• Image service of hillshaded mosaic does not render properly

    Original User: jhdd55 Hillshaded mosaic looks fine, but does not render properly when published to Image Server. Dwayne
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  • Refresh Image Server Image Service After Data Addition or Deletion

    To All Image Server Users: I am using Image Server v9.3.1 sp1.  I have created an image service and added the image service to ArcMap with the Add Image Server Connection button on a client machine.  I then...
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  • Add Image Server

    ArcImageServer.agency.tlma.co.riverside.ca.us This path was able to be inserted in Server Name at 931, and before.  In 9.4, I am only able to insert ArcImageServer.agency.tlma.co.riverside.ca, which does not get ...
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  • Support for ISRef files?

    In 9.3.1, when the ImageServer (core client) was installed, ISRef files could be created to ImageServices, and used in ArcMap MXD's.  This does not appear in the 9.4 beta with the mosaic dataset.  Will thi...
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  • Slower Performance of 9.4 Beta Mosaic dataset Image Service vs 9.3.1 Image Service

    We have taken the exact same data source on the exact same hardware and created an image service using 9.3.1 and a mosaic dataset based image service on the 9.4 beta.  Then we ran a load test against it using JMe...
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  • Image Server Requires ArcGIS Engine

    Image Server Requires ArcGIS Engine.  Did I see that error correctly?  When did that happen, I thought this release was a separate component altogether than the suite known as ArcGIS.
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  • No version 9.4 entry exists for IMAGESERV registration

    Hi, Has anyone had a problem licensing ArcGIS Image Server? I've installed it from the ArcGIS Image Server 9.4 Beta 2 DVD but when trying to license the product using the instructions here: http://resourcesbeta.esri...
  • ISCommand for Service Overviews

    I am trying to use ISCommands to build image services. I am stuck on getting the ISCommands to successfully build service overeviews and/or derived tiles.  Someone look at my commands and the error it returns to ...
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  • ARCGis Image Server Client Add-On for MicroStation (is this the place?)

    I have installed the ARCGIS Image Server Client Add-on for MicroStation (both V8 and XM).  Within MicroStation, the "Image Server MicroStation Client" dialog box comes up, which presumably is supposed to allow me...
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  • Download aerial photos?

    I want to be able to download aerial photos of a fairly large area with a good amount of detail onto my hard drive so that I don't have to log onto the server to get these images. The internet connection at my office,...
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  • JP2 4 band image service looks panchromatic-like

    I'm trying to create an image service using some new NY state imagery. I've created several services in the past using their 4 band jp2 images and have had no problems. Now when I create the service, it shows up looki...
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  • ArcEngine Installation error on ArcIMS Server - required for Image Server

    I have this issue with Scenegraph.dll installing ArcEngine on an ArcIMS machine. We need to install Engine because we are going to host Image Services.   I get the following error: 'Error 1904. Module D:\Se...
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  • Error: (CPL:1) - TIFFReadDirectory....

    I get this error when I compile a service and while navigating around with the service editor in ArcMap.  I do not know that it is causing any problems with the compiled service, but I would like to understand wh...
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  • Image server and nodata values

    I have some Landsat7 imagery with no data value of 1,1,1 so if you create an image service out of it, all the black areas are in included in the service overview.  In the advanced menu, I tried edit raster proper...
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  • Can Image Server mosaic LIDAR data?

    Hi, Does Image Server support the LIDAR data format? If so, can it dynamically mosaic the tiles? Thanks!
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  • publishing an mxd with image services in it

    I have found tidbits around the forum and blogs that it can be done, but nothing stating any necessary steps to get it to work. I have 3 image services (30m, 1m, 0.15m) and I want to publish them as a single map ser...
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  • ECW files

    hi all, I wanted to know if someone managed to use some of the options of the Image Server (visualize elevation, Pancromatic etc. ..) from an image in ECW format. Now I have no problems in publishing services, but ca...
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  • image service on portable drive

    Is it possible to create a service on a portable drive that will be used on another computer after the service is created. the  tiff images are also on that drive. I tried to but can't see the preview when I move...
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  • AGS Server 9.3.1 does not recognize Image Server, cannot publish ISDef file to server

    I have ArcGIS server version 9.3.1 sp1 and Image Server 9.3.1 sp1 installed on a Server 2008 platform. It is a single platform install. No other machine in our network is a SOC or a service provider. It is a 64 bit sy...
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