• ArcGIS Pro - Classification Wizard with DSM/DTM

    Hi - I'm looking to do small scale vegetation classification using georeferenced aerial images created from a drone. This work forms part of habitat condition monitoring on nature conservation sites. I have had s...
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  • Resources for access to frame camera imagery

    Do you have imagery from an aerial photography camera (whether a modern digital camera or scanned film) and the orientation data either by direct georeferencing or the results of aerial triangulation? If yes, you̵...
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  • Raster dataset rendering

    Hi everyone,   I used "Mosaic to new raster" tool and two rasters (jp2 format) as input to create a new geodatabase based raster. When I add the resulting raster to ArcMap there is a difference in the color of t...
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  • Modify mosaic dataset 'NoData' black background

    Hi, Problem: I used to build mosaic datasets (MDs) in Desktop 10.3 and have the NoData background managed as transparent by/within the MD. I recently upgraded to 10.6 and all the MDs have now the NoData backgr...
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  • Coordinate Systems and Projections Issues

    Working in ArcMap 10.5 I was given two shapefiles with unknown coordinate systems (collected in the field via GPS in NJ State Plane). Since I have been told the GPS collected in NJ State Plane, I defined the projectio...
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  • Automatically Recognize Objects in An Image

    I have been working with multispectral and RGB orthomosaic imagery in ArcMap 10.5. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to possibly automatically have shapefiles drawn around specific objects within the imagery. Do...
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  • Issue with Block Adjustment in ArcGIS Pro

    Hi All,   Thanks in advance for helping in any way you can.   I am currently trying to create an orthomosaic but am getting stuck on the Block Adjustment. My input data is RapidEye imagery from Planet Labs...
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  • How to find out the exact resolution in the map?

    Hi, I have a map developed in ArcGIS desktop version, where it may need to have 3 mts per pixel resolutions, so please guide me with the steps that can referred/followed on this.   Thanks in advance for th...
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  • Would this ultrawide monitor would work with ArcGIS, RS, and photogrammetry softwares ?

    Has anyone out here that have tried to experiment with this product that has one large monitor that is greater than 30" inches that can let you to split multiple documents into one screen? What is your experience is l...
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  • Create DSM OR DTM with Pro OrthoMapping Wizard

    Hi,  I have a couple of Drones images and Stereo Images and i'm testing the creation of DEM and DSM using the Orthomapping Wizard... I also created orthomosaic for thoses images and it's seems good ! but with D...
  • Error 999999 Failed to execute computecameramodel help please!

    Hi Everyone, New user to Arcgis Pro and having inconsistent results trying to produce orthomosaics.     The error code is 999999 and the error message is failed to execute "ComputeCameraModel".   I ...
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  • Build Footprints Cuts Non-Null Values

    I'm trying to use build footprints so null values don't appear in my mosaic dataset. However the result after running build footprints cuts areas that are not null. My rasters are 8bit with YCbCr JPEG compression...
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  • Geotagged Images Stacking On One Another

    So I have a few images (16) I have been trying to import into ArcMap 10.3. The images are geotagged and were taken with a Phantom 4 Pro drone. I do not want to lose data within these images by mosaicing them with soft...
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  • Impervious surfaces and flood prediction for Urban Centres

    First post here! Sorry if this isn't the right avenue for a discussion and brain storming post. I was wanting to get some advise and wisdom from the community about a project I have in mind.    Missouri ha...
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