• Drones with MISB video for FMV compatibility? / 3DR H520-G drone FMV compatible?

    Seeking advice on current drones and/or related sensors that support the MISB standard in video output for optimal ArcGIS FMV compatibility, particularly drones that are US made, but advice on any brands/models apprec...
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  • Imagery users: Have you switched to ArcGIS Pro?

    Imagery capabilities in ArcGIS Pro have expanded by leaps and bounds since it was first released four years ago. Those four years have seen the introduction of the image classification wizard, the Raster Functions pan...
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  • Deep Learning to Assess Palm Tree - prepare_data problem

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I'm new to the concept of Deep Learning and I'm following the lesson "Use Deep Learning to Assess Palm Tree Health". I was able to follow this tutorial without a problem un...
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  • OptimizeRasters azure package error in Pro 2.2

    Im trying to use the Profile Editor in the OptimizeRasters toolbox to create an Azure profile.  I've been through the installation steps and installed the azure python package in the cloned python environment: ...
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  • Deep Learning graphic card requirement

    Hello,   I would like to ask, what is the minimal requirement to graphic card for deep learning in Esri (Python API learn module / ArcGIS PRO - Deep learning tools).    I have installed as documented ...
  • How to Remove Cloud Cover in Aerial Imagery using ArcPro

    Trying to remove cloud cover from some aerial images in ArcPro, so I can run NDVI on the landscape. I'm not finding much luck on what to do exactly from google for this problem. The imagery is from Pleiadas. I'm seen ...
  • Georeferencing and sharing historical air photos

    I have a number of Historic Aerial images georeferenced that I'd like to clip, mosaic and publish for use in ArcGIS online either as a layer or a basemap using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.   The images have a collar and some...
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  • Rasters from LiDAR: Point to Raster, LAS Dataset to Raster or Terrain to Raster?

    I have a bunch of classified LiDAR data that I need to make a raster DEM & DSM from. From what I can gather my options are use the Point to Raster tool directly on the a multipoint feature, use las dataset to rast...
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  • Pansharpen ALL Worldview 2 and Worldview 3 Bands

    Trying to pansharpen all the bands instead of just the R,G,B,NIR bands in worldview-2 and -3 imagery. ArcGIS Pro only has inputs for those previously mentioned bands in the pansharpening tool. Is there a way to pro...
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  • Forest-based Classification and Regression Tool - prediction mode

    Does anyone know if there is a way to train a random forest model and then be able to apply it to several different datasets using this tool? It appears that the way the tool is designed, it wants to train a...
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  • Orthocorrecting WorldView image using RPC file

    Hello - I'm using two tools, the "Create Orthocorrected Raster" and also the "Geometric" raster function to apply the RPC file for a WorldView 3 image and a high resolution DEM to orthorectify my image. The raster fun...
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  • Raster values or pixel location

    Silly question... I'd like to be able to use the ArcGIS Pro GUI to select raster pixels and see their x,y location and full values.  My raster has values ranging from 10^-12 to 10^-8, so the pop-up attr...
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  • Damage assessment using deep learning in ArcGIS

    In the aftermath of a natural disaster, response and recovery efforts can be drastically slowed down by manual data collection. Traditionally, insurance assessors and government officials have to rely on human interpr...
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  • Using "Train Random Trees Classifier" on Hyperspectral Imagery

    I've been trying to run the 'random trees' classifier using training polygons (approx 600 training polygons across 8 classes) on a large (9 Gb+) hyperspectral image (426 bands) and keep getting the 'ERROR: 999999' cod...
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  • Iso Cluster Unsupervised Classification not functioning

    I am attempting to do the lesson Display the lake—Classify Land Cover to Measure Shrinking Lakes | ArcGIS in which I am supposed to run an Iso Cluster Unsupervised Classification.   I have encountered...
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  • How do I show 'selection' with data from two raster layers

    I have a raster layer with human population. I also have raster layers of slope and elevation. How do I show that the human population (or the cells that have higher human population) are selecting for lower slopes an...
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  • Importing Pix4D Multispectral Reflectance Maps

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with importing multispectral reflectance maps from Pix4D into ArcMap 10.5. I seem to be having an issue with the individual bands once the reflectance maps are in ArcMap. When ...
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  • What’s New in Imagery and Remote Sensing (ArcGIS Pro 2.3)

    ArcGIS Pro 2.3 is the largest release of ArcGIS Pro to date, featuring more new and updated features than any previous release. Take advantage of the new imagery and remote sensing capabilities in ...
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  • Temporal change of agricultural land using satellite imagery

    Hello! I am working on a project where I am trying to detect the expansion of sugarcane crop area over time, using 10 m Sentinel-2 imagery. The area I am researching is about 460,000 acres. Currently I have approached...
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  • Using Band Composite on two rasters with the same band...

    I have been struggling with this problem for some time - I am rather new to ArcGIS Pro and apologize in advance if this is trivial, but I really need to find out what I am doing wrong...   I have a set of Sentin...
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