• Maps build with drone2map don't line up with Satellite maps

    I've done some data collection using DJI Mavic Air and Drone Deploy flight planning software.   When I try to layer Satellite rasters, they don't align.  I've done a fair amount of troubleshooting but ...
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  • "Display Service Resolution in Table of Contents" setting in ArcGIS Pro?

    ArcMap has this setting on the display tab for a mosaic dataset's image layer to expose the resolution and cell size in the table of contents. This can be useful when examining MinPS and MaxPS values and their affect ...
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  • unable to add rasters to a mosaic dataset. 

    I'm using ArcMap 10.4.1, and have created the mosaic dataset, which shows up in the TOC as expected.   When I run the Add Rasters to Mosaic dataset tool, it stops after a few seconds with the error message "No m...
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  • Mosaic to new raster can only see entire output dataset if zoomed in?

    I merged multiple DEMs using mosaic to new raster tool.  The output file is only fully visible when I zoom in very close.  When zoomed out I can only see part of the raster.  Why would this happen?
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  • Deep Learning to Assess Palm Tree - prepare_data problem

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I'm new to the concept of Deep Learning and I'm following the lesson "Use Deep Learning to Assess Palm Tree Health". I was able to follow this tutorial without a problem un...
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  • Georererencing strange in ArcMap 10.7.1 ?

    We upgraded from ArcMap 10.4.1 to 10.7.1. (not ArcGIS Pro, yet.) In 10.4.1 georeferencing worked by adding the raster (we generally use .tiff files for scanned images) to the map. Then navigating to the general area ...
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  • Maintain the full metadata (title, item description, etc) for individual rasters within the mosaic data-set once the mosaic is published to the server

    I am having trouble finding a definitive answer to this question.  For mosaic rasters published to the server, I am looking to allow users to download individual rasters from a mosaic dataset.  The problem i...
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    Hi, I would like to know how to superimpose more raster without losing the different data of each one? to then create a NetCDF raster that maintains the differences of each raster.   netcdf #raster   than...
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  • Sentinel-2 app - problems with export function

    Hi, as anyone experienced problems with exporting images from the Sentinel Explorer app? I created an ArcGIS account (not affiliated to an organisation), signed into the app and tried to export an image. And failed...
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  • Mosaic to new raster not including final layer

    I have two land use maps with attribute tables having "Value" and "Count". There are no colormaps, both are 8-bit unsigned. Usually I can use mosaic to new raster without fail - but I just upgraded to 10.4.  Noth...
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  • Imagery users: Have you switched to ArcGIS Pro?

    Imagery capabilities in ArcGIS Pro have expanded by leaps and bounds since it was first released four years ago. Those four years have seen the introduction of the image classification wizard, the Raster Functions pan...
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  • Arcpad Raster

    Alright, I don't know much about Raster's.  I have downloaded some Tiff's from our states website for some Aerial Photo's to run in ArcPad.  When I used the original files they gave me an error that (after I...
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  • What is the advantage of obtaining 3 bands (RGB) imagery with 16 bits pixel depth?

    What is the advantage of obtaining 3 bands (RGB) imagery with 16 bits pixel depth?   In terms of visual context, is an image of 3 bands (RGB) with 16 bits pixel depth necessarily better than the same image with...
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    Hi all,   Has anyone tried or use CIRRUAS from DroneCompass with Mavic 2 Pro? It works with my Phantom 4 Pro but not with new Mavic 2 Pro. The website said it works with all DJI airframes. Thanks, Lan
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  • Unable to run OptimizeRaster from command line

    I can successfully run the OptimizeRasters script within it's 'Pro Toolbox' but running the script from the command line (python.exe accessible prompt) it fails with the messages:   log-critical:No module named ...
  • How to improve 'calculate statistics' performance?

    I have a variety of satellite products from multiple sensors which have been added to multiple source mosaic datasets (MD) in an enterprise geodatabase. All of these source mosaics are then added to a single derived m...
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  • Are there limits on the number of rasters that can be added to a mosaic dataset?

    I'm working my way through the Lidar classes on Esri Academy.  As I finish each exercise, I'm going back and applying that to two counties worth of .zlas files.  In the exercise where you "Add Rasters to a M...
  • Drones with MISB video for FMV compatibility? / 3DR H520-G drone FMV compatible?

    Seeking advice on current drones and/or related sensors that support the MISB standard in video output for optimal ArcGIS FMV compatibility, particularly drones that are US made, but advice on any brands/models apprec...
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  • Using drone video imagery online, animating...

    Hi, my company has a drone (DJI Phantom). We take video flybys with it. We use Pix4D Mapper for doing whatever with image processing and such. (I don't use the drone or software so my knowledge is limited on that enti...
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  • Using ArcGISPro (2.4)  Mosaic process does not work, Blending does not work. My images have Straight lines from the Footprint, and not the Seamlines. Is there a method for incorporating Seamlines to blend or smooth overlapping areas?

    Arcpro Mosaic process will not output acceptable seamless mosaics. I have Georeferenced ~400 historical aerial images and want to mosaic the images into a single stand alone .tif file. When I run Mosaic To ...
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