BoA reflectance

    I am using temporal datasets from Landsat 5, 7 and 8. Is there an equation to convert the ToA (top of atmosphere) reflectance to BoA (bottom of atmosphere) reflectance? Since I have many datasets I would like to inclu...
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  • Resolution needed for Impervious Surface Image Classifications

    What is considered a good resolution for imagery that will be used for an impervious surface study? I noticed on Hexagon they offer 15cm and 30cm. I'm not sure which meters:pixel option would work best.
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  • Manage Tile Cache and AOI/MD Boundary and TPK

    We have a power transmission network that we would like create a TPK for. This is so field crews can see some map data on mobile devices when they have no connectivity. We want to keep the file size as small as possib...
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