• Managing Preprocessed Orthophotos workflow

    This post provides a starting point for users to share questions, answers, and general comments regarding the Managing Preprocessed Orthophotos workflow. Run into an issue? Have suggestions for using or improving...
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  • Maintain the full metadata (title, item description, etc) for individual rasters within the mosaic data-set once the mosaic is published to the server

    I am having trouble finding a definitive answer to this question.  For mosaic rasters published to the server, I am looking to allow users to download individual rasters from a mosaic dataset.  The problem i...
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  • Tutorial for Full Motion Video is available for download!

    There was a lot of interest in the Esri FMV Add-in during the recent Esri UC2016 conference and with the release of the FMV 1.3.2 Add-In for Desktop 10.3.x, 10.4.x and 10.5, this interest has only escalated.  ...
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  • What’s New in Imagery and Remote Sensing (ArcGIS Pro 2.3)

    ArcGIS Pro 2.3 is the largest release of ArcGIS Pro to date, featuring more new and updated features than any previous release. Take advantage of the new imagery and remote sensing capabilities in ...
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  • Phantom 4 Pro: Camera Model Not found in database

    Prior to upgrading to 2.2 I was able to use orthomapping quite well. After 2.3 however, I get a warning that my P4P camera model is not in the database. If I edit the camera information the best I can (I don't have ...
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  • OptimizeRasters

    This post provides a starting point for users to share questions, answers, and general comments regarding the OptimizeRasters tools and scripts.    OptimizeRasters is an open-source, community-supported set ...
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  • Errors and failure while trying Add Images to Oriented Imagery Catalog

    While learning to use the oriented imagery tools I get an error "Incomplete EXIF data: Could not add image" I have tried DJI P4P imagery as well as others from an iphone, with the same result. The drone imagery has ...
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  • Tag Pilot

    Hi there,   We have tried Tag Pilot with our Phantom 4 Pro and it works quite well, specially in tagging the objects then export to KML for GIS. It can also take video and generate CSV along with the video. Has ...
  • Basemap is not showing when exporting to Ai or PDF

    Hello,   I used a few days ago the basemap World hillshade and it worked perfectly when exporting. However, since yesterday is not working anymore. The PDF or Ai file contains all layers but does not draw the ba...
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  • Landsat 8 layer use documentation, layer properties, and use of Time Slider.

    For ArcMap ...   We're having a tough time finding documentation explaining the settings in the Time tab in the Properties of any given Landsat 8 layer (added from ArcGIS Online) Properties settings, and also a ...
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  • Ideas 4 Multi Year Flight Plan (10TB) + Metadata?

    dear Readers,   thank you for taking the time to help me.    till recently we had analog imagery captured, geo-rectified and served as a map service on ArcGIS server.  For the last couple of year...
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  • Info foto a workstation

    Hello. I''m working with Arcgis Pro on imagery and remote sensing, but also on analysis of ecological data. At moment I have an old HP workstation with only 8 Gb of RAM and on old CPU, I have money enough to by one m...
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  • Extract pixel radiance value from a raster

    Hello. I have to make the water coloumn correction of some pleiades imagery with the Lyzenga method (1981). So I have to select 6-7 omogeneus areas of sandy bottom (about 10 m2) and extract the radiance pixel value ...
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  • Image Interpretation app template

    On the Satelite Imagery Interpretation App from ESRI, I'm in Costa Rica Color IR Vertical Swipe and to begin with the resolution of the images is like good for a 1:20,000,000 scale, not very useful. Is there something...
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  • Managing Browse Imagery workflow

    This post provides a starting point for users to share questions, answers, and general comments regarding the Managing Browse Imagery workflow. Run into an issue? Have suggestions for using or improving the workf...
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  • Pleiades-1 template not functional in MD (ArcGIS 10.5/10.6.1 & Pro)

    Hello imagery associates,   When loading the bundle Pleiades-1 RAW data (i.e., bundle 0.5m Panchromatic and 2m Multispectral under folders) into Mosaic Dataset, do you witness the following?   The standard P...
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  • Unable to create spectral profile in ArcGIS Pro

    I have been starting to use ArcGIS Pro for remote sensing functions but I have been unable to create spectral profiles.   I have followed the instruction here: Spectral profile—Charts | ArcGIS Desktop...
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  • Full Motion Video and Save Video Frame as Image

    I have a series of videos that have a small video frame and the Save Video Frame button does not work.  It will create the image in the output directory but will not apply ay of the metadata information that...
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  • Impervious surfaces and flood prediction for Urban Centres

    First post here! Sorry if this isn't the right avenue for a discussion and brain storming post. I was wanting to get some advise and wisdom from the community about a project I have in mind.    Missouri ha...
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  • Measuring Chlorophyll-a concentration and sea level temperature

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to identify how to measure chlorophyll-a concentration and the sea level temperature using the satellite imagery (modis aqua data). Is it possible for it to be measured by using arcgis...
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