• Creating Full motion video with Cell phone

    Dear all,   do any of you any experience with making a Full motion video on a Cell phone with Android OS 10 or iOS 13? We are discussing it with few of users who are using just a cell phone camera.    ...
  • Saturated raster when exporting (force RGB enabled)

    The original rasters I'm using seem to have their information packed as 256 bands (top image - jj01se.tif). I need to convert that raster to a 3 band (or RGB image) to use ArcGis Pro classification features. The most ...
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  • Colormaps and non supported raster types?

    Downloading GeoTIFF topo maps from: http://libremap.org. When I open these raster's in ArcMap they have a colormap under the Symbology tab in Properties that I use to make the colored image black and white (...
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  • ArcGIS Pro - Classification Wizard with DSM/DTM

    Hi - I'm looking to do small scale vegetation classification using georeferenced aerial images created from a drone. This work forms part of habitat condition monitoring on nature conservation sites. I have had s...
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  • No data values collars error - delete values from image

    Hello everybody,  I have a satellite image that has collars outside of the image. When i set no data value as 0 and set this colors as no display it also removes the pixels from the image with 0 - RGB.  Th...
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  • How to Access Shortwave Infrared Satellite Imagery?

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but I'm new to accessing data, especially in regards to satellite imagery.  What's the best way to download and/or access SWIR satellite images?  Links to resources or other qu...
  • Comparison of LiDAR data in different years

    I'm analyzing the change in elevation in terms of soil erosion using LiDAR in different years. To see the difference between two different year's LiDAR, I used the raster calculator tool in ArcGIS and subtracted them....
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  • Can we Directly Import Sentinel 3 OLCI imagery to Arc gis pro? I tried to import few imagery but some are really burled and stretch out 

    I tried to import Sentinel 3 OLCI imagery to Arc pro in order to create Mosaic data set of New Zealand but some images were distorted after importation to Arc Pro. I opened these images in SNAP (Sentinel open source I...
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  • error 000210:  cannot create output. The operation was attempted on an empty geometry   'arcmap 10.71'

    I was attempting to run the Terrain to Raster tool in Arcmap 10.71.  Has anyone had this problem and solved it?  I've tried changing the name and place of the output.
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  • Rasters from LiDAR: Point to Raster, LAS Dataset to Raster or Terrain to Raster?

    I have a bunch of classified LiDAR data that I need to make a raster DEM & DSM from. From what I can gather my options are use the Point to Raster tool directly on the a multipoint feature, use las dataset to rast...
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  • Copy georeference information between two sets of images

    I have two sets of images from historical maps for the same geographical locations.  The black and white images were georeferenced several years ago and for several different years.  There are multiple image...
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  • What’s New in the Image Analyst Extension (ArcGIS Pro 2.5)

    The ArcGIS Image Analyst extension for ArcGIS Pro 2.5 now features expanded deep learning capabilities, enhanced support for multidimensional data, enhanced motion imagery capabilities, and more. Learn about  new...
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  • Pixel Editor: Creating useful classified raster data

    Using your knowledge of geography, geospatial and remote sensing science, and using the image classification tools in ArcGIS, you have produced a pretty good classified raster for your project area. Now it’s tim...
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  • Improve your image with the Pixel Editor

    Do you have blemishes in your image products, such as clouds and shadows that obscure interesting features, or DEMs that don’t represent bare earth? Or perhaps you want to obscure certain confidential features, ...
  • Imagery users: Have you switched to ArcGIS Pro?

    Imagery capabilities in ArcGIS Pro have expanded by leaps and bounds since it was first released four years ago. Those four years have seen the introduction of the image classification wizard, the Raster Functions pan...
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  • Are there limits on the number of rasters that can be added to a mosaic dataset?

    I'm working my way through the Lidar classes on Esri Academy.  As I finish each exercise, I'm going back and applying that to two counties worth of .zlas files.  In the exercise where you "Add Rasters to a M...
  • Sentinel2 - Cubic resampling - ArcMap vs. QGIS

    Hi guys, I am having problem with cubic resampling applied on Sentinel S2 (resolution 10 m). I set Cubic resample when Zoom In, but the result is still the same - pixelated.   I have tried the same sentinel in ...
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  • How to Remove Cloud Cover in Aerial Imagery using ArcPro

    Trying to remove cloud cover from some aerial images in ArcPro, so I can run NDVI on the landscape. I'm not finding much luck on what to do exactly from google for this problem. The imagery is from Pleiadas. I'm seen ...
  • Georeferencing and sharing historical air photos

    I have a number of Historic Aerial images georeferenced that I'd like to clip, mosaic and publish for use in ArcGIS online either as a layer or a basemap using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.   The images have a collar and some...
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  • Ortho Mapping ArcPro 2.4.1 Parallel instance number

    Hi All,   ArcPro 2.4.1 on a 4 cores server, 12GB RAM (server). For some reason, the Adjustment process just used  2 parallel instances instead of 4.     I tried to reset the parallel process...
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