• Oriented Imagery Catalog Publish error

    Hi,   I'm trying to publish an Oriented Imagery Catalog onto Enterprise Portal and I get this error:   Running script PublishOrientedImageCatalog... Installed version is the latest version. Publishing Expos...
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  • Best Way to Merge Two Rasters that overlap

    I am using Pro.  I have tried Mosaic to New Raster, Mosaic, and I have tried importing two rasters into a raster data set and a mosaic data set.   I cannot seem to "lose" the extent of the one of the i...
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  • No data values collars error - delete values from image

    Hello everybody,  I have a satellite image that has collars outside of the image. When i set no data value as 0 and set this colors as no display it also removes the pixels from the image with 0 - RGB.  Th...
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  • OptimizeRasters

    This post provides a starting point for users to share questions, answers, and general comments regarding the OptimizeRasters tools and scripts.    OptimizeRasters is an open-source, community-supported set ...
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  • how to predict land cover using arcpro?

    I have several years of land cover classified raster data and I want to predict land cover change for 10 years in advance using ArcGISPro 2. neural network . is there any tutorial or documentation regarding this? ...
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  • Raster Function - Calculator Failing

    I am running into a problem with the calculator raster function (not the raster calculator in sa). When I try to add two rasters (raster1 + raster2) I get an immediate failure without a detailed message just 'failed t...
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  • Color balancing bug?

    Hi there   A few days ago I created a new Drone2Map project using Drone2Map 2.0.1. I was analyzing about 485 drone images from a DJI drone taken at varying elevations, and I opted to create both 2D and 3D produc...
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  • Thermal images processing error

    Hi,   I've created a Drone2Map project in order to generate orthomosiac from images captured by thermal camera. I have used 1 frame every second, my geolocation.csv contains lon,lat and alt. Image are in fairly ...
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  • the volume calculate in drone2map is inaccurate, what are some other work arounds that calculate volumes from drone photos/with control?

    the volume calculate in drone2map is inaccurate, what are some other work arounds that calculate volumes from drone photos/with control?
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  • Which Drone?

    OK . so I found funds for the 3Dr Edu package (5 3Dr Solo for 8.5K) however they pulled the offer and changed business plan (from videography) to mapping / GIS .. furthermore word is they'll lock their firmware r...
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  • Rapid = 2d

    I have some data consisting of just 14 images. I notice that the 'rapid' processing and '2D mapping' processing produce the same outputs in terms of size and quality. Is this because there is not much data? I was expe...
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  • 3D Mesh

    I tried couple buildings with 2D images to produce 3D mesh. I've noticed that the shadow area came out just white. Where can I configure this to work? Thank you for your help!   Heena
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  • Running another instance

    When i try to open Drone2Map it comes up with an error saying another instance is running. How can i close this so that i may open Drone2Map?
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  • Drone2Map - TIN internal process error

    Hey everyone.  I have created a textured mesh of a stockpile in Drone2Map ( and encountered no errors in doing so.  This was created from nearly 500 drone images (grid and oblique) and a serie...
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  • Distortions in a 3D model

    I'm trying to create a 3 d model from a set of  155 images. It is a small construction project. The result is very bad. The resolution is bad and there are a lot of distortions in the 3d model. I attach few...
  • What type of Drones are you using with Drone2Map?

    I am interested in understanding what type of Drones users are using with the Drone2Map software.  If you can include spec details or make and model that would be great.     Cheers, Mike
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  • Improve Accuracy by using DEM Height instead of EXIF

    Hi everybody, I had recently processed a series of drone flights over densly closed forest. Hardly any ground visibility at all. Results were "sub-optimal". The first thing I wanted to improve upon were ver...
  • Data Not Accessible

    I have just downloaded Drone2map application. I have an existing ArcGIS Online account with my organization. After Installation, i tried to log in with my arcgis account but i keep getting a pop up error that says Dat...
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  • Drone2Map: How to adjust image altitude in EXIF metadata from DJI Drones

    I just went through a workflow that I wanted to highlight here in case it helps anyone with post processing drone images in Drone2Map.  This is for those people using DJI drones.  Sorry if this has already b...
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  • Drone2Map error. Multi LOD Mesh SLPK

    Hello everybody,My name is Andres Martin, this is the first time I write in the forum. I am having problems when generating multi lod mesh in slpk format with drone2map. I have more than 10 different flights in diffe...
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