• Imagery users: Have you switched to ArcGIS Pro?

    Imagery capabilities in ArcGIS Pro have expanded by leaps and bounds since it was first released four years ago. Those four years have seen the introduction of the image classification wizard, the Raster Functions pan...
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  • Imagery users: Do you use mosaic datasets?

    Mosaic datasets are the basis for image management in ArcGIS: they catalog imagery and metadata; define processing; and generate dynamic, on-the-fly products. You can use them directly in Desktop, use them to generate...
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  • Time Spent on Image Analysis

    Looking to understand the amount of time spent on the analysis of imagery in GIS and remote sensing software packages.
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  • Which Raster Data Formats do you use most often?

    There are about 50-60 formats that raster data may be stored in and used for various GIS operations.   I understand that some are better suited for display, and some are only for certain types of data. ...
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