• World Imagery stuck in low resolution.

    Previously for months now I've been occasionally using the base world imagery that's available from the add basemap menu.   Normally it's resolution changes based on the scale but the other day my arcmap cr...
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  • Mar. 2, 2018 - Earth Imagery at Work AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Live AMA Event on GeoNet: Friday, Mar. 2, 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (PST)  We invite you to join The specified item was not found. instructors Kevin Butler and Emily Windahl here on the Geo...
  • Tile Package being created with all zero values?

    I am attempting to create a tile package of our county aerial imagery to use in a third party product. I have tried running it a few different times now with a few different tiling schemes and each time It comes out w...
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  • How to manage rasters with different bands by using Mosaic Datasets

        Hi,      I have  some rasters with different bands,bit depth,cell size.And i want to publish them into webserice just for displaying them without any other porcessing.    ...
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  • Remote Sensing Applications Using Arcmap

    I will be teaching a graduate eLearning class starting January 2018 on Remote Sensing Applications Using Arcmap. NRM641 Remote Sensing Applications Using ArcGIS Spring 2018 3 credits https://elearning.uaf.edu/c...
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  • Function Chain

    team, I need your advice on a new RGB function chain in MD, which will follow the following rules:   1. Input:  images already added in MD (6 bands per image, 16 bit pixel depth per ima...
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  • Scope for Advance Spatial Statistical Analysis of Southeast Asian Cities

    I'm looking for research ideas on Spatial Statistics using Landsat data for an undergrad thesis which will add new dimensions to the planning field of southeast asian countries. All of your suggestions on this regard ...
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  • Earth Imagery at Work AMA (Ask Me Anything): Friday Oct 20, 10:30 am-11:30am PT

    Join Earth Imagery at Work instructors Kevin Butler and Emily Windahl, live on the GeoNet Community for an AMA (Ask Me Anything).   The AMA will take place in this discussion thread on Friday October 20, 2017 f...
  • How can i "Smooth" it?

    Hello  I am facing problem with my work. As you can see in the below result its not fine. I already tried tools like Majority Filter, Focal but didn't worked for me.  All i want is to smooth a raster file...
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  • Pro GeoProcessing Raster 'Flip' Command Slow

    This question was initially submitted to the ArcGIS Pro SDK forum.  Following a suggestion from Charles MacLeod of esri, I am posting this to the imagery and remote sensing forum that might provide bett...
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  • Proper parameter value of management.Delete tool

    I initially posted this question to the ArcGIS Pro SDK forum. Charles MacLeod of ESRI suggested I post to this imagery and-remote-sensing forum as it would get more exposure to ESRI staff experts.  The link ...
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  • FMV Video Player .exe?

    I would like to enable hyperlinks to open the video within the FMV Video Player.  Is this possible?  The Video Source field allows you to open the video within Windows Media Player (or whatever that extensio...
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  • Unable to process Sentinel 2 1C product with ArcGIS 10.3.1with patches

    Hi, I have installed both patches Raster Type Cumulative Patch and Raster Cumulative Patch B for ArcGIS 10.3.1.   I have confirmed that Sentinel 2 data are admitted as raster type:   However, whenever ...
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  • Generate NDVI Rasters from USGS EarthExplorer Landsat 8

    I have written a Python module that generates NDVI Rasters from the USGS EarthExplorer Landsat 8 with TOA Reflectance and sun angle correction.   NDVI Raster: with TOA Reflectance and sun angle correction ...
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  • Extract By Mask tons of satellite imagery (rasters) with different cloud mask using codes?

    Satellite images are stored in many folders named with different dates. Right now, I am using arcgis desktop 10.4.1 Extract By Mask (batch) to remove clouds. Each time of batch processing, I can only finish one folder...
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  • FMV and Decimal Symbol

    Hi, I’ve encountered a bug with the Video Multiplexer geoprocessing tool (with the tool itself and with ArcPy). I haven’t use the other tools so I don’t know it its specific to this tools or to FMV. ...
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  • Free Earth Imagery at Work MOOC Starts September 6!

    Students are heading back to school this fall. Do you want to join them? Earth Imagery at Work, Esri's six-week, free online course begins September 6, 2017.   Students use ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online to explor...
  • On raster, ArcGIS 10.5 /Pro 2 having significant improvements

    As one of veteran ESRI enterprise users, very pleased to see ArcGIS 10.5 /Pro 2 having significant improvements, especially, with Ortho Mapping on raster.     With this module in ArcGIS, right now we ca...
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  • Raster Generalization - Expand, Shrink - not working

    Hi, I am trying to use the raster generalization tools "expand" and "shrink" but the operation fails. I have been successfully using the majority filter tool on the same data in the same project. Here is an example me...
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