• Build Footprints Cuts Non-Null Values

    I'm trying to use build footprints so null values don't appear in my mosaic dataset. However the result after running build footprints cuts areas that are not null. My rasters are 8bit with YCbCr JPEG compression...
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  • Geotagged Images Stacking On One Another

    So I have a few images (16) I have been trying to import into ArcMap 10.3. The images are geotagged and were taken with a Phantom 4 Pro drone. I do not want to lose data within these images by mosaicing them with soft...
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  • Impervious surfaces and flood prediction for Urban Centres

    First post here! Sorry if this isn't the right avenue for a discussion and brain storming post. I was wanting to get some advise and wisdom from the community about a project I have in mind.    Missouri ha...
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